7 Winter Essentials EVERYONE needs

#1  The Puffy Coat

This is an obvious essential item, but some people think that just because you wear  a puffy coat means you have to look like a marshmallow.  

Kristina, in the Ukraine shows us that by wearing all black and just that little pop of color from the lining, gives just the right amount of detail for an otherwise basic coat.  

Also, be sure to look for a cinched waist, just like Sarah Kate did from the US. Regardless of whether this particular puffy came with the belt or not, a puffer with a self belt, or if you add your own does wonders for the figure. 

Below we've recommended a diverse selection of puffers that will cinch your waist with just the right amount of design elements to stay warm and chic on the most blustery of days. 

# 2 The WOOL Coat 

Not to be confused with having a puffy coat, a wool coat is for the days that aren't as extremely cold as the puffy coat days.

Natalia from Spain at www.pasoapasoblog.com, shows off some chic style with an army green wool coat. With clean and simple lines, the coat hits below the knee for extra warmth and sophistication. 

Alex from Alex's Closet France keeps it more classic with a camel colored coat. Her styling is perfectly balanced for a sportier and modern look. 

#3 The Over the Knee OR Thigh High Boots

Over the knee boots or even thigh high boots have been all the rage for the past couple of winter seasons. These items should be considered staple for two specific reasons. 

A) They are super warm and chic

B) Comfortable and definitely one ups your style game when the temperature is freezing.  

We absolutely love how Virgit (originally from Ecador) and now blogs at the Preppyfashionist, shows off some major style with her cobalt blue thigh highs.  

Many bloggers have been seeing embracing this trend and taking it to the next level with a pop of color. 

Kristina from the Ukraine pairs her over the knee boots with a sweater dress that looks both sexy, warm, and sophisticated due to the neutral monochromatic look. 


Here are a few of our faves.. 

#4 The Chunky Sweater 

The chunky sweater is just such an awesome winter staple because it's not only super warm but it's comfortable, and super stylish without trying too hard. 

We love how Nina from Berlin at Helloshoppping blog has styled this simple cable knit sweater with high waist denim and belt. Her slouchy look is right on trend and perfectly cozy yet chic. 


Meanwhile Carissa from Classicallycarissa in the USA shows off a completely different look by pairing her chunky sweater with some leather leggings and skirt. Her look is absolutely perfect for work or play.  

#5 A Fedora Hat

Some people think they just aren't "hat people" so they resign themselves to just never trying to accessorize with headwear. This is just a ridiculous statement, because that's like saying I'm not a "sunglass" person.

In order to become a "hat person", you just need to find the right hat for your face (duh!) 

And just because this essential item is a fedora hat, doesn't meant there is only one type of fedora. Fedoras or trilby crowns come in all type of shapes, colors and sizes.

Brims can be stiff or floppy, long or short. No matter the style, there is a perfect fit for everyone, you just need to give it a chance. 

www.attitudebybsr.com Blanka from Vienna, Austria

www.attitudebybsr.com Blanka from Vienna, Austria

 http://fashionvedge.com/ Amanda H from Portland, Oregon USA

 http://fashionvedge.com/ Amanda H from Portland, Oregon USA

#6 A Turtleneck

Some of you may be thinking, a turtleneck? Really? C'mon.. aren't those for librarians or old ladies? No, we would like you to re-think the turtleneck. Yes they are a bit conservative, but turtlenecks have been seen all over the place lately from the runway, to top influencers and bloggers.  

And believe it or not, a turtleneck is actually one of those pieces that will probably never go out of style! Think of it as the classic white shirt, but warmer. A turtleneck is the perfect piece for layering and especially when worn from head to toe color, can create such a simple yet chic look. 

Here's a few of our favorite looks seen recently on Lookbook. 


# 7 The Leather Legging or Tights

Last but not least is the legging. Do we even remember a time that leggings were not in style? We hope that for our warmth and comfort sake this piece never goes out of style. 

These four ladies from Taiwan to the Czech Republic are all rockin' the leather legging or the legging in their own way.

We love discovering new style stars around the world, so please click here for more info!

Valentina from Italy at www.coopstyle.com

Valentina from Italy at www.coopstyle.com

Elsa from Mexico blogs at themcmxciii.blogspot.mx

Elsa from Mexico blogs at themcmxciii.blogspot.mx

Miriam from Taipei, Taiwan at miriammibao.wordpress.com

Miriam from Taipei, Taiwan at miriammibao.wordpress.com

Barbora from the Czech Republic at www.voguehaus.com

Barbora from the Czech Republic at www.voguehaus.com

Posted on January 15, 2016 and filed under TRENDS.