The Car of the Future PLUS My Trip to Global Green's Pre-Oscar Gala

This post is a rare one for Global Garbs, as I usually write solely about independent brands and designers in the sustainable and ethical space. However, I was recently given the opportunity by Energy Independence Now to attend a Pre-Oscar Gala put on by environmental non-profit group Global Green sponsored by EIN.

I discovered that both of these groups are making a huge difference in the world amongst clean energy, the environment, and building green communities so I decided to learn more.

Not only was I invited to attend a fancy gala to celebrate Global Green’s 25th Anniversary, but I was also able to test drive the new Toyota Mirai for a few days. This new zero emissions car which runs solely on hydrogen, needs no electricity, and the wait time to charge for eight hours like typical plugins takes only minutes.

EIN is essentially a non-profit working to promote hydrogen cars to get more stations set up across California. Once they do this, getting “fueled” up as a hydrogen car will be no different than getting gas!

One of my biggest issues/fears with buying an all electric car is not knowing where your next charging station is (when traveling), and also the time issue if you’re in a rush.

If there were hydrogen stations at every gas station making it just as easy as buying gas, I think the majority of the population would see this as a no brainer. Not to mention when you buy a Mirai you also get three years worth of hydrogen paid for!

Driving this car was also a very positive experience. Unlike my current plugin/hybrid (Ford Fusion Energi), the acceleration was much better, the drive smoother, and the car was as quiet as can be. I also really loved the interior. It felt very “space-like” and futuristic, as if I was driving a futuristic boat - due to the smoothness of the ride and digital dashboard.

A few days later I attended Global Green’s pre-oscar gala. Now, I’m definitely not one that likes to have my photograph taken (as you can probably tell since this blog is all about other people/brands), but I had to make an exception to attend this event.

Not only did my husband and I walk the “green” carpet, speak on camera for interviews (I have no idea if I sounded coherent) and posed for the photographers, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I could never be a celebrity and deal with that amount of attention, but it felt exciting to be a part of a community that there to support environmentalism.

The event was held at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, and was as beautiful as expected. Fancy hors d'oeuvres being passed inside a cloud-like ballroom tent followed by a sit-down awards ceremony surrounded by celebrities was definitely a night to remember.

The best part of the night was knowing that everyone in attendance had a greater mission, concern, and support for the environment, climate change, and just doing good for people and our Earth. A handful of inspiring speakers, performances, and awards were presented to various leaders and people making huge change in environmentalism.

Another highlight of the evening was definitely being able to meet and connect with three fellow sustainable bloggers who you probably already know: Kamea Chayne of Green Dreamer, Karen of Sustainable Daisy, and Jessica from English Lass in LA.

The gala proved to be just as elegant, exciting, and informative, as I was anticipating, and my only complaint was that I’m eight months pregnant and my feet were killing me. ;-)