How to Wear a Hat for Fall


Wearing a hat can either be incredibly chic and the perfect fall accessory, or you can feel quite ridiculous.  Many girls always say "I'm just not a hat person" , but that is like saying you're not a an earring person, or a belt person.  A hat can be the best way to give your outfit just a little extra style.  

Many bloggers around the world have been embracing all shapes and colors of hats for a while now, and the looks below do not disappoint. Your hat should be considered that third layer of style that isn't completely necessary until you put it on, and then it just completes the look.  Fall is the perfect season for a hat because you're not going to need your big puffy coat or beanie just yet.

These 7 fashion bloggers from Canada to Russia know how to wear a hat and do so with such ease and sophistication. Whether you're looking for something a bit more sporty, then try a beanie like Esra.  Or for the more daring fashion girl, opt for an outback shaped brim shape like Salome did.

Whatever shape you choose, a hat is a must have for the fall season. Here are our top picks seen this week from around the globe.



DANIELLA M from shows off a classic and slightly menswear look with her contrast band fedora and three piece ensemble complete with vest.  We love that her hat is navy and otherwise very non-matchy. 

Germany .jpg

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY by STEPHANIE K. from is wearing quite the feminine outfit with her thigh high boots, pleated mini and turtleneck.  Her army cap is the perfect accessory to contrast the otherwise super girly ensemble.


BRUSSELS, BELGIUM by SALOMÉ M. from shows us a much more sophisticated and classic look.  Her outback shaped fedora fits perfectly with her plaid blazer and peter pan colored shirt.


VANCOUVER, CANADA by ALISON H. from is wearing such an easy to pull off yet super chic look.  We love that she chose a forest green hat to complete her classic denim and black ensemble.


MOSCOW, RUSSIA by  NATASHA D. from We love the fun and charismatic look from Natasha. From her leopard print heels paired with her pop of color accessories, this girl  isn't afraid to be bold and stand out in style.


GERMANY  by ESRA E., 33 from Pom beanies are going to be a big trend this season for colder weather, and Esra shows off such a cool street look with her "Sweet Disaster" oversized blouse and platform oxfords.


THE NETHERLANDS by IRIS from  FASHIONZENBLOG.COM is wearing the epitome of the perfect fall outfit.  Her suede skirt paired with booties, classic white blouse and  most importantly a wide brimmed fedora is right on trend and the perfect way to transition into cooler weather.

Posted on September 30, 2015 and filed under TRENDS.