How to Layer and Not Look Ridiculous

Layering can be a tricky art, but if you do it correctly, you can be sure to keep warm while looking ultra chic. 

The key to not looking ridiculous when layering boils down to 3 main rules.  Below we found what we consider the best round up of fashion bloggers from around the world, wearing layers in the chicest way possible.  

How to Layer - Spain

Rule #1 - Keep it simple.

When it comes to layering especially for winter, your first priority is obviously for warmth, but you can definitely step up your style game by layering with a thin blouse underneath a cable knit sweater and then layered again with a warm wool coat.  

How to Layer - Ukraine

Rule #2 Think outside of the box. 

How to Layer - Canada
How to Layer - Ukraine

We love how this blogger paired a leather jacket underneath what appears to be a blanket scarf/poncho.  Her slouchy shorts and knee high boots are the perfect mix of an ultra cool look yet warm enough for the colder months.  

Another blogger from the Ukraine,Valeriya from, shows off a great way to wear your wool sleeveless dresses into the winter.  By pairing a thin turtleneck underneath her dress she not only gives her outfit a major boost in style, but she's adding an extra layer to her otherwise chilly outfit. 

How to Layer berlin

Rule #3 Wear a jacket and a coat! 

Yes this "rule" sounds a bit strange, but it's more of a suggestion actually than a rule. If you can't tell these two women are extremely chic and sneaky.  If you look closely the Julie K from, is actually wearing a windbreaker underneath her wool coat as an extra layer of warmth.

Ana, from in Spain proves that you can dress warm yet professional in her tied blouse, wool blazer topped off with a thicker wool overcoat. No excuses for cold weather and looking your best. 

How to Layer
How to layer