Each season Signature 9, a website that covers everything from lifestyle news, consumer products and trends across various categories such as fashion, food, and tech, publishes a list of their top 99 Fashion Blogs.  

The blogs are broken down into different categories such as personal style, street style, fashion news, and shopping. Then based on different criteria such as general content quality, popularity/buzz, and social media data, the blogs are ranked 1 thru 99. 

The methodology that Signature9 uses is geared more towards percentages of these different elements so that traffic isn't the sole ranking factor.For the sake of Global Garbs being focused on style across the world, the list we have curated is a well rounded look of style bloggers, street style, and fashion news that have the greatest overall appeal no matter where you live.

Our top 20 list covers 16 different countries, many of which you've probably already heard of, but hopefully there are a few new sites to discover.You can check out the full list of the the top 99 here. But below is our curated list of the Top 20 from a global point of view:


#20 MAKE LIFE EASIER - POLAND Katarzyna or "Kasia" Tusk, the site's founder originally studied to be a psychologist. Her blog now has over 800,000 unique visitors each month. She posts mainly about fashion and personal style, but overall it's a lifestyle blog in which she also includes film, literature, cosmetics, and cooking.


Style Lovely is a blog/magazine that focuses on daily style, fashion, beauty, street style, celebrity style and even weddings. The format is a bit overwhelming because there are so many different categories to choose from.  The blog also features other blogs on their site that they admire


Founded in 2011 by Kristina Bazan and her partner James Chardon, Kayture is the most influential blog in Switzerland, and one of the biggest names worldwide thanks to it’s vast international reach. At only 20 years old she has grown to be one of the most influential bloggers worldwide and has worked with many high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent and Dior to Mango, Guess, and Jimmy Choo. 


#17 BRYAN BOY- PHILIPPINES Started in 2007 by Bryan Grey Yambao , aka Bryan Boy, the previous web developer is now known as one of the original and most successful men's personal style bloggers in the world. Known for his signature poses and witty commentary, Bryan Boy's fashion sense definitely is geared more toward the conspicuous consumer.  Bryan Boy has done collaborations with Marc Jacobs and was also named as "One of the top Internet Celebrities" by the New York Post


Founded in 2007 by Jeff Carvalho from Berlin, Selectism is a bit more modern and grown up version of the Hypebeast sneakerhead guy.  Now owned by Titel Media who also owns High Snobiety, Selectism focuses on many lifestyle categories besides fashion such as sports, food/drinks, grooming and gadgets.


Diana Moss from Cape Town, South Africa started her blog in 2009 as a means of sharing her love for visual treasures.  As a full time graphic designer and part time blogger, what started out as a passion project has slowly has become recognized not only in South Africa but world-wide. She has been featured in various publications online & off including Marie Claire South Africa, Elle South Africa, Fair Lady, Lucky Magazine, Refinery29, Net-A-Porter Magazine, Elle Decor Online, the UK Telegraph & The Sunday Times.


As one of the first fashion blogs on the internet, Japanese Streets was the first blog to cover Japanese fashion in English. Started by Kjeld Duits a photo-journalist, was inspired by the stunningly creative street fashion that began in the late 90's. Japanese fashion is the some of the most outrageous and creative street style one can imagine and Duits has been capturing this type of "harajuku" lifestyle for more than two decades. 


As another blogging pioneer, Caroline Bloomst started her blog Stockholm Street Style in 2005. Now known as Carolinesmode the blog is a huge success and she has even started her own clothing label. She has collaborated with many brands such as Zara,, and Vogue.


Andy Torres, 32, was born and raised in a small town in Mexico but took the plunge and moved to Amsterdam a few years ago. Her global following has resulted in design collaborations with Mango and Kipling. Her blog is viewed as more of a personal style and inspiration gallery


Yvan Rodic, also known as the FaceHunter, is a Swiss street style-photographer who travels the world photographing people at cultural events and fashion events. In February 2006, he began posting the results online and since then he's contributed to brands like Armani, Esprit and Volvo.


Originally called Jak and Jill blog, Tommy Ton started with a new way of capturing candid women's fashion. In early 2005, blogs such as the Sartorialist and various street style blogs were only photographing women's fashion from head to toe. Tommy Ton began focusing more on the details of the clothing and taking pictures only in landscape format. His career soon took off and he began shooting for GQ and


Swedish/Moroccan blogger Kenza Zouhiten, started her blog when she was just 16 years old. Eight years later she has grown to be the top blogger in all of Sweden.  As a blogger, model, tv host, designer and entrepreneur, Kenza has accomplished more than most people will accomplish in their entire career at such an young age.


Susanna Lau, also known as Susie Bubble, is a writer and editor living and working in London. She started her blog Style Bubble in 2006. The blog mainly consists of her widely read thoughts, personal experiences and observations on fashion with a focus on spotlighting young and unknown talent.


Doré, born Mariline Fiori, was working as a freelance illustrator in France before beginning her blog in 2006.  Her original illustrations have been featured by Louis Vuitton, Dior, Kate Spade, and Gap. Shortly after beginning her blog, Doré began incorporating writing into her posts.


Super Vaidosa is the blog counterpart to Brazilian blogger Camila Coelho's popular YouTube Portuguese & English beauty channels. With over 5 million followers between Facebook and Instagram, Camila is one of the most followed style bloggers in the world and one of the only bloggers with her own Youtube channel.  


#5 THE BLONDE SALAD - ITALY Launched in 2009 by Chiara Ferragni at the age of 22, Theblondesalad quickly became one of the most well known and inspired blogs across the world. Having a huge following in Italy (her hometown) and the U.S., Chiara has collaborated with major fashion houses, and the most read magazines around the world. She was recently named one of the most influential personalities of the international fashion world by the Business of Fashion.


Founded in 2005 by Kevin Ma, a sneaker enthusiast from Hong Kong. Ten years later the site is one of the most well known men's fashion blogs in the world.  Ma had originally started out working in finance but soon realized he was more interested in fashion, music, and street culture. He soon went full time with his blog and it has grown to over 2 million monthly views.


Created by Emily Schuman, as a way to document her love for fashion and food, Cupcakes and Cashmere is more than a blog. It is meant to inspire and encourage readers who are interested in fashion, food, beauty, and interior design. The aesthetic is very Los Angeles inspired where Emily and her husband currently reside. She began her career in media at Lucky Magazine and Teen Vogue.


In 2005, four friends founded a company called Refinery29 with a mission to help people discover and refine their personal style.

Starting with just a $5,000 investment and based out of a 750-square foot apartment, they published only one story a week. And now, nine years later, they've grown to over 200 employees and publish over 1,800 stories a month.

Now with 36 million visits per month, 258 million page views and over 2 million email subscribers, Refinery29 is the largest independent fashion and style website in the U.S.


As one of the first street style blogs to ever gain such world wide popularity, The Sartorialist is definitely one of the most influential blogs from a global standpoint.

Founder/blogger/photographer Scott Schuman started the blogwith the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life. His photography is more lifestyle and fashion oriented with an artistic and thoughtful approach to his curated images rather than focusing on fashion trends.