Street Style Profile: Quirky and Colorful Irene Kim

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With over half a million followers on Instagram, edgy It girl Irene Kim is definitely garnering tons of buzz in the fashion world. Chic yet effortless, her quirky sense of style has taken the street style scene by storm. Photographers couldn’t get enough of her cool-without-trying looks, turning heads during the Spring 2014 shows in New York. Whether she’s on or off the runway, Kim is known for her colorful hair and pop-inspired sense of style.

The Korean-American model has a global background, born in Seattle but later moved to Seoul for middle school. Growing up in both countries gave Irene the best of both worlds, being influenced by trends from both the East and West. Kim went on to study textile design at FIT in New York, which lead to her interest in modeling, and now she resides in Korea. Fast forward to present day, the 27-year-old has been seen walking the runway for noteworthy designers during Seoul Fashion Week and working as an “Influencer” for major brands like Calvin Klein.

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Her signature dip dye hair certainly sets her apart from all the rest. Lately, Irene has been sporting a lob cut with pastel colors ranging from all aspects of the spectrum. Her BFF, Sunwoo Kim, is the beauty guru behind her magical hair colors, and she routinely goes back for touch ups every two weeks. In the beginning, her modeling agency was less than excited about the change, but today she's instantly recognized from her technicolor trademark. Kim's colorful mane is definitely a stand-out aspect of her look, perfectly in line with the rainbow hair trend.

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The fresh-faced beauty has recently joined Estée Lauder as a Global Beauty Contributor, serving up tons of coveted beauty tips. She has an empowering message to share with fashion enthusiasts, "The idea of beauty now is how you define it—social media has truly made beauty about individuality and discovering what works best for you." With flawless skin to prove it, Kim gushes over the Advanced Night Repair Serum and raves over the Little Black Primer mascara as her number one go-to pick. For her everyday routine, Irene prefers a natural palette with a little mascara and lip tint. She even uploaded a simple tutorial for fans to create her natural day makeup look.

“Beauty is confidence and how you carry yourself. It’s really about finding something you love and making it your own.”
— Irene Kim

Fearless and fun are two words that come to mind when describing her fashion style. This style-setter is definitely not afraid to take risks, especially when it comes to mixing textures, like leather and patterns, or stripes and solids.  Her bright hairstyle lends an unexpected twist, but still feels subtle when paired with her overall clean and fresh aesthetic. Kim aptly defines beauty in a way we all can relate to, telling fans, “Beauty is confidence and how you carry yourself. It's really about finding something you love and making it your own.”

Written by Jade Nicolette