7 Days of Style: Pupuren from Singapore

In our regular series 7 Days of Style Challenge, we like to focus on a blogger that stands out to us in a different part of the world. 

This week we're talking to Ren Rong of Pupuren blog based in Singapore.  Ren stood out to us in a sea of bloggers because of her androdogynous yet feminine look. Her photos are more realistic and simple as opposed to many fashion bloggers we see on a regular basis. 

A blogger for nearly eight years, Ren began documenting her style and photography as a way to become more confident in front of a camera. She feels the blogging process allows her to be more creative, expressive, and confident. 

Name: Ren Rong
Name of Blog: Pupuren Weblog
Number of Years blogging: 
I started out keeping a diary online since the early 2000s, but only started documenting my style somewhere in the 2008 area."

What is your blog about?
"The current incarnation of my blog features my personal style, travel, and the occasional geekery on books and anime. I'm into photography, so it's pretty image-heavy especially whenever I talk about my travels or a rare photoshoot I style for my outfits."

Describe your style?
Casual, comfortable, and heavy on the socks."

How is the style in your country different than other parts of the world (say compared to the US, Europe, Asia, etc)
"Singapore stays at a constant average of 27°C (81°F) - humid summer all year, so practical shorts and layered clothes to transition from the freezing air-conditioned indoors into the sweltering outdoors are a common sight in the neighborhood. However, cities are cities, and it's not hard to find a range of daring, chic styles in town. Layering is key."

Why did you start blogging?
I wanted to be more comfortable in front of the camera when I first started venturing into photography. Documenting my outfits then seemed to be an interesting way to do so, as well as to keep track of how far I could take the limited pieces in my wardrobe into different looks."

What's been your biggest accomplishment with blogging so far?
"I'd have to say that my biggest accomplishment was actually being recognized by a stranger overseas. It sticks in my mind because back then I wasn't blogging as much as I am now and had far fewer readership; still, that was pretty flattering."

Biggest struggle? 
"My biggest struggle is making time to blog frequently. I recently took a week off blogging because I was too engrossed in re-reading Discworld books featuring the Night Watch, and simply couldn't tear myself away from the genius of Sir Terry Pratchett's writing."

Who are your favorite bloggers? Who inspires you?
"I'm enamored with daring and creative people. Style-wise, Micah Gianneli (@micahgianneli) exudes the bold and confident style and manner that I aspire to. Art-wise, I've been inspired by quite a few embroidery artists of late, one of them Yuri Miyazaki (@y_pls_m) who produces such beautiful delicate pieces."

What's next for your blog?
"I'm making plans to cut down on the OOTD-against-a-wall in the future and to focus on storytelling through photography and style. I've also not had as much time as I'd like for other hobbies such as drawing or reading ever since I shifted focus on my blog, so I'd really like to get back into those sometime. It's hard to shift out of the habits I've formed for blogging though!"

Favorite brands?
"As long as the item catches my fancy, I'm not particularly brand-conscious when you get down to it. I suppose I've amassed quite a number of Topshop and Mango pieces in my wardrobe, as I like their quality and style. I'm also a big fan of Uniqlo pieces including their innerwear. More so than brands, what I really enjoy is when I chance upon a maker that I previously didn't know about online, such as on Etsy or Instagram, where creators mix mediums to create beautiful, artistic wearables. I don't necessarily buy them, but they're very inspiring whenever I want something pretty to look "at: "Baobap (@_.baobap._) and Good After Nine (@goodafternine) are some examples."

What's a typical day for you?
"A post generally starts with photo-taking, after which I spend quite a bit of time post-processing them: re-framing, exposure, colour balance. I enjoy how meditative it is, but sometimes when I'm stuck I shelve the photos away and go back to edit them with fresh eyes. Writing a post is the hardest part for me - I sometimes have nothing to write about, and sometimes have too much. The time I spend commuting via public transport is used to blog sometimes, but I much prefer writing on my laptop after work, because I have a tendency to voice my words out loud at random whenever I'm focused and that's can be pretty awkward in public."

Read on to see how Ren does her 7 Days of Style... 

DAY 1– Manic Monday: 

"I dislike having to put aside the time and energy to iron my clothes! The best pieces are the ones that don't require any upkeep, such as this quirky t-shirt and a casual skirt."

style challenge purpuren - manic monday

DAY 2 – Trendy Tuesday: 

"I've been picking embroidered pieces lately, probably owing to my interest in embroidery. I picked this skirt from Shein and was very pleased when the embroidered floral motifs went all around it. I find it a pity when the embroidery abruptly stops on the front-facing panel on so many items I've seen - it disrupts the continuity of the look. Also, flowers never go out of style."

trendy tuesday - purpuren blog

DAY 3 –Work It Wednesday: 

"I feel confident when I know that I'm wearing colours that fit harmoniously. I also have a soft spot for androgyny, and am fond of buying shoes from the mens section (yay for big feet!) This pair of Timberland boots was the perfect blue and makes running errands all the more comfortable for it."

purpuren blog

DAY 4—Throwback Thursday: 

"Some of my favourite outfits and photos evoke good memories. This in particular was when my friend Deb and I got to house-sit at a beach-side residence over the holidays back in 2013. It was very flattering that our boss trusted us so, in addition to having pets to play with and taking leisurely strolls along the beach right outside, it remains one of my best memories of living in LA."

purpuren - throwback thursday outfit

DAY 5 –Fancy Friday: 

"A cardigan would be all I needed to cover up the mid-riff for work!"

pupuren fancy friday outfit

DAY 6: Swanky Saturday: 

"Now my most special occasion was my wedding last year. We didn't want to waste time and money on wedding dresses and frivolities just because it was 'tradition' when I never wanted any of that for myself, so I'm glad that I got to leave the traditional customs and wedding dinner to my younger brother to satisfy my family in that aspect when he gets married next year. This Topshop dress I bought for the occasion (on sale, even) was perfect for what I needed. I like it even more because it has the potential to be worn for something less eventful than a wedding. I honestly wouldn't know what to do with a white elephant of a one-time-use wedding gown, and I've been trying to cut down on sentimental possessions ever since I helped to go through my grandpa's many random possessions when he died and realised that my hoard resembled his."

top shop wedding dress - purpuren blog

DAY 7: Spontaneous Sunday: 

"This was one of the more daring outfits I'd decided to try on last year for a lunch date. If only we'd gone for a dip in a pool after!"

spontaneous sunday outfit pupuren blog

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