Small Town Blogger Rachel Munson from The Closet Dime

When it  comes to fashion blogging you always tend to hear about the girls in New York or Los Angeles but we think it's even more inspirational when you live in a small town and you're still going full-force into the fashion blogging world. 

For some small town bloggers, it could be a way of connecting with other like-minded fashionistas or just a way to keep themselves busy and document their lives. For others, it's a step closer to the entrepreneurial world of blogging. 

Rachel's creative way of promoting TickPick in a fashion lifestyle post. Check it out at the  Closet Dime.

Rachel's creative way of promoting TickPick in a fashion lifestyle post. Check it out at the Closet Dime.

Rachel Munson from The Closet Dime caught our eye due to her down to earth style and personality. She's been blogging for a while now and recently launched her own t-shirt line on Etsy (smart girl!)

Rachel has an easy going and uplifting writing voice, and her posts are creative and fun.  Check out a recent post she called "Fauxchella" where she models an appropriate Coachella outfit and then creates a faux banner to promoteTick Pick. She then highlights the bands she would have liked at her own Fauxchella.  What a creative way to promote another site!  
Read on to learn more about Rachel...

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Name:  Rachel Munson

Hometown City/State/Country:
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA

Current City/State/Country:
I split my time between Oklahoma and Florida for job and school purposes (and for the tan!)

Age: 23
Blog Name: The Closet Dime

Years Blogging: 3 years
Etsy Shop:

What is like growing up in a small city? 
Small cities have a sort of charm to them, but you have to get very creative with your shopping at a young age! There are always friends and family around you, but it is hard to grow in businesses that aren’t as popular in small towns (i.e. web design, fashion, blogging, lifestyle design, etc.)

How did you get started in blogging?
I started blogging in college to get my fashion ideas on paper. I enjoyed writing, and lifestyle fashion has always been an interest. I grew up with three sisters and one brother, and we all have so many hair dye and fashion horror stories that I wanted to share with the world. 
Growing up in a small town, it wasn’t always easy to find current trends, so I would mix hand-me-downs and store bought clothes to create what I thought people in California or New York might be wearing.
I’ve also now started designing graphic tees as a new small business venture! I’m growing the business slowly but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and the blog was sort of the beginning steps while I tried out several ideas and met like-minded creators who supported the leap from blogger to boss babe. 

rachel munson of the closet dime

Would you say in your opinion that it is more difficult to find like-minded individuals in small towns? 
Absolutely. Especially in the beginning, it was difficult to find fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs to toss around ideas with. I so badly wanted to find a trendy girl a few years my senior to give me advice on fabrics and fashion resources. I was also jumping into unchartered territory regarding blog platforms and I didn’t have much money to pay for advice on how to get everything up and running. There were so many times that I wished I lived in an area with more fashion bloggers but I mainly had to jump in without much advice from others.

What about shopping? Do you find it difficult to find brick and mortar stores to shop at? 
Where do you do the majority of your shopping? 

The brick and mortar stores are actually not as difficult to find as I once thought. Especially these last few years, trendy boutiques are all the rage and small town stores feel like they have something to prove so they do their best to bring in wholesale items from other parts of the country. 
I’ve had the most difficulty finding well-tailored clothing from stores such as J. Crew or Zara, because a lot of small town department stores fall towards the Sears/JC Penny end of the spectrum which isn’t my target audience at the moment. 
I do a great bit of my shopping online, but I also mix and match between several stores. Even if I don’t buy anything from the store, it’s still important to look around and see what the stores are carrying. It gives a lot of insight as to what clothes customers will buy, and what readers will want to see on your blog. Never stop browsing stores because those customers are also your readers.
I typically shop at H&M, Zara, TJ Maxx, Uniqlo, Loft, and several small town boutiques that mimic the feel of Francesca's. I am always pairing high-end items with simple things that I have found at Forever21 or in the back of my closet from the previous year. 

small town fashion blogger spotlight

Any advice for newbie bloggers and especially small town bloggers? 
Don’t stress too much about the label. Especially in a rural location, it can be difficult to always have the latest Kate Spade purse, so don’t focus on that! Wear your signature denim, a favorite pair of earrings and a new top that you found at a local boutique. You can still be trendy and not break the bank, plus more people around you are likely to duplicate your outfits if they are easily found in their general area. 

City that is on your travel bucket list? 

Favorite city for shopping? 
NYC, Rome, Dallas
I have a favorite pair of jeans that I picked up in Rome and I’ve never been able to find them anywhere else!