The Diverse Fashion Blogging Scene in Philadelphia

This article was written by Lesha Thompson of LivinLesh

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Philadelphia is known for many things. It is known for it’s rich history, the amazing cheesesteaks, and the culture that is found walking the streets.

Hidden in the streets that my tourists don’t often visit are boutiques carrying pieces of every style imaginable. Designers, native to this wonderful city, are hard at work in their studios creating pieces that the world has yet to see. And every season, Philly Fashion Week takes over the city to show off the fashion that this city has to offer.

And just like any major city where the fashion scene is raging, you’ll find fashion/style bloggers expressing the style of their city through the major trends, beauty hacks, and the culture.

These bloggers work to represent their city. The backdrop to their style has been the cityscape and the artistic walls that you’ll find by simply looking around.

Here are some of the top fashion bloggers that you’ll find walking the streets of Philly.


Amanda of The Penny Parlor

amanda from the penny parlor

“Colorful, practical and layered”

Amanda is a wife, mommy of three and a blogger. Her blog is a place where she shares all the things that she loves ranging from fashion and beauty to mommy moments and home decor.She loves the sense of community blogging provides, because, for her, it is a great outlet for stay-at-home mamas like Amanda!

Amanda describes the fashion of Philly by saying: “I speak more from a suburban mom standpoint, but I see fashion becoming more practical. Think moms running around in cute flats and backpacks, going out in fun sandals instead of heels and wearing fits that are both comfortable and flattering. I love outfits that have a looser fit/Boho feel paired with a stylish flat sandal. I can be comfortable running around with the kids during the day then meet up with girlfriends for a happy hour--those transitional pieces are what moms are looking for.”

Favorite Philly Shopping Hotspots: Amanda likes to shop the King of Prussia mall, one of the biggest malls in America, which is located just outside the city. Her favorite department stores, Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor, are housed there along with her favorite brand stores such as BCBG and Tory Burch.

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Lesha Thompson of LivingLesh

Lesha thompson of livinglesh

“Classy, Vibrant, Versatile”

Lesha aka Lesh – a little nickname given to her by some of my fabulous friends - is a petite woman with a love of fashion and saving money. During the day, you’ll find her in the classroom, but at night you’ll find her working blogging about personal style, beauty, and other great things. When she’s not doing either of those things, you can often find her in the mall and in the city, searching for top trends and urban chic style pieces to add to her closet.

Lesha describes the fashion of Philly by saying: “Philly’s fashion shows off its culture. The city is filled with so many different types of people. And even when looking at the buildings, you see various types with so much art. That’s the fashion scene in Philly. It’s artistic. It’s versatile. And it’s filled with styles the represent so many people. The fashion scene in Philly is growing. There are so many designers emerging from Philly, and soon it is going to be a city that will not only be recognized for the history, but for the fashion as well.”

Favorite Philly Shopping Hotspots: Iesha likes to shop at the King of Prussia Mall and the Limerick Outlets located outside of the city. But, in the city, she is known to be shopping at various boutiques that she discovers such as the Geisha House.

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Hara Kritharidou of Fashion in the City

hara krithardou Fashion in the City

“Chic, Elegant, Feminine”

Hara is a Greek fashion blogger who moved to the Philadelphia area less than one year ago. She loves fashion, the sun, creating & inspiring, and admires honesty & kindness. Her studies were in Management & Marketing - skills which she used to apply to her fashion blog. Now during her free time she passionately works on her blog which is related to fashion, health and beauty.

Hara describes the fashion of Philly by saying: “Constantly & quickly growing, great designers with extraordinary talent.”

Favorite Philly Shopping Hotspots: ZARA for the latest trends, great quality and good price;  LULULEMON ATHLETICA for the fashionable athletic wear, big variety, great quality & shape; H&M for gorgeous latest trend pieces, basic well shaped items, great swimwear and athletic wear; King of Prussia Mall which she describes as a paradise with unlimited clothing brands, makeup stores, movies, food that is all in one place fitting all budgets.

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Shakira Keys of Sing Pray Shop

the top philly fashion bloggers

“Chic, Fun, and Versatile “

Shakira Keys aka Kira is a 30 something-year-old woman who was born and raised in Philadelphia. Sing Pray Shop is a life and style blog for millennial women of color who are smart, stylish, and sophisticated. The blog highlights city life and faith in Christ.

Kira describes the fashion of Philly by saying: “Philly's fashion scene is absolutely thriving! We have all of the designer options of any other major city but we also manage to have phenomenal local designers as well. Not to mention plenty of vintage options.”

Favorite Philly Shopping Hotspots: Smak Parlour, Philly Aids Thrift, Buffalo Exchange, H&M, and Warrior Princess Closet.

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Tivoli Suresh Chhabriya of Project Vivre

the top Philadelphia fashion bloggers

“Chic, comfortable, tasteful"

'Vivre' in French means 'To Live'. Tivoli’s blog primarily revolves around this idea of being able to do whatever we need to in life, to help us feel 'fully alive'. She is currently studying for my CPA qualification and the blog is her creative outlet to help express her love for fashion & style!

Tivoli describes the fashion of Philly by saying: “It's a mix, really! I have found people who dress on point with the trends and those that just love their casual, comfortable style! And that's what I love about Philly - you can dress whichever way you like and you'd still fit in!”

Favorite Philly Shopping Hotspots: Tivoli is a big fan of the commercial stores in Philly such as Forever 21, H & M and Old Navy. She always make her last minute runs there to only find something that she has always liked.

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Macarena Ferreira of Material Girl

Macarena of Material Girl

Macarena Ferreira is a 24-year-old fashionista who is originally from Miami, Florida. She’s a personal style blogger and web developer in the making and is better known as a fashion chameleon. She’s always up for any trend! If there’s a good sale, you’ll find her there. Macarena thrives on Instagram and she’s never afraid to splurge on a pair of shoes.

Macarena describes the fashion of Philly by saying: “I would have to say it's more casual. A chill, cooler scene.”

Favorite Philly Shopping Hotspots: Maracerna loves to shop at Intermix in Rittenhouse Square.

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