A Day in the Life of Australian Sister Blogging Duo HOW TWO LIVE


We discovered the sisters from How Two Girls Live via Instagram and also through our friends at About Blank, who also shoots their Youtube videos in a new reality series. These two ladies stood out to us due to their colorful fashion sense and fun personalities. Plus, there’s always something that stands out when it comes to a sister blogging team. 

Being that these two are from Melbourne, Australia we were intrigued to learn more about where they grew up and what their city was like in terms of fashion and blogging. 

With the launching of their own brand Twoobs, which is a fun and flirty footwear line that can take you from the beach and then out for a night of dancing, these two young entrepreneurs are taking full advantage of their growing audience and a social media following that they’ve grown through Instagram (122k+ followers) and Snapchat (their new favorite platform)

One thing is for sure with these two, they are having fun and genuinely enjoy spending time as sisters. 

Read our exclusive Q&A with this awesome pair and get a glimpse into their daily lives! 

jess and stef of how two live

Hometown/origin city/country? Melbourne, Australia.

Current location: We just arrived back in Melbourne after a huge two month trip to the US, France, Greece and Israel.

What is the focus of your blog and how did you first start out in your journey? 
We started How Two Live as a diary to each other when Stef was moving to Paris for six months. Each day one of us would post an outfit shot and tell the other what we were wearing, doing, eating etc. Since starting our blog in 2012, it has definitely evolved and grown with us, but the theme of travel, friendship and fashion will always remain.

When did you both realize you could make a career out of your blog?  
It was six months into How Two Live when we started being approached by brands to feature in their campaigns and use our platforms to promote their products. At that point we started to realise the huge potential of the industry and where our blog could take us. After around one year the blog became our full time, and we began travelling around the world and working with some amazing brands.

Twoobs are such fun shoes! How did the brand come about?
We recently launched our first independent line of shoes called TWOOBS. It’s something we’ve been working on since 2014, and only recently released in February this year. It’s a line of fun, comfortable and affordable footwear, and it was really a natural progression for us. Stef studied PR and Jess studied fashion and after working with other brands to promote their products, we were excited to create a product of our own.

#howtwo live the book

After four years of blogging we also got to know our followers and what they like really well so we were able to create something we knew they’d love.

 What is your favorite social media channel?
If you would have asked us last year we would’ve probably said Instagram, but 2016 has been all about Snapchat for us. We love how real and raw the content is, and we have a large following of young girls, it’s the perfect platform to reach them.  

Dream brand to work with?
Jeremy Scott.

What's been your ccomplishment as bloggers?
Publishing our book #HOWTWOLIVE.

What are you working on next, or excited for?
We’re very excited about the launch of our next TWOOBS collection, which is coming out in a couple of months. We’ve recently started an online series where we’re uploading daily episodes to our Facebook and Youtube, and we’re also gearing up for the release of our book #HOWTWOLIVE into The US in time for Christmas this year. 

aussie fashion bloggers

How would you describe Australia in terms of fashion?
The fashion is pretty laid back in Australia but definitely super cool. The best part about the fashion scene here is all the amazing up and coming fashion designers. Some of our favourites are Alice McCall, Cameo, House of Cards, Casper & Pearl... the list is never ending! 

What piece of advice would you give to new bloggers?
Find your unique voice and the followers will find you. People can tell when the content you're creating isn’t authentic so make sure you’re creating something that you love, not that you think others would like to see, and people will be drawn to it.

Any productivity hacks/tools that you absolutely need for blogging? 
We’ve learned consistency is key - in the first year of our blog we would post at 10am everyday, and we noticed people responded really well to that reliability.  


jess and stef of how two live


We meet at Jess’ house for breaky and to plan out the week ahead. Breakfast is never too exciting, usually toast with peanut butter (Stef) and strawberry jam (Jess), or oatmeal if we’re feeling particularly adventurous. We use this time to discuss what we’ll each be focusing on that week that way we’re both across everything that needs to be done. 


These hours are always filled with responding to emails and getting on top of things. We work with a lot of different brands through How Two Live, and with the recent launch of our shoe line TWOOBS, we have a never-ending supply of emails to attend to.


We schedule in any meetings during this time – usually we organise to meet people at one of our favourite cafes that way we can grab a yummy lunch while we’re at it. Our go-to Melbourne cafes are Journeyman, Pillar of Salt and Paperboy.


a day in the life of australian bloggers

These are probably the most productive hours in our day. We use the afternoon to work on any projects we have coming up, whether it be styling for a photo shoot, working on new TWOOBS styles, putting together a proposal for an upcoming job, or writing content.


More emails zzzzzzzz. We’ll revisit our old friend inbox and see what needs to be ticked off before we start winding down for the night.


We’re early to dinner and early to bed people. We’re not great cooks and neither are our boyfriends so dinner is either takeaway or eating out. Uber Eats recently launched in Melbourne so now we can get delivery from all our fave places – things are about to get dangerous.


TV time! We like anything trashy – Real Housewives of NY and OC are our favourites (blush), and we’ll usually try squeeze in a couple of eps before heading to bed. We also film daily webisodes with About Blank that air on our Facebook and Youtube so we use this time to upload all the footage from our day to be edited.