Fashion Blogger Spotlight with Small Town Blogger Erin Fred

small town blogger spotlight - santa barbara

One of the great things about living in Southern California is the awesome weather and of course shopping.  What many people don't realize is that there are tons of small town cities within the Los Angeles area. Most people see LA as this huge city of glitz and glamour. Although there is a big part of that in the main LA area, there are places like Santa Barbara (about an hour north of LA) that are far less glamorous. 

Don't get us wrong, Santa Barbara is absolutely beautiful and if you ever have the chance to visit you must do so. 

This week we interviewed small town blogger newbie Erin Fredregill of the blog Erin Fred. Erin has recently ventured into the world of blogging and has slowly been building her following. Although not a newbie entrepreneur, Erin currently is a marketing consultant and also co-owner of a sports management agency. Talk about a full plate! 

Erin grew up in Los Angeles, but recently made the transition to Santa Barbara where it is a much slower pace. Although she doesn't miss the traffic, she's less accustomed to the fact that businesses close pretty early and it's much harder to connect with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs. 

Read on to learn a little more about Erin and how she's figuring out a slower paced life. 

santa barbara small town fashion blogger

Name: Erin Fredregill
Hometown City/State/Country: Los Angeles / CA / USA
Current City/State/Country: Santa Barbara / CA / USA
Age: 23
Blog Name: ERIN FRED
Years Blogging: 3 months
Social Media:
Twitter: @erinfredblog
Instagram: @erinfredblog

What is like growing up in a small city?
I can't say I'd know exactly since I grew up in Los Angeles, but moving to a small city has required a major lifestyle adjustment. Santa Barbara is a beautiful beach town, but you immediately notice how much smaller it feels when you come from a city like LA. Everything closes earlier, and there just isn't as much of the diversity and variety that I'm used to. However, I've come to embrace a slower lifestyle and LOVE the fact that I'm not spending a significant amount of my day stuck in traffic. 

santa barbara small town blogger

How did you get started in blogging?
It was during a time when I was constantly stressed from the demands of my job, and I had no type of creative outlet to diffuse that anxiety. I also had just left college and was feeling more lost than ever in terms of what I wanted to do with my life. I knew that I just needed to initiate that creative journey for myself somehow, and felt that blogging would be the best avenue for me. Even if I didn't "reach success" (whatever that means), I knew I would probably have learned something by that time & understood myself a bit better in that process. It's only been three months since I launched the blog, and I already feel more secure in myself and know with certainty what I want to do with my life. 

Would you say in your opinion that it is more difficult to find like-minded individuals in small towns?
Santa Barbara is all about supporting and nurturing entrepreneurs and small businesses, but it's been difficult finding other creative entrepreneurs with a focus in fashion. SB is more known for industries like software, tourism, and wine. I'd say I've managed to find other female entrepreneurs, but not as many within a creative field. 

What about shopping? Do you find it difficult to find brick and mortar stores to shop at?
Where do you do the majority of your shopping?
I do most of my shopping online or shop whenever I'm visiting LA. There are many brick and mortar stores to shop at, but again, I'm used to the huge variety of retailers and boutiques that you have available in LA. 

erin fred fashion blogger

Any advice for newbie bloggers and especially small town bloggers?
Even if you can't find other fashion entrepreneurs or bloggers in your area, be open to meeting creative entrepreneurs and seeking the experience and advice they have. I've learned so much about business from the relationships I've formed in SB, which has only helped set up and nurture my blog for future success. 

What city is currently on your travel bucket list?
Sao Paulo! Ever since I visited Rio de Janeiro during my college years, I've wanted to return to check out the huge metropolis that is Sao Paulo. I had a phase where I was kind of obsessed with Brazilian culture, and learned Portuguese in a year with the hopes of going back once again. 

Favorite city for shopping? 
This is so unoriginal, but I'd have to say, Los Angeles lol. Downtown LA has awesome swap meets and designer sample sales with unique items that you're pretty sure you won't see anyone else wearing AND at an amazing price.