Three Brazilian Activewear Brands that are Fashion Blogger Approved

With the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, all eyes are on Brazil right now. Home to fashion heavy-hitters Uma, the South American destination also boasts a robust roster of activewear brands, and there’s nothing that will shine a light on a sports-driven market quite like the world’s best athletes competing to bring home the gold.

Combining high-performance quality with the bright, electric colors synonymous with Brazil’s buzzing energy, activewear designers are here to put the “fun” in functional, offering something different and exciting to anyone looking to get a good sweat in (or at least, anyone who’s gotta look good while breaking a sweat.)

As Brazilian Instagram starlet Thássia Naves told Stylecaster earlier this year, “I think there really is a special Brazilian touch. Even the colorful activewear is just really flattering and comfortable. I know I’m biased, but the Brazilians honestly do it best.”

Check out the top three Brazilian activewear brands to look out for right now, according to WGSN Insider.

CCM Brazilian activewear brand

Designed and made in its own factory located in Brazil, CCM is one of the largest activewear brands dominating the Brazilian market today, with an ever-growing international presence. Established in 1995, and known for being “unpretentious and powerful, chic and simple,” the brand serves both function and fashion with their use of bold prints and bright colors. You can find them online at

Lauf activewear brand Brazil

This relatively young brand, created in 2010, knows how to make a name for themselves, and by getting in on the athleisure trend, they’re doing just that. Known for not compromising fashion for function, LAUF allows its wearers to revel in both, and their ad campaigns show it. Taking a sharp turn away from the traditional sportswear shoots, the high-end editorial images featured on their Instagram share a story that assures viewers they’ve landed someplace leaps and bounds away from their average gym. Visit LAUF online at

Nubody wear brazilian brand

The baby of this bunch, newcomers Nu Body are here to represent 2016 with a look indicative of today’s style: the highly refined throwback. Brazilian designer Andre Lima and lingerie line Hope come together to form this budding brand, bringing bodysuits, leggings, top and jackets to make for an easy integration to any wardrobe, using killer colors and tight cut lines. One thing’s for sure: these looks might seem familiar, but you've definitely never seen anything like this. Check them out at