How Italian Jewelry Designer Beatrice Daniele is Chasing her Dreams

When it comes to starting your own fashion line, it takes a lot of hard work, passion, and guts. As our featured designer of the month, Beatrice Daniele from Italy is following her heart in pursuit of fulfilling her dream in starting her own jewelry collection. 

She started in her fashion career by first studying at the Polimoda International Fashion Institute (which is the most prestigious fashion school in Italy) and before she started working at the Haute Couture Atelier where she worked within the leather department under Italian craftsmen in leather processing. 

It was here that she discovered her love for leather and realized that she wanted to create a jewelry line from this medium. This is how the Beatrice Daniele collection was born. 

The most unique aspect of Beatrice’s collection is that the type of material she uses: Stingray! We had to learn more about why she chose this particular material and the importance of using something that was considered sustainable. 

Read on to learn more about Beatrice and her journey so far. Also, be sure to check out her kickstarter campaign ending soon! 

emerging designers around the world

Why did you choose stingray leather for your first collection?  

I chose to use the stingray skin because, among the exotic skins, it is my favorite one for its pearly grain that looks like a mosaic. The Italian tanning industry is a leader in the production of skins in terms of quality, technological development and commitment to the sustainability of their products.

I chose to use only one kind of stingray...the one that does not belong to the species protected by CITES. CITES is an acronym which stands for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora. 

In order to try to make my products more sustainable, I decided to buy only leather scraps that come from scraps of some of the biggest brands. These materials are discarded for their small size, sometimes because they have defects in some spots. 

beatrice daniele

For my jewelry the leather scraps are perfect because in addition to the material recycling, I am able to cut the skins avoiding defects because I only need small parts.
How were you able to get the company up and running so quickly? 
What allowed me to start BD was primarily my patience and determination to continue developing the product until I got the result that I set for myself, despite the difficulty in finding people willing to help due to the small budget I owned as a result of my savings. The collaboration with skilled craftsmen and support of my family and friends have made this possible.
What's been your biggest win so far? 
My greatest victory was when I began receiving the first orders and when I saw the first people wearing something made with my own hands
What's your biggest struggle as a fashion entrepreneur?
The biggest struggle for me was to find new suppliers who believed in my project, because of my young age and my short experience as a designer. Last but not least, the small budget available.
What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone wanting to start a fashion brand?
My advice for a young fashion designer who wants to start their own brand is to seek inspiration in the people they love because those are the ones who can give you the strength not to give up and keep going straight to your target.

italian fashion designer

What have you learned so far along your entrepreneurial journey?
From this path I have learned not to give up at the first upsets. I realized that we must always look for a solution to all the everyday issues because there is always a way to solve them. I learned to combine my passion with creativity, always with humility.
What is your ultimate goal? How about for 2017?
My goal is to develop the collection and then introduce new jewelry lines, such as rings and necklaces, but also bags in the future.
I recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter, and of course I hope to raise the money I need to continue my dream.
How do you stay focused on productivity?
The time management is an essential skill to increase productivity and complete as many projects as possible. The basic rules for effective time management are: reduce distractions and schedule the "things to do" during the day.

fashion designers around the world

I dedicate well-defined time slots of the day to the news on socials, feeds, notifications and mail. I also ensure some breaks to keep attention always high. The key issue is the organization of the week to be divided between the manufacturing of the product, research for new materials and sales channels, listening to people’s feedback on my products.

emerging jewelry designer

How does the fashion in Italy differ from the US in your opinion? 
I do not think a specific fashion style applies to a single country anymore because in many countries there is a mix of designers from different cultures.

What struck me most during my trips to New York and California is certainly the diversity and coexistence of many different styles both from a stylistic, cultural and geographical point of view. 

I was also impressed to see how online sales are common in the US, while in Italy e-commerce is growing but it is not yet at the same level.

jewelry designer beatrice daniele

To support Beatrice and her jewelry collection head over to her kickstarter campaign. 

5 Steps to Avoid Overspending on Clothes

how to avoid overspending on clothes

When it comes to overspending on clothes, we are all guilty of doing this from time to time. But what if we could all take some actionable steps to avoid doing this altogether.

There are SO many stores and online shopping sites that we are constantly bombarded with every single day, and we are always being sold to without even knowing it. 

This can often lead us to overwhelm and being subjected to their marketing scheme to lure us in and purchase items we don’t necessary need.  (Have you ever read the book “Confessions of a Shopaholic”? Well, if you haven’t and you’re an avid shopper, be sure to pick this one up for your next “silly” read. It’s actually quite entertaining. ;) ) 

So in order to save us some money and time, we’ve put together our top five steps you can take BEFORE you go shopping. Hopefully, this will help you to become a little smarter, and more mindful of your shopping habits. 
Consider them the five golden rules before pulling out your wallet if you will. 
Read on, and take notes because these are gonna be helpful (we promise). 

This first rule is key to make sure you’re not overspending. What you should be doing on a regular basis is keeping track of what you actually need to buy in your iPhone. Whether you use the Notes App or Evernote, just make sure to take some notes when you happen to find yourself feeling antsy to shop. 

how to save money shopping

For example, say it happens to be one of those days where the weather is completely all over the place. You realize then and there that you really could use an extra layer of clothing so that you would be more prepared for the day weather wise. Maybe it’s a light cashmere sweater or even a simple cotton hoodie for a more casual look. Whatever that particular article of clothing is, just make a note in your phone! That way you will always have this information handy when you’re in the mood to shop. 

The primary goal here is to start getting yourself into training yourself to buy only things that you need not want. 

Which leads us to… 

Chances are if you’re constantly buying things that you want, and don’t actually need, you’re probably not going to get as much wear out of the garment as you want. 

This is because often times when we purchase things that we WANT and don’t NEED, they are usually trendier items that you just HAVE TO HAVE in the moment. 

So the next time you have that burning desire to purchase something that you’re just DYING to have...think twice about the garment. Do you actually NEED this? 

how to calculate cost per wear

Now, we don’t want to get all mathematical when it comes to shopping, but if you start applying this principle to your shopping you’ll definitely cut your spending expenses in half.  
The way the idea works is that when you’re purchasing an item think about how many times you’re actually going to wear the article of clothing. 

Let’s say for example that you want to buy a leather jacket that costs $800. You believe that the leather jacket trend is here to stay for at least the next couple of years, and you know that you’ll get a ton of use out of it. 

So if you think that you’ll wear the jacket at least 4 out of the 7 days there are in a week for say the fall season, that’s 4 x 13 weeks (approximate weeks in the fall season) = 52 times. And if you times that by 2 you get 52 x 2 = 104.

You then take the cost of the jacket $800/104 times you’ll wear it which equals = $7.69 for the cost per wear.



Therefore… if you don’t think that it’s acceptable for you to pay $7.69 for every time you wear that jacket for the next two years then you probably shouldn’t buy! OR you should re-adjust your budget or your leather jacket. ;)

By truly understanding what looks best on you and figuring out your own personal style, you can easily begin to eliminate the majority of clothing choices out there. 

The best way to hone in on what you’re attracted to and what styles look best on your body type is to start looking for brands whose cut or design works well with your body type. 

how to avoid overspending on clothes

For example, if you’re a petite person, there are definitely brands that are made for smaller women, as opposed to someone who is much taller.  

What really works well is to create Pinterest boards with different style images and then figure out what those brands are. Once you determine which styles and brands you really like it makes it much easier to narrow down your shopping destinations. 

This in turn, will help you to avoid overspending, when you don’t have a clear-cut view on what your personal style is. 

As a blog that highlights trends from around the world, we really try to emphasize that the world is connected in style. If you may have noticed, we try to focus more on what’s trending around the world, and as a whole. We also try to focus on sustainable fashion and shopping smarter. 

To promote fast fashion is something that we cannot personally take it upon ourselves to do. As much as we know how much you enjoy the adrenaline rush of finding the best/cheap deals at Forever 21 or H&M, we don’t necessarily condone them. 

When it comes to fast fashion, try to think of it as fast food. You know you’re gonna eat it from time to time, but you should try to avoid as much as possible. Just as fast food isn’t good for your health, fast-fashion isn’t good for the world’s health.

If you’re not quite sure what we mean, here’s an excellent article we wrote for our friends at Runway Passport a while back.  

how to avoid overspending on clothes

So you might be thinking, well if I can’t shop at fast-fashion stores, where can I shop that’s actually cheap? The thing you need to remember that if the garment is cheap, it’s most likely made cheaply, in a factory with bad conditions, and is probably made out of materials that are hurting the planet. 

Our advice would be to research brands that are sustainable and affordable. You can read more about how to do this here. 

You can also shop second hand. Second hand is not what it used to do be. With great sites/apps like Poshmark, you can easily shop second hand rather than going to your local thrift store. 

When you start applying some of these principles and rules into your shopping, you’re guaranteed not to overspend on your clothing. 

Stay tuned next week when we discuss becoming a minimalist! 

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5 Ways to Wear a Bomber Jacket

Freshen up your style game with a bomber jacket (or two!). We're obsessed with these tough-looking toppers, the real MVP this winter season. For an instant touch of chic, throw on a bomber jacket that'll keep you looking edgy no matter what.

This season, we're all about staying comfy and cozy while still looking fresh. Try out some of these simple styling ideas from some of our top pick bloggers around the world.  

Whether you layer, mix 'n match styles, it's a great look to switch things up when it's chilly outside. 

Bonsoir Chérie Blog - Switzerland 🇨🇭 
Take some serious style notes from Mina, a fashion blogger from Zurich, Switzerland. Photographed by Andrea Monica Hug, Mina went for a casual look that’s also super cozy.
Featuring a fuzzy two-tone bomber jacket and a warm cashmere scarf, you're definitely going to want to try and recreate this street-ready outfit.For a relaxed feel, Mina wore a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a baseball cap, and strappy ankle boots to complete her look. 


Chisa Yoshiki - Japan 🇯🇵
For an added touch of nineties grunge, look to Japanese blogger Chisa Yoshiki for a little style inspiration. Chisa teamed her MA-1 bomber jacket with a pair of distressed skinnies. For extra style points, she opted for a pair of circle sunglasses, a black beret, and a pair of signature Dr. Martens.

For an easy outfit on the fly, throw on an olive colored bomber jacket with skinny jeans any day of the week. This is one look that's versatile enough to try when heading to school or for weekend play.


Addict Be Iconic - London, England
Temps might be chilly wherever you are in the world, but you can always dream of warmer weather on the horizon. Fashion blogger Marta Purriños from Addict Be Iconic shows us how to wear a bomber jacket in a punk-inspired way. Fierce and tough, Marta resembles a modern version of Charlize Theron as Furiosa in Mad Max with her buzz cut hairstyle.

For an edgy look, opt for a cropped bomber jacket with varsity stripes. To amp up the volume, add some studded accessories and gold accents for a glam touch. Style with skinny jeans for a look that's ready to rock.


Fabia Von Hauff - Hamburg, Germany 🇩🇪
Can't stop thinking about this trend? Neither can Fabia Von Hauff, a fashion blogger from Hamburg, Germany. Fabia has the whole edgy-yet-effortless thing down pact, opting for an oversized black bomber jacket. To keep things sporty and to play with contrast, Fabia wore a voluminous hoodie and layered it over a pair of skinny jeans. For a relaxed feel, she chose a classic snapback to match and kept things moving with a pair of lace-up sneakers.


Carla Vadan - London, England
If you're all about mixing things up, just take a look at the sports luxe style from Carla Vadan. The 26-year-old stylist from London certainly knows a thing or two about quirky, vintage-inspired fashion.

For her look, Carla wore a printed cotton-bomber jacket with an elegant pleated skirt. The metallic sheen gives this look a fun, shimmery style, while her turtleneck adds a fun pop of color. We love her unexpected accents, like her pastel pink baseball cap and matching backpack, which give this look a fresh touch.

Add a little bit of girlish charm by wearing striped socks and sneakers, just like Carla. Fans of street style all across the globe are well acquainted with bomber jackets. Whether you prefer to mix athletic items with a slight retro touch, or prefer a classic and edgy approach, a bomber jacket is a perfect way to turn things up.

Written by Jade Nicolette
Twitter: @nicolette_style



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7 Days of Style: Pupuren from Singapore

In our regular series 7 Days of Style Challenge, we like to focus on a blogger that stands out to us in a different part of the world. 

This week we're talking to Ren Rong of Pupuren blog based in Singapore.  Ren stood out to us in a sea of bloggers because of her androdogynous yet feminine look. Her photos are more realistic and simple as opposed to many fashion bloggers we see on a regular basis. 

A blogger for nearly eight years, Ren began documenting her style and photography as a way to become more confident in front of a camera. She feels the blogging process allows her to be more creative, expressive, and confident. 

Name: Ren Rong
Name of Blog: Pupuren Weblog
Number of Years blogging: 
I started out keeping a diary online since the early 2000s, but only started documenting my style somewhere in the 2008 area."

What is your blog about?
"The current incarnation of my blog features my personal style, travel, and the occasional geekery on books and anime. I'm into photography, so it's pretty image-heavy especially whenever I talk about my travels or a rare photoshoot I style for my outfits."

Describe your style?
Casual, comfortable, and heavy on the socks."

How is the style in your country different than other parts of the world (say compared to the US, Europe, Asia, etc)
"Singapore stays at a constant average of 27°C (81°F) - humid summer all year, so practical shorts and layered clothes to transition from the freezing air-conditioned indoors into the sweltering outdoors are a common sight in the neighborhood. However, cities are cities, and it's not hard to find a range of daring, chic styles in town. Layering is key."

Why did you start blogging?
I wanted to be more comfortable in front of the camera when I first started venturing into photography. Documenting my outfits then seemed to be an interesting way to do so, as well as to keep track of how far I could take the limited pieces in my wardrobe into different looks."

What's been your biggest accomplishment with blogging so far?
"I'd have to say that my biggest accomplishment was actually being recognized by a stranger overseas. It sticks in my mind because back then I wasn't blogging as much as I am now and had far fewer readership; still, that was pretty flattering."

Biggest struggle? 
"My biggest struggle is making time to blog frequently. I recently took a week off blogging because I was too engrossed in re-reading Discworld books featuring the Night Watch, and simply couldn't tear myself away from the genius of Sir Terry Pratchett's writing."

Who are your favorite bloggers? Who inspires you?
"I'm enamored with daring and creative people. Style-wise, Micah Gianneli (@micahgianneli) exudes the bold and confident style and manner that I aspire to. Art-wise, I've been inspired by quite a few embroidery artists of late, one of them Yuri Miyazaki (@y_pls_m) who produces such beautiful delicate pieces."

What's next for your blog?
"I'm making plans to cut down on the OOTD-against-a-wall in the future and to focus on storytelling through photography and style. I've also not had as much time as I'd like for other hobbies such as drawing or reading ever since I shifted focus on my blog, so I'd really like to get back into those sometime. It's hard to shift out of the habits I've formed for blogging though!"

Favorite brands?
"As long as the item catches my fancy, I'm not particularly brand-conscious when you get down to it. I suppose I've amassed quite a number of Topshop and Mango pieces in my wardrobe, as I like their quality and style. I'm also a big fan of Uniqlo pieces including their innerwear. More so than brands, what I really enjoy is when I chance upon a maker that I previously didn't know about online, such as on Etsy or Instagram, where creators mix mediums to create beautiful, artistic wearables. I don't necessarily buy them, but they're very inspiring whenever I want something pretty to look "at: "Baobap (@_.baobap._) and Good After Nine (@goodafternine) are some examples."

What's a typical day for you?
"A post generally starts with photo-taking, after which I spend quite a bit of time post-processing them: re-framing, exposure, colour balance. I enjoy how meditative it is, but sometimes when I'm stuck I shelve the photos away and go back to edit them with fresh eyes. Writing a post is the hardest part for me - I sometimes have nothing to write about, and sometimes have too much. The time I spend commuting via public transport is used to blog sometimes, but I much prefer writing on my laptop after work, because I have a tendency to voice my words out loud at random whenever I'm focused and that's can be pretty awkward in public."

Read on to see how Ren does her 7 Days of Style... 

DAY 1– Manic Monday: 

"I dislike having to put aside the time and energy to iron my clothes! The best pieces are the ones that don't require any upkeep, such as this quirky t-shirt and a casual skirt."

style challenge purpuren - manic monday

DAY 2 – Trendy Tuesday: 

"I've been picking embroidered pieces lately, probably owing to my interest in embroidery. I picked this skirt from Shein and was very pleased when the embroidered floral motifs went all around it. I find it a pity when the embroidery abruptly stops on the front-facing panel on so many items I've seen - it disrupts the continuity of the look. Also, flowers never go out of style."

trendy tuesday - purpuren blog

DAY 3 –Work It Wednesday: 

"I feel confident when I know that I'm wearing colours that fit harmoniously. I also have a soft spot for androgyny, and am fond of buying shoes from the mens section (yay for big feet!) This pair of Timberland boots was the perfect blue and makes running errands all the more comfortable for it."

purpuren blog

DAY 4—Throwback Thursday: 

"Some of my favourite outfits and photos evoke good memories. This in particular was when my friend Deb and I got to house-sit at a beach-side residence over the holidays back in 2013. It was very flattering that our boss trusted us so, in addition to having pets to play with and taking leisurely strolls along the beach right outside, it remains one of my best memories of living in LA."

purpuren - throwback thursday outfit

DAY 5 –Fancy Friday: 

"A cardigan would be all I needed to cover up the mid-riff for work!"

pupuren fancy friday outfit

DAY 6: Swanky Saturday: 

"Now my most special occasion was my wedding last year. We didn't want to waste time and money on wedding dresses and frivolities just because it was 'tradition' when I never wanted any of that for myself, so I'm glad that I got to leave the traditional customs and wedding dinner to my younger brother to satisfy my family in that aspect when he gets married next year. This Topshop dress I bought for the occasion (on sale, even) was perfect for what I needed. I like it even more because it has the potential to be worn for something less eventful than a wedding. I honestly wouldn't know what to do with a white elephant of a one-time-use wedding gown, and I've been trying to cut down on sentimental possessions ever since I helped to go through my grandpa's many random possessions when he died and realised that my hoard resembled his."

top shop wedding dress - purpuren blog

DAY 7: Spontaneous Sunday: 

"This was one of the more daring outfits I'd decided to try on last year for a lunch date. If only we'd gone for a dip in a pool after!"

spontaneous sunday outfit pupuren blog

✨ To follow Ren go to Pupuren or find her at @pupuren on Insta


How to Wear Winter Layers

New year, new you! Upgrade your wardrobe by mixing in some winter layers.

It’s always fun to start off the new year with a fresh, polished look, and layers are a quick and easy fix. 😉 

We’ve rounded up some of the best-layered looks from top fashion bloggers around the globe.


🇺🇸 Mary Ellen Skye - Nashville, TN / USA

how to wear winter layers

Mary Ellen Skye from Nashville shows us all how it's done. Featuring an oversized ivory sweater and tons of loose layers, this is definitely a must-try look for this season.

Mary teamed a pair of black distressed skinny jeans with a denim shirt tied at the waist, along with a voluminous cowl scarf and a knit beanie.

To complete her look, Skye opted for a pair of classic ankle booties, complete with three sets of buckles for a charming feel. Cozy yet chic, layer up with your next look by wearing roomy sweaters and cigarette style skinnies.

Create a simple sense of contrast and add definition to your silhouette by adding in a button up shirt tied at the hips.

A circle scarf is a great way to stay warm and keep the chilly temps at bay. Try out this layered style when you’re in the mood for a relaxed, low-key vibe.


🇩🇪 Leonie Hanne of Ohh Couture - Hamburg Germany

how to wear winter layers from your favorite bloggers

Leonie Hanne of Ohh Couture shows us that it's totally possible to look elegant and layer with light colored neutrals. Based out of Hamburg, Germany, the chic fashion blogger looked stunning crisp layers in a neutral color palette.

Leonie opted for a long style duster cardigan, complete with subtle graphic detailing and an Aztec-inspired print along the back. Underneath, Leonie layered a cream colored blouse over slim fitting trousers.

To complete her look, she opted for peep toe ankle boots for a fresh twist. Sometimes, less is more, and Leonie certainly proves that the age-old adage is true with this subtle yet effortless outfit. This season, try out a look for yourself that incorporates neutral tones like ivory, beige or cream from head to toe.


🇩🇪 Franziska Elea - Munich Germany

how to wear winter layers

Franziska Elea, a fashion blogger from Munich, Germany, proves that layers can be eye-catching, but still subtle. The blonde bombshell sported a look that's so fresh and sophisticated, you'll have to try it.

First, she opted for a wool coat with a poncho style cut and layered a knit sweater underneath. For an added bit of shine, Franziska sported a shimmery silver skirt, teamed with a dusty pink scarf around her neck.

how to wear winter layers

ttps:// a sense of playfulness to your look with a fun crossbody bag. For this outfit, she added an unexpected touch with a cute handbag shaped in a rocket ship design. Opt for a classic outerwear piece with fur trim around the collar for a posh feel.

To finish her look, Franziska chose a pair of buckled booties with studded detailing. Hit the streets in style with tons of soft, loose layers.

For a layered look that's sweet and chic, opt for pastel tones this season. Franziska put together another look that's totally Insta-worthy using soft pastel colors.

Unexpected textures, found in oh-so-soft sweaters and luxe coats, are such an easy way to upgrade your winter wardrobe. Take notes from the 23-year-old fashion blogger by trying on a light pink coat in a poncho-style cut.

Underneath, layer a furry sweater for such an easy way to say toasty yet still look chic. Add a sense of contrast by wearing a pair of skinny jeans in a light neutral color like ivory or white. Finish off your look with matching accessories, like a pale blue scarf and gray ear muffs.

Turn up the volume on your wardrobe this season with some of these fresh ways to wear winter layers.❄️

Written by Jade Nicolette
Twitter: @nicolette_style



📨 Shoot us a message for the opportunity to be featured! 

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The Best Winter Outfits To Copy No Matter Where you Live in the World

Need a little help getting through the cold, dreary days of winter?

A peek at some of the new season’s trends from some of these global fashionistas will certainly help. With the world of fashion being such a digital one, we can easily spot our top global picks.

Check out our roundup of some of our favorite winter looks, no matter where you live in the world.


Lovely Pepa - Madrid Spain 

Based out of Madrid, fashion blogger Alexandra Pereira has that whole edgy yet effortless thing down pact. In a recent look, Alexandra showed off her punk-inspired style for this season. Pereira opted for a luxe leather motorcycle jacket, layered over a burgundy colored sweater and a thick wraparound wool scarf.

lovely pepa from madrid spain

To show off her rebel side, Alexandra sported a pair of high waisted skinny jeans, complete with added flair and patches as embellishments. To finish her look, she chose pointed ankle booties, a glam YSL handbag and circle sunglasses.

Upgrade your basic denim to new heights by opting for a pair covered in patches. With bold graphic prints and more subtle choices like peace signs, you'll have plenty of ways to stay on trend and still look totally edgy. To get the look, pair a leather biker jacket, an oversized scarf, and skinnies for a fresh winter outfit.








Hello Fashion Blog - South America // USA 

This season, forget about basic black, it’s time to add a subtle pop of color to your wardrobe. Bogota-born Christine Andrew knows how to rock seasonal colors in an elegant and understated way.

For a luxe feel, get inspired by Christine's effortless winter look. Featuring a rich color palette of burgundy, cream, and blush pink, this is one stunning look that's too good not to try.

burgundy trend

Christine opted for a cream colored scoop neck sweater, lightly layered over a leather mini which hit just above her knee.

To complete her look, she added a long line wool coat in a bold hue of bordeaux. Over the knee boots lend a look of an edgy feel, while the pink satchel handbag and matching sunglasses created a chic, polished finish. 





Kseniya Celikedelen - Istanbul, Turkey

When it comes to winter fashion, Kseniya Celikdelen from Istanbul, Turkey truly knows how to shine. The fashion blogger displayed a bright new winter look featuring a shimmery pleated skirt.

For a look that's classic and chic, take notes from the lovely Turkish blogger. An all black blouse might seem a bit too basic so opt for a style with wide sleeves for a modern approach to the trend.

Kseniya added a black hat and oxfords for a vintage-inspired twist. Opt for a wool Chester coat for a polished way to stay warm in chilling wintry temps.



top winter outfits to copy

Wendy Gilmour of Thankfifi - UK 

Blogger Wendy Gilmour of Thankfifi certainly knows how to make a bold statement. This season, get inspired by Wendy's look and opt for a statement coat in a pastel tone. For a look that's edgy yet effortless, find a pastel pink coat that's saccharine-sweet.

Team with a pair of leather leggings and ankle boots with a chunky heel. To finish, drape an oversized handbag over your shoulder in a neutral tone like camel.

Toss on a matching cashmere scarf, sunnies and a striped top for a retro-inspired feel. Energize your wardrobe this season with some tips from these global fashion bloggers.

Whether you prefer a look that’s classic and chic or edgy and bold, everyone can always use a little more fashion inspo, no matter the season.


Written by Jade Nicolette





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7 Days of Style: The Glitter Crumb from India

If you've followed Global Garbs in the past, you know that we've done a series called The 7 Days of Style, which features different bloggers around the globe, and their seven outfit selections based on a theme for each day of the week. 

After a bit of a break from these interviews, we're back this week with a brand new feature from a new country on our list: India! 

Each blogger selects an outfit they've worn recently (and in the past) that reflects each daily theme ranging from "Throw-back Thursdays" to "Spontaneous Sundays". We love getting a glimpse into what goes into planning their week's outfit selections and why they chose what they did. 

This week we're interviewing Indian blogger Nitika Choraria from The Glitter Crumb based in Mumbai. Nitika caught our eye on Instagram from her colorful ensembles and personality. Her photos really stood out from the crowd (which is obviously very important as a fashion blogger). 

Read on to see Nitika's 7 Days of Style, and see how she started blogging almost two years ago!

the glitter crumb

Name : Nitika Choraria
Name of Blog : The Glitter Crumb
Number of Years blogging : 1 year, 7 months
What is your blog about? 
"The Glitter Crumb is a fashion blog started by me, Nitika Choraria, 20 years old, based in Mumbai, India. It encompasses my fashion picks, trend reports, inspirations, personal style, beauty picks, travel diaries and everything that is going on and trending in the world of fashion and beauty."

Describe your personal style:
Personally, I don’t have a “fixed style” and I’ve repeatedly said this on my blog - I wear anything that looks good to me and is comfortable. Also, I don’t blindly follow trends, because to me the whole point of fashion is for you to be yourself, create your own trends, experiment ALOT, let your clothes reflect your personality and for you to just have fun. That’s the most important thing for me, because honestly if you haven’t noticed yet, fashion’s like a cycle, everything eventually comes back!"

How is the style in your country different than other parts of the world (say compared to the US, Europe, Asia, etc):
"To be honest, style differs from person to person and everyone is unique but in terms of countries, there is barely any difference today. With the rise of digital technology, e-commerce stores, and in this ever-changing social media landscape - Instagram, or even Twitter and Facebook has been even more influential than before and has allowed the fashion industry to more transparent, relatable and available to the masses globally. However,  going back to Indian roots, India has been a country of vibrant colors with ethnic prints and designs which makes it different and stand out globally."

Why did you start blogging:
"Fashion ALWAYS meant something to me. I never knew what that “something” was but it just merely made me happy. I would just have this little smile on my face and my eyes would glisten whenever I got dressed up, bought something new, or even if I was just simply hanging out in a mall encircled by stores, where I just WOULDN’T stop staring at the freshly stocked clothes, new shiny shoes, or even the mannequins in that case."
This inexplicable love for fashion turned into something else when one afternoon I was just scrolling through my Instagram news feed and I came across this account called “MissStyleFiesta” run by Masoom Minawala, a fashion blogger. I found myself in a trap of never-ending engaging fashion content, beauty tips, and all the information on the latest trends. I just couldn’t get myself to stop browsing through her feed, and I then saw her blog and I was amazed. In my head, I was like - this is EXACTLY what I ALWAYS wanted to do. I just never knew what do with this “love for fashion”. My plans for the future were always changing. One minute I wanted go to Business School, the other minute I wanted to major in Economics, or sometimes I wanted to go to Art School. But I was never satisfied or happy with my decision. So, this is all it took. One Instagram account to change my career, my future, my life.
What's been your biggest accomplishment with blogging so far:
"I clearly remember that day when I was sitting on my bed glued to my laptop creating my website, thinking of blog names, and when I was just trying to figure it all. Since then it’s been a crazy ride, I’ve got so much support from my family, friends, and readers, learned so much and had so much fun, as many say, if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. So my biggest accomplishment is coming so far. But yes, since I’ve just started, this is only the beginning as I still have so much to learn from, so much to explore and figure, and there’s way more to come."
How about your biggest struggle? "There is no struggle, but the fashion industry is really competitive, but I try not looking at it that way as I am my own competition."
Who are your favorite bloggers?
Masoom Minawala from Style Fiesta
What's next for your blog?  You’ll see :)

The Glitter Crumb

Monday = "Manic Monday" 
This is your go-to outfit or ensemble. Since Mondays are always a bit crazy, this is something you can easily throw together without thinking much about and still look effortlessly stylish. 

Denim Jeans and Top: Zara | Watch: Aldo | Sunglasses: Style Fiesta | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Shoes: Charles and Keith

"In this crazy world called fashion, one of the things that’s always in my wardrobe and I swear by is the denim on denim look. With endless combinations of fits, washes and styles, denim really does follow a fashion cycle of its own. You can experiment so much with this timeless staple, it’s insane. It’s a classic and a perfect pairing for when you don’t want to overthink things, especially on a busy Monday!"

Fashion Blogger Interview

Tuesday = "Trendy Tuesday"
Tuesdays are all about what's trending. As a fashion blog, we obviously keep up with the lastest trends, however, it's also very interesting to see what's trending in different parts of the world, rather than what's popular in fashion capitals only. 

Jumpsuit: Koasheé By Shubhitaa | Jacket: Precis | Choker: Zara | Watch: Aldo | Bag: Ferragamo | Shoes: Charles and Keith
"If there’s one trend that ruled the runways quite a few times, it’s every shade of blue. Most definitely my favorite color. It’s the crispiest color combination, so versatile, vibrant, adds energy and intensity to fall/winter wardrobes, and is anything but boring.  Cobalt, especially, has the ability to make you look and feel so rich, so powerful. So I decided to drape myself head to toe in all shades blue. To create this look I chose to wear this most stunning, trendy turquoise and cobalt blue jumpsuit. No matter the season or occasion, jumpsuits are an effortless route to chic. You can easily translate them from work to play, and I think this trend is definitely here to stay, especially if it looks like this!"

fashion blogger interview with The Glitter Crumb
How to grow your fashion blog

Wednesday = "Work-it Wednesday"
This is your go-to work outfit. We want to see something that can look professional and put together, and is typically an outfit you wear to work. Whether you're in an office environment or have the flexibility of working in a more casual environment, this is your typical work outfit. 

Little Black Dress and Fringe High-low Cape Jacket: Alia Bhatt for Jabong | Bracelet: Halcyon Days | Tassel Belt: Style Fiesta | Bag: Burberry
"Black, white and chic all over. This sleek, sophisticated monochrome is still a big trend, and in my opinion, it will always be. Black and white make the perfect partnership and when they come together they make a visually stimulating impact, which is cool, modern, assertive and perfect for a meeting. I think the simplicity of monochrome makes it a timeless classic, and it’s always set to dominate our wardrobes."

throwback thursday outfit

Thursday = "Throw-back Thursday"
We're not sure where #tbt came from (probably Instagram), but we decided to include one outfit of the week that you just loooove from back in the day. As fashion changes so constantly, it's often a bit funny or nostalgic to remember what you wore a few years ago. 

Dhoti Pants: Salita Nanda from Creo | Tank Top: Forever 21 | Denim Jacket: Vero Moda | Necklace: Zara | Sunglasses: Cupcakes and Closet | Shoes: Aldo
"This was one of my earliest outfit photos. This dhoti pants is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. It fits like a dream and I didn’t even have to think twice before purchasing it. I fell in love with it. It was an amalgamation of a beautiful piece of art and a touch of pop, and it simply stood out, making a statement. And the colors were the one thing I LOVED about these pants! I paired it up with a tank top and a denim jacket to create a playful, fun look!"

fashion blogger interview with The Glitter Crumb

Friday = "Fancy Friday"
On Fridays, it's time to play. The work week is over, and we want to see how you mix it up and what you wear to have some fun. Whether that's going out with friends or to a nice dinner, this is your fancier outfit of the week. 

Leather-patched Pants and Fringe Top: Zara | Sequins Cape: Armani Exchange | Sunglasses and Necklace: Style Fiesta | Bag: Ferragamo | Shoes: Zara
"To go from work to play I chose to team up this gorgeous marsala, full-sleeve fringe tee that has intricate and beautiful detailing with my leather-patched black pants. To add on to the look, and break away from minimal dressing, I threw on a black cape jacket with sequins on it on this outfit to create a bold yet fun look!"

Mumbai fashion blogger interview















fashion blogger nitika from mumbai

Saturday = "Swanky Saturday"
Just like Friday is your play day, Saturday is also usually fun day. We want to see some great "going out" outfits. This is usually a bit sexier and your typical "night out" look. 

Dress: Madison | Necklace and Sunglasses: Style Fiesta | Bag: Kate Spade | Shoes: Zara
"To go for a date or a special occasion I wanted to create a fresh look with a lighter palette and so I chose to wear this stunning white dress with graphic and painterly petals on it. Its lightness, femininity, and feeling of spring with a touch of blush pink, green and brown added to the whole look. I paired it up with lace-up ballet flats to make the look more feminine and. Additionally, I chose to carry a green bag to enhance the entire look and this eye-catching sleek bag undoubtedly added a finishing touch to the outfit!"

fashion blogging 7 days of style

Sunday = "Spontaneous Sunday"
Because Sundays can be such a wild card, this is your time to give us a glimpse into your life on a typical Sunday. That could include working out, having brunch, or just relaxing with a good book. Whatever that activity may be, here's where you can show us what you're wearing on any given Sunday. 
Baggy Drawstring Pants: Bershka | Top: Forever 21 | Watch: Aldo | Bag: Zara | Shoes: Call It Spring | Sunglasses: Style Fiesta
"For a fun but relaxing day out with friends this easy, breezy summer pant with a bold and fun print with its clinched waist and billowing leg is perfect. This go-to pant, has a silhouette so easy that it’ll make your jeans jealous. This fresh staple has all the ease you need while still retaining an overall sense of polish. It’s super comfortable and makes me feel relaxed. I chose to team up my drawstring pants with this gorgeous brown, fuss-free, light and airy top. This chic and feminine top with it’s brilliant hue enhanced my outfit and went perfectly with it."

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I used to be Addicted to Fast Fashion

how to shop sustainable fashion

When it comes to sustainable and ethical fashion, you may have noticed that I've been writing a lot more about this topic.  After finally watching the incredible documentary The True Cost, I've had sort of epiphany when it comes to fast fashion and the impact it has on the world.

 As a once struggling college student (and even several years after graduating), I would only shop at fast-fashion retailers.  I thought I was being thrifty and smart about saving money.  The truth was that I was a trend-hungry fashion obsessed person who really had no idea of where or how my clothing was made.  

Still to this day, I can’t help but find a “good deal”. I honestly think this has been somewhat ingrained into our subconscious from marketing campaigns and the need to save money.

The funny thing is that the average person now buys 64 pieces of clothing a year according to an article on Fashionista, and Forever 21 stocks up more than 500 new styles per week.  

Who really needs all those clothes?

Unless you’re a celebrity or possibly someone that works for a magazine, who is really going to be judging you?

It really boils down to your own self-confidence and what is important to you.

As I grow older (and hopefully wiser), I’ve come to realize that I want to live by the motto “less is more”.

We’ve all heard this phrase, but when it comes to fashion.  I’ve always wanted more, more and more, and with fast fashion, this was absolutely achievable even as someone on a tight budget.

However, the impact it’s having not only on our environment and affecting the lives of so many factory workers, I’ve finally come to the realization that it’s just not worth it.

i was obsessed with fast fashion

I think it’s great that the slow fashion movement is slowly starting to happen, and that people are beginning to adapt to a more minimalistic lifestyle.

It’s also great that many fashion companies are beginning to notice this slow demand as well.

Hopefully, in a few years, the entire industry will begin to pick up and begin offering more sustainable and ethically made garments.

So in the meantime, what can we do?

Well, for one we can start educating ourselves.

I used to think that I was sort of doing good by donating my clothing to the goodwill. The truth is that clothes aren't actually even ending up with someone who actually needs them. So by buying disposable clothing from fast fashion retailers like Forever 21 or H&M, we are basically contributing to the huge amount of clothing that becomes a high pollutant due to the chemicals used to make the fabric.

An average person gets rid of 82lbs of clothing per year, therefore contributing to the 11 million tons of clothing waste a year according to The True Cost.  

The only way to make this happen though is to start shopping slow fashion as a consumer.

We need to start researching the brand and designer before purchasing and begin making better choices when it comes to purchasing.    

We can start building our capsule collections and look at what we need, rather than what we want.

I guarantee if we all started making these small shifts and committed to cutting out our fast-fashion habit, we’ll begin seeing bigger and better changes in the fashion industry.

I would hope that in the long haul it will be similar to the organic food market, in that people now pay double for groceries because they want to ensure their food is organic and fair trade. It used to be a ludicrous thought – who would pay double for some organic fruit or chicken? But slowly but sure people started to do so, and prices were able to drop.

Same thing goes for slow fashion. 

If we as consumers start boycotting fast fashion, they (giant retailers) can’t open up massive stores on every corner or mall (which is gross) and we should compare to not wanting a Wal-Mart in our neighborhood.

According to the True Cost movement, there are five things we can do to help push this ideology along.

#1 Will you wear it 30 Times?
I love this rule. I remember the mentality of being able to buy a $20 dress from Forever 21 because then I could just throw it away if I suddenly become bored of it. By making better choices in style selection and really thinking about if you’ll wear the garment at least 30 times, is a great start to becoming more intentional with your shopping.

#2 Break the Cycle
Try to help slow the fashion cycle down. The traditional fashion weeks of spring/summer and autumn/winter are now something of the past due to giants like Zara who put out 50-100 mini seasons a year. This has become the new normal and it’s an absolutely horrible thing for factory workers and the whole slow fashion movement.

#3 Spread your Fashion Budget out
Instead of buying 64 pieces of cheap crap, maybe buy 32 pieces and look for brands that value higher standards in terms of fair trade. 

Here is a list of our favorite brands and online stores that are not only sustainable but incredibly stylish as well.  

Zady | People Tree | Patagonia Nisolo | EverlaneReformationCuyana | Clare V (bags/ accessories)Raven + Lily | Master and Muse | Indigenous | Shop Ethica

#4 Detox Your Wardrobe
Did you know that fashion is the world’s second most polluting industry after oil? Crazy right? Due to all the synthetic dyes from various fabrics being toxic, 10% of the world’s biggest fashion brands have committed to phasing out these substances. Check out the list of retailers who are slowly detoxing their wardrobes here.

#5 Join the Fashion Revolution
Subscribe to to stay in the know of all events, news, and things you can do in order to bring awareness to this topic. I’m pretty sure there are TONS of people who really have no idea what’s going on when it comes to unethical and unsustainable fashion. So start being the change you want to see in your wardrobe.

Did you like this post and list of ideas on how to shop sustainable? Leave us a comment below! Or if you have any resources you'd like to share let us know too! 

The Three Ethical Brands You Should Support on Kickstarter Today

You’ve probably seen your friends or favorite small brands share a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a project underway, and the method of crowdsourcing makes sense for designers who take their ethical responsibilities seriously when creating their wares.

Why does a Kickstarter campaign line up with the values of an ethical, sustainable, or eco-friendly company? It allows business owners and designers to keep things 100% DIY.

With no outside investment or corporate sponsorship to cater to, creative professionals are able to devote their time and efforts to achieving their vision, and in keeping their mission transparent with potential backers, you know exactly what you’re gonna get with that monetary pledge.

We’ve found three brands currently raising funds with their own Kickstarter campaigns that are not only items we would totally love to own, but their values and mission statements is something we can stand behind. 


oal: $24,468

Working with skilled artisans from Britain to deliver minimalist designs, SEINCLLN combines traditional methods with the most current technology to create truly one of a kind looks. Big supporters of the “slow fashion” method of creation, SEINCLLN’s Kickstarter boasts zero waste designs at 50% off retail prices, with donor rewards ranging from a thank you email to a plane ticket to Europe to create a custom-designed piece of your own.

top kickstarter campaigns to support


Goal: $22,000

Designed and manufactured in the U.S., Brooklyn-based brand PonyBabe is raising funds to fund their first production, ensuring a strong start to the young company. Using eco-friendly, raw materials to create ethically produced garments, PonyBabe delivers easy-to-wear clothing that feels good to wear, and buy. Their first collection, called The 24 Hour Outfit, consists of a wrap, racerback tank, cardigan and pleated pants, all made of organic cotton and bamboo, and pledges will buy supporters single pieces or the entire set at below-retail value, and ships anywhere in the world.


Goal: €4,000

While this campaign is technically closed, overreaching their goal by more than €2,000, we still thought the brand was worth mentioning in case anyone is looking for a sustainable yet affordable leather bag option to shop from. The Belgium-based company aims for classic over trendy, creating timeless pieces with a fine attention to detail only a true master of their craft can command. You can check out their Kickstarter campaign for a look at their fine leather wares here, featuring their take on the classic satchel, barrel bag, and backpack.


How to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 5 Easy Steps

When we first started out on Instagram we were blown away by how many fashion bloggers were utilizing this platform and making some real money.

Now that it’s been over a year of posting and learning how Instagram works, we’ve compiled our five top strategies that we’ve used to grow our audience to over 11k.

Instagram in our opinion is one of the best platforms for fashion bloggers in particular, because

#1 It’s a visual platform
#2 You can essentially have a blog without a website.
#3 It’s the most engaging platform (compared to Facebook and Twitter).

Step #1 Be consistent.
We know you’ve heard this time and time again that in order to grow an audience you have to be consistent with your posts. And even though this statement is a bit like “duh”... we can’t help but emphasize this tip.

Reason being, that when we first started out we were SUPER consistent. We even posted up to four times a day at times in order to boost our posts. Because who wants to follow an account with only like fifteen posts, right?

How to grow your instagram followers

Also, when you become consistent with your posts you start to notice that the same people will like and comment on your posts because they start getting used to seeing you in their feed. It’s like you become Instagram buddies.

Plus the more comments and likes you get, the more engaged you can become with your audience which increases your chances of being shown in the news feed. Due to the algorithm changes, everything is all engagement bases rather than chronological.

Step #2 Create a visually pleasing feed.
As we stated earlier, Instagram is the most visual platform. So in order for someone to look at your account and say “wow, this account looks cool, I think I’ll follow them”, you have to create a visually pleasing feed.

how to grow your following in instagram

So how do you do this? Basically it’s all about two factors: photography and branding.

Photography is super important especially if you’re a fashion blogger, so it’s always important that you have great lighting so you can actually see what you’re wearing.

If you notice on our IG feed, we only feature photos that are bright and the quality of the photo is easy to see their outfit.
Granted you also have to have a good sense of style. 😉

Also, the way you place each photo on the grid is important too. You don’t want to post a bunch of photos with darker backdrops and then lighter ones. Or a bunch of green/nature photos and have them all sort of blend together. You want to make sure you’re posting photos that look good next to each other.

You can obviously just try to visualize what you’re posting before doing so, or you can use an Instagram planner like Planoly or Later in case you’re not too visual of a person. These tools help you not only plan out your content but you can see how the photos will look before actually posting them.

Step #3 Find your tribe’s hashtags
When we first started out we only posted hashtags like #fashion or #style.

You may be thinking, well what’s wrong with that? Well, there really isn’t anything wrong with that strategy, however, chances are NOBODY is seeing your hashtags.

The reason is that these popular hashtags have millions of hashtags already. The key is to find hashtags with less than 100k.

You want to try and research similar Instagram profiles and see what kind of hashtags they are using. This is the easiest strategy for finding your “tribe”.

Another strategy is to create your own hashtag. For example, we use #globalgarbs or #globalstyle to connect with our audience and have used them since beginning our IG account. We can now see who’s hashtagging us to either engage or be featured on our feed.

Step #4 Share other’s content
If you’ve checked out our Instagram, you know that we ONLY feature other people on our platform. Global Garbs is not the typical blog in the sense that it’s not about any one person but rather we feature many different bloggers from around the world.

This has been the biggest way to increase our audience by sharing other blogger’s on our feed. This works especially well for bloggers that have a small to medium size audience like ourselves.

If we shared Aimee Song’s photo, chances are she’s not going to be super stoked (in fact we totally do this sometimes and she never even notices lol). BUT when we share other bloggers with the same sized audiences, we usually always get a big thank you and more followers.

So even if you’re a personal blogger, maybe you share a fellow blogger’s food picture or latest handbag. This would be a good way to share someone else’s content without diluting your brand and not including a picture of yourself.

So the main idea here is that sharing is caring, and sharing equals more followers + engagement.

Step #5 Engage with your followers
When it comes to engaging, this is one of the hardest parts of Instagram.

The reason it’s difficult is because you want to make sure your followers are even liking the content you are posting to begin with.

The main idea here is to spend at least 10-15 minutes a day interacting with your followers.

Create a CTA (Call-to-Action) at least a few days week. This can be to leave a comment in relation to whatever you’re asking or even to click to a link in your bio.

Remember: Using your bio’s link is very important when it comes to driving traffic and building your e-mail list, so use it wisely.

Finally, if you see people who are commenting, liking your posts, pay the favor back and do the same on their account.

This begins to create somewhat of a community between your followers and yourself, and that is the best way to not only GROW your audience but an ENGAGED audience.

That is the key to being truly successful with Instagram.

Don’t forget to download your free checklist here which highlights this blog’s post and will ensure you are following each step on a regular basis to grow your audience consistently.


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Top 6 Tips Sustainable Fashion Bloggers Live By

With the fast-fashion business model pumping up the volume of garments being produced, the fashion industry has become one of the largest environmental polluters in the world, second only to oil.

In recent years, more and more people are becoming aware of the damage being done, not the mention the unethical working conditions that allow for such wasteful mass-production, and are taking back the power of their purchase by hitting the industry where it hurts most - right in the pocket.

With the future and fate of the planet in mind, many consumers are looking toward making ethical and sustainable choices when browsing the racks.

Whether it be by supporting brands who create their wares with recycled fabrics or vegan leather or educating themselves on the ethics involved in getting their garb from the factory to the retail floor, consumers are letting the industry know what they value, and big business is starting to take notice, as evidenced by the recent launch of a sustainable collection by global retail force, Zara.

If going all-in sounds like an overwhelming feat, don’t worry: there’s no right or wrong way to make sustainable choices.

Many people start out by making small changes when and wherever possible, learning along the way and allowing themselves make more informed decisions with every decision.

Luckily, for anyone interested in learning more, there is a wealth of first-hand information out there to help guide you, from bloggers to Instagrammers, to ethical fashion designers and boutiques.

We spoke with some of the top eco-friendly fashion bloggers working today and gathered some valuable tips easy enough for anyone looking to change up their shopping game, and use the power of their dollar to change the world, one purchase at a time.


“Buy from brands who are transparent about their circular story from cradle-to-cradle. Even if it's imperfect, you know if they're honest about where they're at and where they wish to go, and your support will help them be that change.

As consumers, it is our responsibility to know how our products are made, how they affect us when we use them, and what happens to them after we dispose of them.

Once you understand the story of each product you use or habit you've made, you truly become a conscious consumer." @leotielovely





“Sustainability can be an overwhelming status to achieve. I’d encourage you to not be stressed with the idea, but to place small eco-friendly adjustments into your life. For example, do you have a recycling bin? How about swapping out that chemically face cleanser that stings your skin to something all-natural? Treat yourself to a pleasant morning by biking to the farmers market, or feel good by picking up a few pieces of litter when you walk down the beach. Making green adjustments takes us back to our human roots and feels noble and honest. Take pleasure in being kind to yourself, and the world around you. When you open up your mind and heart to yourself, nature, and life around you, you grow as a human and a pleasant philanthropic fire in your heart will grow.  Do your best and have fun taking control of your life with conscious, kind decisions that radiate positivity.” 

“The one tip I have is to ask questions about the story behind any product we buy so we can make more informed, purpose-driven purchase decisions.” @kameachayne

The one tip I have is to ask questions about the story behind any product we buy so we can make more informed, purpose-driven purchase decisions @kameachayne

“Do your research, as some companies pose as being ethical/sustainable but actually they're not. Also, before you buy anything, really try and think about if you're going to use it and wear it enough. I like the 30 wears idea and try and adhere to that.”


Do your research. Some companies pose as being ethical/ sustainable but actually they're not. Also, before you buy anything, really try and think about if you're going to use it and wear it enough. I like the 30 wears idea and try and adhere to that. @englishlassinla

“When it comes to ethical fashion my main priority is a sustainable planet. What that means to me is thinking about the impact something would have on the planet. Of course you can try to find out if the fabric is recycled or organic, but more often than not a retail assistant might not know the exact story of the fabric or garment. A tip I would say is feasible for the everyday consumer would be to simply:

Feel for quality. Make sure the fit is perfect for you and have at least 5 outfits in your mind that you know you can pair this piece with. If the garment is not
a) high-quality b) a good cut AND c) not versatile enough to make 5 outfits, don't buy it. Even if it's got a higher price tag, you will get a gazillion times more wear out of it than you would if you were to invest in a cheaper/less quality item that you're just going to chuck in a few months.” @ethicalfashionblogger


photo via

photo via

"When I buy ethical clothing online (and when I shop new clothing, I mostly shop online), I always check these fact:
I go to the brand´s website. First of all, I check their about page to see on which kinds of ethics they are focused. Then I check the products in their online shop to see the materials. I always prefer eco-friendly materials for example in summer: linen, organic peace silk, organic cotton and in winter: alpaca fiber and ethical wool in general. When I do not find much information about a sustainable brand, I won’t buy there. 

I think it takes a lot time to search for ethical and sustainable fashion brands, which are super modern. And that is why I will launch my new platform THE ECO ALPHABET ( in 2017. It is a directory, where you can search, filter and explore really cool sustainable fashion labels. Brands can now apply for a registration. I think this will be super helpful for shopping tips." @mochni


written by Kristin Howard