Is It Time For Luxury Goods To Be Consigned? The RealReal And Stella McCartney Are up For It

In recent news, online luxury reseller The RealReal and high-fashion brand, Stella McCartney, have had a mutual agreement: to consign pieces from the designer brand itself.

Does this mean a shift is about to start? Maybe. Are we ready for it? Yes. Is the fashion world up for this? Hopefully.

The demand for sustainable clothing has risen over the years… and there’s no stopping anyone who’s wanting to save the planet from unsold and unused clothing. The answer to this problem lies in the resale market.

The RealReal and Stella McCartney have both joined forces in implementing an industry-wide change that helps eliminate disposable clothing in a new initiative entitled, "The Future Of Fashion Is Circular”. Everywhere from television, radio to social media, both parties have rolled out the campaign enthusiastically with the slogan "Make Well, Buy Well, Resell”.

According to Stella McCartney herself, "We have been working for years to ensure that our supply chains represent some of the most traceable and sustainable in fashion while also continuing to ensure that our products, which are made to last, have long lives and never end up as waste.” She added, “This campaign is about raising the awareness on a circular approach to fashion. We alongside The RealReal are making the commitment now and we can only hope that others will follow.”

This call-to-action movement has brought awareness to other high-fashion brands, making them re-think if reselling is the next step for each and everyone in the industry. This might seem like a little too odd for the luxury goods consumer, as it has been a tradition to buy whatever is new before anyone else gets to have it… but never say never, right?

According to The RealReal CEO, Julie Wainwright, "New is not going to go away. We don't want it to go away. But I think it's just starting to think 'Do I need to buy everything new or can I buy some things in the secondary market,' not just for fashion but for your home, jewelry... You get a really good value when you buy secondary. If you just leave a portion of your purchasing for it you're going to help the planet immensely.”

Since the announcement of the partnership, Stella McCartney has offered a $100 incentive for its shoppers whenever they consign any preloved Stella McCartney item to The RealReal.

Will we be seeing Hermes going into the resale market soon? "It sounds risky I'm sure because they don't really fully embrace or understand that a strong secondary market really does support the primary market,” states Wainwright, concluding, “We've never had anyone slow down their buying of new. They supplement their buying on our site and they tend to buy things that they know they can resell.”

Check out the Stella McCartney promotional video below:

Written by Elonah Bioneda