How to Wear All Black in the Summer

Wearing all black in the summer seems like it would be counter-intuitive, but the truth is, you can definitely pull off wearing your favorite color year round.

In our research lately with bloggers around the world, wearing all black appears to be the easiest way to look instantly more chic (and slim). 

The key to wearing all black in the summer is the weight of the fabric. We all know from a scientific point of view that black absorbs heat and light more than lighter colors, but we say as long as you're not wandering the city in the scorching sun, wearing all black should be a must for the summer. 

Check out the eight different ways we found ranging from a skirt and crop top to a long tunic and hidden shorts underneath. 

Each country and each blogger styles their all-black ensemble in a way that is effortlessly their own style and personality. 

This is the main rule above all. Be yourself and if you like wearing all black (instead of all white or any other color for that matter) it's your prerogative and style, so just go for it. 

Monica S from Warsaw, Poland 

We love Monica's effortlessly way of looking extremely chic and cool might we add. This look can definitely be worn for a scorching summer day from day to night. 


Nina from Berlin, Germany

Nina adds a bit of extra interest to her midi black dress with a military style vest. Although this entire outfit isn't all black in it's entirety, the all black dress is the easiest piece to pull off in the summer heat. 


Aika from Japan but living in Seattle

Aika in Japan pulls of the most boho-chic look that we've seen in our all black off-the-shoulder crop top, swingy skirt, and platform sandals. She completes the outfit with a wide-brim black straw hat and course black choker. 


Miaoda from Beijing, China 

Miaoda from China is wearing the perfect A-line trapeze slip dress that is a complete must-have.  We love how she's styled with a beret and of course her chunky wrap sandals. 


Jillian L from Canada 

Jillian defines the ultimate cool girl look wearing all black. Her stapless top paired with some loose trousers make for such an amazing silhouette that is both sexy and cool. Paired with her white sneakers and she's got the look styled to a perfect 10. Our favorite look of the bunch. 


Kim from Philadelphia, PA - USA

Kim shows off some skin with this feminine boho-chic ensemble. We love the detailing of her peek-a-boo jumpsuit. It's the perfect playsuit to go from day to night just by changing up her accessories. 


Kathryn from Chicago, IL, USA

Kathryn in Chicago shows us how to pull off wearing all black from a cocktail or going out outfit. This dress or potentially even two piece is everything with it's tassled skirt and low cut top. The ultimate sexy yet chic look of the group. 


Eve from Black Forest, Germany 

Last but not least we have Eve from Germany showing us that you can pair a long graphic tunic with a pair of shorts to create an ultra cool and unique look wearing all black. We love her sporty and chunky sandals paired with the tunic-like dress for another 'cool girl' type of look. 

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Posted on July 26, 2016 and filed under TRENDS.