A Day in the Life of Taylor Graves from Capitol F

a day in the life of taylor graves

Name: Taylor Graves
Blog name: Capitol F; The Filthy Mouth Of Fashion
Hometown/origin city/country:
"I never know how to answer this question because I have never lived in one place long enough to call "home" but if you want to get specific my hometown, where I was born was in Howard City, Michigan. However, I spent my entire childhood living in Grand Haven, Michigan (I consider this to be my hometown when everyone else asks this question)"

Current location:
I am living in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

What is the focus of your blog?:
"The focus of my blog is to dig deep down into the design process of the fashion industry. So often everyone is caught up on which gown is on the cover of Vogue each month or a celebrity wearing a new brand on the red carpet and yes, these are all important because fashion is what you live your life in but do we ever stop to think where it came from? The focus of my blog is to give you that information, to explain the actual design process and all the nitty gritty work you don't see before fashion hits the runway. "

Years blogging: "I have been blogging for just six short months."

fashion blogger's daily routine - taylor graves

Is this your full-time job? If not, how do you pay the bills?
Blogging is not my full-time job, in fact, I cannot even say a part time job because I make zero money doing it but that is not even the point of me having started blogging. I am a daycare provider of all things! It's funny how life takes a turn for something you never expected but I absolutely love working at the daycare. I describe the daycare as a prep school for preschool. I have 12 children ranging between 10 months and the oldest just turned 5! When the children graduate from the daycare and head on to school they are far more advanced in their reading and writing ability. It is an exceptional program we have and I love every second of my day being such a huge impact on these kids!"

How long did it take you to build your following or until you could start blogging full-time?
"I am working my way toward wanting to blog full time. I am in the works of establishing my following and making connections that will hopefully last a lifetime."

What's the best thing about blogging?
"The best thing about blogging is that the industry is constantly changing, nothing is ever the same. The industry is an ever evolving aspect of everyone's life and there is always something new to discover. Blogging is the outlet that unravels it all!"

daily life of a part time fashion blogger

The worst thing about blogging?
"The worst thing about blogging is the tech side of it all. I am no expert in how to develop a website and it slows down my process quite dramatically. Definitely a learning process but I'm starting to get the hang of it." 

What piece of advice would you give to new bloggers? 
"Use every resource you have, you can not do this alone. Also, get out there and talk to people, engage in conversation with someone who you have never met (do this safely) because the more you talk to someone the more information they give you and you might be surprised how useful it is."

Dream brand to work with?
"I would give up oxygen to be able to work with The Row." 

Who are your favorite bloggers?
"I admire a few different bloggers. The daily blogger I am always checking up on is Shea Marie from PeaceLoveShea. She's blonde, she's pretty and has amazing clothes, what's not to love? I'm also quite obsessed with Rachel Lynch from IHateBlonde, she is my alter ego."

Biggest Accomplishment as a blogger?
"I started, I put myself out there and that is quite an accomplishment."

taylor graves of capitolf.com

What are you working on next, or excited for?
"It has been six months now and in this time I have been experimenting with content and working my way around my website. Coming up I will be relaunching my blog and filling it with amazing articles about brands I adore and showing you the step by step process of creating a clothing line as I create it myself!"

How would you describe the area you live in terms of fashion. What do people think about fashion and are there any stereotypes associated with your location?
Kalamazoo is an interesting midwest city, you have a little bit of everyone here. As far as fashion goes, the city's uniform consists of jeans, a graphic tee of your favorite sports team, and sneakers, unless you are downtown in that case everyone is wearing a suit. It is not trendy or up to date with the fashion scene, it's just...casual."

In an ideal world, where do you see yourself and your blog in the next year? Next Five years?
"Of course anyone would see their blog being successful within a years time and I have that hope too but for me I guess it is more that being successful in numbers. I see my blog helping the next graduating class at FIT, I see my blog creating a brand of its own and people wanting to wear that brand. I hope to see my blog make an impact on the art we live our lives in."



We start our day anywhere between 9am and 11:59am depending on how motivated we feel like being. On a good day we are up and ready to take the day by its balls by 9:30, showers optional, $1 shot of espresso from Tim Hortin's however, is mandatory. 

day in the life of fashion blogger taylor graves

By noon we are pulling looks from local stores for style based shoots where we aim to knock out a months worth of content in just a few hours. My favorite store in town is Lana's Boutique. I worked there for about four years and the owner is so amazing, she allows us to use her inventory whenever we please. She has been a HUGE help and supporter in my blog. 

Around 3pm we are wrapping up our shoot and returning the clothes we had borrowed (Although I tend to purchase most of it). Then proceed on home to edit the massive amounts of photos where we then typically get sidetracked from what we are doing to produce a last minute project a friend asks us to help with. I am surrounded with so many creative individuals in my circle of friends and there is always something amazing to be a part of. 

taylor graves fashion blogger from michigan

8pm rolls around and this is usually the quiet part of our day. This is usually the time where I am able to publish posts to my blog and prepare for future posts. I also round up posts for social media too, I always have a small stock pile of content on hand. Something interesting that not many people know about me is that I love to write. I have written some short stories that have never seen the light of day but the book I am currently writing, I want the world to see. I have short bursts of inspiration and typically when I am surrounded by chaos is when I am able to write. But, that never last long because inspiration strikes again and we're on the move.

By 11pm, when most are ready for bed, face washed and saying goodnight to their loved ones I'm ready to do something else. I love the dark of night, something about the cool breeze and the dark shadows makes me feel creepy and completely inspired. I love photography and expressing my eyes point of view that not all people are open too. This is when I shoot my own photography. Mysterious, creepy, seductive and playful are decent words to describe our plan of action for our nightly photo shoots. It's when I produce my best work. And the day ends with camera in hand.