5 Differences Between Blogging in Brooklyn versus Melbourne

One of the best things about blogging is meeting different bloggers from around the world. One introduction can easily create a snowball effect, which can lead to many new interviews and connections.

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If are you are new to Global Garbs, you may not realize that the majority of creatives and influencers we typically feature are women. 

Well, today we're changing it up a bit. 

Meet Gideon Heine from About-Blank. When we discovered that About Blank was actually an amazingly inspiring collective of stories and interviews, we knew we had to feature him. 

About Blank started in the summer of 2014, as a way to showcase local artists, musicians, and designers. 

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Gideon or Giddy spent almost two years living in Brooklyn, New York to shake things up a bit. 

Realizing that you can't help but be influenced by your surroundings, Gideon's vision was always to take the blog to the next level. He certainly has managed to do so with his curated content, from what's happening globally, to what's going on in Melbourne. 

Read on to get Gideon's take on the differences between blogging in Brooklyn vs Melbourne, and how you can adapt to different markets in order to grow your blog.



Melbourne has an incredible batch of upcoming designers with PAI, Aje and Dion Lee to name a few. But it’s no New York.

Melbourne designer  Aje

Melbourne designer Aje

Working at a high-end fashion magazine at the time (Vs Magazine), my commute on the L train sums up New York fashion.

People love forking out their paychecks to buy the latest collection of some designer they heard about from a friend at a DIY warehouse party on the weekend.

That sentence just wouldn’t make sense in Melbourne.

You only have to look at NYFW to truly understand where the world's eyes are.

Outside each show will be photographers from Vogue, Dazed, New York Times and pretty much every other major editorial out there.

That does not exist in Melbourne. Sure there is street style, but not an array of highly respected editorials.

Not to mention the celebrities and socialites that attend these shows and the after parties.

God how good are after parties in NY?! Networking 101 right there. 



A bloggers best friend is WIFI and how can you not love blogging in New York when you can set up camp in any café with coffee in hand and your mac in the other.  There is nothing more I miss than working from AP Café (Bushwick) or Devocion (Williamsburg) on About-Blank.

about blank gideon heine

Furthermore the opportunities to just ask the person next to you, “what are you working on?” is always greeted with a smile. 

To blog in Melbourne is to pay for a studio space, an office or from home. You just don’t meet the creatives in the street as often, it takes more networking abilities and effort.

Having the opportunity to work from anywhere in the city is something you must take advantage of.

Change your surroundings for the day and you never know who you may end up bumping into. Could even be Gigi Hadid, which happened to me one day when I found myself working at the Soho House. 



The typical greeting in New York is “Hey, what is your name and what do you do?” And everyone will answer it with some sort of fascinating story of what they’re working on and how they got there.

Melbourne requires that friend for the introduction, that extra leg of effort to delve into your niche market.

There is no niche in New York, everything there is just way too big to be niche. 

This is one of the most important keys to being able to live in New York. Constantly meeting new people and more importantly remembering their names! It’s a true talent and don’t take it for granted.

Never be too shy to hold back from hitting that person up for a favor, even just after you met them.

The number of times someone was asking me to collaborate with them before even knowing their name was astonishing! 



New York natives don’t just want to get by, they want to be at the top of their game.

You need to learn to hustle and hustle hard. I can’t tell you how many days I spent running around the city either photographing models, lugging around designer clothing for shoots and interviewing artists from the depth of Brooklyn to the galleries around Dia:Beacon. You just do it and smile. 

Melbourne life is easy. You get in your car, drive to your coffee date or shoot location and everyone is laid back and easy to get along with. Sure the competition is fierce here, but no one is trying to be the next Marc Jacobs or Annie Leibovitz.

blogging around the world


Being able to collaborate and grow your blog is the fundamental way to growing your audience.

With the exponential amount of bloggers in New York, the ability to meet and collaborate with your newfound friend is awesome. Do not be afraid to send that introductory email or ask your friend to get you into an event because there is no shame in NY.

One of the first bloggers I met was WhoisApneet, who invited me to a Cutty Sark event. Just from that initial email, I attended monthly events of unlimited alcohol, bowling at Brooklyn bowl and access to headlining acts and other bloggers to collaborate with.

giddy heine from about-blank.co

Melbourne is less social. The big events, gigs, and shows are not nearly as often or even worthwhile. Just last week I went to a Vice party in Melbourne and even that had maybe like 20 people there as opposed to the one in New York which had 250.

Ultimately I’m a big fan of the 24-7-1 rule, begin the project within 24 hours, have the concept down packed within the 7 days and finish or have the prototype within 1 months time.

Wherever you may be living just take into account what can work the best within your surroundings. 

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