Small Town Fashion Blogger Spotlight

Fashion Blogging can be a tough past time or business even living in a big city with all the inspiration and shopping available.  But can you imagine living in a small town? Today we've interviewed Moni Tru, fashion and beauty blogger from Leigh Acres, Florida. Coming from Miami, Moni had a bit of culture shock from living in a big city surrounded by all things fashion to now a tiny town that she calls "living in the middle of a the forest".

It takes a true fashion lover, a lot of passion and hard work, but now thanks to online shopping and getting creative, new bloggers like Moni are popping up left and right.  Perhaps it's finding that connection to the fashion world that bloggers like Moni find inspiring. Also, there is something to be said about blogging from a small town, as there are many stylish small towners that are most likely seeking advice from either online shopping or small town boutiques and local stores. 

Name:  Moni Tru

Hometown City/State/Country:
Miami, FL USA

Current City/State/Country:
Lehigh Acres, FL US

Age: 24

Blog Name: Haute Fuego

Years Blogging: About 5 months
Instagram @TheMoniTru
Twitter: @TheMoniTru
SnapChat: TheMoniTru

What is like growing up in a small city? 
I actually grew up in a very big and busy city, so moving to a tiny little town in what feels like the middle of the forest has taken extensive getting used to.

small town blogger spotlight

How did you get started in blogging?
All my life I have had an affinity for style and beauty. Anyone who has known me knows that's always been my "thing". Always "team overdressed" and over-enthusiastic when it came to shopping. I began video blogging about a year ago on YouTube as a means of entertainment. I'm also a stay at home mom, so on top of being home all day "adulting", on my spare time I'm still cooped up at home considering there is nothing even remotely entertaining to do in this quiet town. After seeing how much I enjoy YouTube I decided I wanted to take it a step further and create my official blog where I could also write and share posts in between videos and create another avenue where I could reach out to and connect with more people.

small town blogger profile

Would you say in your opinion that it is more difficult to find like-minded individuals in small towns? 
I definitely do. At least in this small town for sure. In Miami fashion and beauty are such a big part of the culture and lifestyle. This town is so different and so opposite that when I show up well dressed and made up anywhere I stick out like a sore thumb. It is so rare to find someone that's as into style and beauty as I am. That just doesn't seem to be a big thing over here. That's why whenever I come across another well dressed and put together girl around here my initial thought is always "ok where did you come from and can we be friends?!" LOL 

What about shopping? Do you find it difficult to find brick and mortar stores to shop at? 
Where do you do the majority of your shopping? 

Definitely. There are ZERO clothing stores in this town. Literally zero. Unless you want to count Walmart. You have to drive at least 30 minutes into the city, Fort Myers, just to get to a Target. There is one lack luster mall about 40 minutes away, with the best mall being a good 50 minutes away in a completely different city and county. But they have Forever 21 and H&M, so I make the trip when I need a fix or I'm in need of something new on short notice. For the most part I simply save the shopping for when I'm in Miami visiting my family. 

small town blogger haute fuego

Advice for newbie bloggers and especially small town bloggers? 
For new bloggers my greatest piece of advice would be don't doubt yourself and your abilities. Do not allow yourself to become self conscious, because there is no way others can believe in you if you don't already believe in yourself. Share what you love with pride and it will inevitably resonate with others.
For small town bloggers, don't let the smallness of your town fool you into believing your blog cannot reach many people. Thanks to the internet we have an endless world of possibilities that connects us with millions upon millions of people and stores around the globe right at our fingertips. Push through, there is a whole world outside of every small town for your magic to reach.   

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City that is on your travel bucket list? 
I haven't done much traveling as of yet, so the next city on my travel bucket list is for sure Los Angeles.

Favorite city for shopping? 
I would have to say it's a super tie between New York and Miami. New York for all things designer fashion, clearly. But Miami because of the immense variety of both high end designer and mid range fashion. You can find countless places to shop literally everywhere in Miami. I love Miami fashion. Miami has a style all it's own that you can't really find anywhere else.