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Givenchy recently announced they will be showing their Spring 2016 collection in New York City rather than Paris.   This takes place shortly after Valentino who had also decided to have their couture show in Rome instead of Paris.

Both brands chose different locations in order to celebrate and promote stores openings in each of the two cities.  Valentino recently opening a mega-store in Italy, while Givenchy plans on opening a flagship store in Manhattan.

As fashion becomes more and more global, designers are realizing the importance of using Fashion Week as a marketing platform to not only show their collection but to also promote other events going on with their brand.

One issue however, that seems to be somewhat controversial is that the show takes place on September 11th.  According to WWD, Ricardo Tisci pronounced "It's a very delicate day for America, and so the show is going to be a celebration of family and love. It gives me so much energy, and I'm very inspired by the culture. I feel free when I'm there."

"Fashion may be about the future, but it has a responsibility to the past"

Vanessa Friedman from the NY Times  made an admirable statement that "Fashion may be about the future, but it has a responsibility to the past. As the New York show is a one-off, with all the extra attention that generates, Givenchy will have a singular opportunity to reconcile the two. Here’s hoping the house embraces it."

Although the event does fall on such a somber occasion, it's inspiring to see that luxury designers are beginning to embrace the idea of showing in a country other than their own.  It then poses the question of whether New York City is becoming more of a fashion capital for some of the haute couture fashion houses. The big apple did reclaim it's title as the official fashion capital as per the Global Language Monitor in 2014, inching out Paris by .05%!