Why we started blogging in the first place

Blogging is such a funny thing when you really think about.

You're essentially writing somewhat of a personal journal to the world and for strangers to read your innermost thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. 

We started blogging about a year ago, and when we say "we", we obviously mean "I". By saying "we" it provides the opportunity to have various voices contribute over time which is the ultimate goal of Global Garbs. 

Global Garbs started as a way to research trends around the world, as my previous position as the Director of Merchandising for a fashion accessory company in New York required me to do so. 

What I realized is that compiling this research and learning about what was trending in other parts of the world was actually quite fascinating.

This is ultimately what led to me starting the blog. 

why we started a blog in the first place

What I realized is that there weren't many blogs out there showcasing the talents, style, and point of view from creative influencers on a global level. 

Sure there are sites like Chictopia, or Lookbook, but no one seemed to be creating content from a writing and blogging perspective. These sites were huge platforms of other bloggers trying to promote their own blogs. 

We wanted to dive deeper into who these people were, what's their story, and how were they trying to "make it" in the world of fashion blogging or whatever their creative journey was. 

From there we discovered that we also loved finding new brands and connecting with other like-minded individuals no matter where they lived in the world. 

It was then that we realized that we wanted to turn this idea, research, and passion into a blog. 

why you should start a blog

And although it can be a lonely road at times, Global Garbs has begun to open doors to meeting so many new people and connecting with unique brands and companies all over the world. 

The internet's whole purpose (in our opinion) is to be able to connect with people all over the world. As long as you have an internet connection and a computer you're good to go. 

This is why we truly believe that the world is slowly becoming a big melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities. Not only are we becoming a big melting pot in general, but we are becoming a melting pot of style - which is something that prior to say fifteen years ago wasn't ever going to happen. 

Big retailers, boutiques, bloggers, and anyone pretty much trying to build a brand is going global. 

We want to appeal to all markets around the world and people are slowly realizing that country or location doesn't really matter. It's all about lifestyle and how you relate. 

So you see, the moral of the story is to start a blog.

Whether you're a brand, blogger, company, creative, or just looking to discover your passion; starting a blog will unleash these powerful thoughts and possibilities. 

That's why we started this blog anyway. 😉



by Lauren Tanaka