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I am Anna, the author and creative mind behind the Russian fashion and lifestyle blog Enn Franco Says. The main idea of the blog is to talk with my audience about the things that I see vital for an ordinary person and as for a blogger too: how to promote the blog, work with brands, how to find yourself in this world, as well as showing my tips and tricks about travel destinations and sharing my style with bright and inspiring pictures.
My top 3 blogging tips
1) Cross promote your publications as soon as you posted them on the blog. Don't postpone this activity.
2) The visual content plays a very important part. Forget about the Iphone and smartphone pictures, take them only with a camera. I highly recommend Olympus Pen, they are simple in use and have detachable lenses. Also don't forget about the design. The more minimal, the better.
3) Instagram and Facebook are the most important social media to bring traffic. Don't underestimate them.
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DAY 1 Manic Monday:
As Mondays are so lazy and we need to be in a hurry to get through all this madness, the best you can wear is something really cozy but yet stylish. Cozy sweater + stylish camel coat + preppy shoes = fantastic choice!

Russian blogger Enn Franco

DAY 2 Trendy Tuesday:
The big cardigans for me were the good trend in the last 2015 year. They are really stylish and together with a minimal outfit and details can make a blast!

Russian blogger Enn Franco

DAY 3 Work It Wednesday:
All black everything. I just love black and it suits perfectly every occasion. Except for a wedding of course haha But to make your outfit more rock&roll, put on your favourite leather pants and you'll be on the top!

Russian style blogger

DAY 4 Throwback Thursday:
Oh, this outfit was posted in May 2014 when I decided to make a pin-up/retro style shoot in a popular diner in Moscow. The result: it is still my the most viewed outfit on the blog, and I think of making something new similar like that. Tsss it's a secret :)

Russian fashion blogger Enn Franco

DAY 5 Fancy Friday:
This outfit is absolutely versatile! You can wear it entirely to work or university and then have a meet with friends in a bar or a fancy restaurant. Cause black always rules and is suitable for day and night and with a pair of nice blue jeans can make a great contrast. Pair the outfit with high heel boots and voila, you are ready to rock the dance floor without coming back home after work to change clothes.

Russian Style Blogger

DAY 6: Swanky Saturday:
I wore this sequines dress in the end of 2015 at the New Year party of one fashion magazine in Moscow and this is the most dressed up outfit I have ever worn! And you know what, I think that sequines and me are made for each other :)

Russian Fashion Style blogger

DAY 7: Spontaneous Sunday:
On weekend I try to relax as much as I can. And this comes also to creating outfit if I ned to meet with friends, go to the cinema or a brunch. And I always, always pay attention to total black looks cause they are the most relaxed ones and effortless, cause on weekends I am the most lazy person in the whole world :)