The Top Summer Looks to Copy NOW!

When the temperature rises and you don't want to wear clothes it's hard to come up with cute outfits that are not only stylish but aren't going to make you roast to death.  We definitely find ourselves stuck in various types of sundresses which just makes us feel super beachy and boring. 

We decided to put together the best summer looks seen around the world that you can copy now. We've even added a few pieces from each trend for you to peruse. 

From bodysuits to wrap skirts, there's plenty to choose from and something for everyone no matter you shape, size or age range. 

Our favorite must haves for the summer include off-the-shoulder tops, culottes and the midi skirt. 

The best thing about the majority of these pieces is that they can easily transition into other seasons depending on what you pair with and how you style. 

Scroll on down to view the top eight trends and how you can wear and COPY. 



Not to be confused as the major trend from the 90's (well technically it sort of is), but wearing overalls has been back in season for a few years now, and we don't see this trend dying anytime soon. Paired with a crop top or tank, you'll instantly step up your style game a notch with this simple yet cute and fun combo. 


Bodysuits are another trend that is straight from the 90's, but what a great trend it is. Not only do these tops make you look super skinny but they're just they are super chic and easy to wear. Play around with different styles and necklines to see which one suits your body type best. 


We've definitely made it clear that the off-the-shoulder top is our favorite trend of the season and can literally be seen worn on every blogger possible. The great thing about this trend is that it's super versatile in so many silhouettes, fabrics, sleeve length, you name it. Plus it's super sexy in a classy way. You can't go wrong. 


We love that these loose almost sort of baby-doll meets caftan dresses are making a comeback as well. Gone are the days of the skin tight summer dress or pleated A-line. These flowy yet not boxy dresses have been seen around the world in a big way. 


A jumpsuit is the best way to throw on a one-piece that instantly looks chic. Think of it as your go-to outfit rather than throwing on your typical sundress. Whether you opt for a loose fitting casual look, or a more tailored piece, this piece is both comfortable and classic. 


Our favorite bottoms that can be worn year round are the culottes. These started making their way to the mainstream about two years ago and since then we've seen in them in every fabric imaginable. Lately, it's been more about the denim culotte, or printed version, but whatever your style is, this style is here to stay (for now we hope!)


The wrap skirt is sort of a play on the wrap dress. Instead of a one-piece, the wrap skirt is a piece that depending on the cut, can actually be quite sexy and a cool piece to wear to keep you cool and looking cool. How many times can we say cool? Cool. 


The midi skirt is the perfect choice when you're looking for something comfortable but are sick of wearing a dress. You instantly look more "stylized" because you can style your midi so many different ways. Whether you decide to pair with a cute graphic tee, a