A Look Inside The First Ever Global Fashion Awards

The British Fashion Council has partnered with Swarovski to organize and present The Fashion Awards 2016, a revamped iteration of what was previously known as the British Fashion Awards, which debuted in 1989. Hosted at London’s Royal Albert Hall, and set to occur in December of this year, the ceremony shifts its attention toward a new, global focus. 

image via  fashionawards.com

Honoring international talents from both the business and creative sides of the fashion industry, The Fashion Awards aims to deliver the event to a much larger public audience than ever before, with plans to broadcast internationally. Not only an opportunity to honor the biggest names in the industry, the award will also serve to raise money toward the encouragement of fashion education in the UK, through the BFC Fashion Education Foundation. 

An ambitious mix between the Academy Awards and the Met Ball, the awards aspire to impress. “It’s going to be the most sweeping, beautiful, magical, sparkly, twinkly, elegant red carpet you’ve ever seen,” said BFC Dame Natalie Massenet, in an exclusive interview with Business of Fashion.

The move of the event from The London Coliseum, and before that, the Savoy Hotel, into one of London’s most revered performing arts venues, marks the ambitious transformation from previous awards ceremonies. The sizeable venue will also hold around 1,000 more attendees, which council hopes will attract a wider audience. 

The award show’s plans to broadcast to a global audience will be made a little easier with a recent partnership with the E! Entertainment network, which will distribute the event to US and European audiences. This global event will almost bring a merging of the Academy Awards meets the Met Ball Status to the UK.

The focus on global trends and its creators gives promise to a wider variety of winners at this year’s awards. While continuing to celebrate British talent, the newly revamped awards will aim to honor everyone, with international talent now majorly considered. The coveted British Style Award will still be delivered at this year’s event. 

The fundraiser hopes to raise enough money to award scholarships, helping the best up-and-coming talent attend the top fashion schools. Proceeds raised at the event will go to the BFC’s Education Foundation, which supports young designers ranging in ages 12-24. 

“It’s not just an awards ceremony, but also an opportunity for the corporates, the fashion industry, to know that their attendance is not just about celebrating each other but that part of the money there will start going to feeding this fantastic virtuous cycle, which is to put money back into education, get kids into the education programmes celebrating creativity, craftsmanship, skills,” Massenet told BOF. 

With cameras now following their every move, Massanet strives to remain authentic in its acknowledgements to the innovative men and women of the fashion industry. “It’s for the industry, on behalf of the industry,” she stated. 

Tickets for The Fashion Awards go on sale Tuesday, May 3, and are open for purchase to the public. You can find tickets here.