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It's Week 2 of our new  series "A Day in the Life Of" where we feature different bloggers from around the world and their daily routines.  

What is it about people's schedules that we find so intriguing? Maybe it's a productivity thing, or just the "behind the scenes" feel of what goes on in someone else's life, but whatever the reason, we enjoy reading about what a typical day of a blogger looks like. 

Meet Elena Kazakevic from Canada. Elena has recently graduated college and has barely entered the world of blogging yet she has quickly gained momentum through her interesting and informative posts about ethical fashion.  After reading a few of Elena's posts, it's apparent that this girl is up to big things. 

Keep on reading to learn more about Elena and the one thing we can do as consumers to help make a difference with this controversial subject.

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Name: Elena Kazakevic

Age: 22

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Current City and Country:  Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Blog Name:  The Curious Button

Years of Blogging:  About 4 months! 

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What is your work background?
I'm about to graduate with a BSC in Psychology at the end of this summer! Currently hunting for a job.

How did you get into blogging?
I've always been a writer, so when I watched a documentary called The True Cost, I knew that the best way for me to get involved in this fashion revolution was to write about it. I've tried and failed at blogging before, but this time, because I have a true cause and purpose, I can't see myself ever stopping!

What is the focus of your blog/theme? 
I focus on ethical lifestyle topics, especially slow fashion and how we can make small, easy changes in our lives to help create positive change within the fashion industry, and the world as a whole.

How can someone get started with making ethical changes in their wardrobe?
The one thing I would want people to know about ethical fashion is just that it's not as hard or complicated as it seems! There are a lot of assumptions people make when they first hear about this, like that it would be more expensive or make your wardrobe boring, and these simply aren't true.
I'm actually launching a free Resource Library for my subscribers on April 25th which includes over 40 videos, articles, books, and blogs that can help guide anyone who is new and interested in learning more - it takes out the time-consuming research portion and gives you all the resources you need to learn more about it. They'll just need to be a subscriber to receive the password.

Is this your Full-Time gig? If not what do you do to pay the bills?
As a student, this was my hobby. Though income is slowly starting to trickle in, I'm looking for something to pay the bills. Human resources? Marketing? Event management? Sustainability sector? Who knows!

How are you currently monetizing? 
In terms of monetization, I have received several gifts in exchange for features and/or product reviews, and I've also recently started charging to feature a brand or company through a blog post or interview. My pricing is pretty low compared to other bloggers since my reader and follower numbers are also low and still growing. But as I gain more readers those prices will go up as well!

Best Thing about Blogging:
The idea that you get to create something fully, from start to finish, and the satisfaction of seeing it all come together.

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Worst Thing about Blogging:
It can be a big time-suck! I could be working on the blog for hours and not even notice how much time I've spent on it. It can be pretty addicting.

Dream Brand to work with:
It would be so amazing to work with People Tree. They're a leading pioneer in ethical, sustainable and fair trade fashion and pay attention to every single step in their supply chain. It's so inspiring.

Best Advice for new blogger?:
Know your "why". Knowing why you blog and having that sense of purpose will push you through many struggles and difficulties that inevitably come along with blogging.


A Day in the Life – Elena from The Curious Button

8:00 am

I’m awake, but still in bed for about half an hour, going through all my social media and emails so I can start the day fresh. Then I fill myself up with some breakfast, usually oatmeal or cereal, make myself a nice large mug of some Earl Grey tea (read: caffeine), and head up to my office/bedroom to set some goals for the day. After some powerful list-making, including to-do’s for both school, the blog, and miscellaneous errands, I get down to getting those tasks done, starting with the most difficult.

11:30 am

By around this time, I’m hungry again. After lunch and more tea, I check up on my blog and social media, and get back to those to-do lists.

2:00 pm

Around this time in the afternoon, I get antsy, unable to sit still or concentrate. It’s a sign I need a mid-day break to hit the gym! At the gym, I don’t think about any of my responsibilities and it’s wonderful. It’s a relief for both my mind and body.

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3:30 pm (ish)

Back from the gym, after a nice shower and some healthy snacks, I let my creativity and curiosity loose. This is my unplanned time where I do whatever I’m pulled towards at the moment.  I find that this freedom produces the best results. Sometimes this is reading and researching for a new blog post, writing a post, or creating graphics and finding new stock photos to use on the site (I take some of my own, but only once every few weeks). I also take this time to go through all the emails that accumulated since the morning and organize my inboxes.

6:00 pm

By this time, my boyfriend is probably done work and pops over to my place for dinner. I cook, he cleans (I don’t like cooking, but I’d rather make the mess than clean it up!) and we hang out and talk about our day.

9:30 pm

My boyfriend is off to the gym with some friends. If I skipped my earlier workout, sometimes I tag along. More often, I take this extra hour and a half to again work on the blog and make sure things are all set up for the following day, or call friends and family to catch up. All done with a cup of warm, herbal (caffeine-free) tea, of course.

11:00 pm

Bedtime. Sometimes it’s falling straight asleep. Sometimes it’s watching a movie until late. Either way, eventually lights are out and I’m dreaming of the next day.


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