What Is A Capsule Collection And Why Should You Start One


We’ve all had our fair share of a  “Confession’s Of A Shopaholic” moment where we just feel like we have nothing to wear… when in fact, our closet is jam-packed with clothing after clothing that has never even been touched by daylight. Sure, it feels good to have a walk-in closet that’s filled with designer dresses, shoes and bags. But in an age where less is more is actually more, it's time to overhaul your closet and start investing in pieces that truly matter — a capsule collection of items to match your aesthetic and lifestyle.

So what is a capsule collection and why is it so important for women to start one today, when the world is producing so much by way of fast-fashion and retail giants? How do you build a capsule collection when you already have so much in your closet? Below, we narrow down a few pointers on how you can start your own capsule collection and still feel stylish.


What Is A Capsule Collection

According to Business Of Fashion, a capsule collection “features only the most essential or influential pieces in a wardrobe. It is a condensed version of a designer's vision, often limited edition, and which transcends seasons and trends by being functional.” In essence, it collates a group of key items in your closet that will stand the test of seasons to come.

How To Build A Capsule Collection

Building a capsule collection is not as difficult as one may think. Although parting ways with your favorite piece of clothing might not be an ideal scenario to think about, it’s actually a healthy lifestyle routine that can help you save more in the long run! Reduce your closet chaos and reap the benefits of dressing with less when you begin to simplify your wardrobe essentials. You can start with a set of clothing, around 25-30 items, which can be mixed and matched to create a variety of looks that is suited for all occasions.

To start with, you will want your capsule collection to include clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry that’s filled with your favorite items to wear — not the trendiest or the most stylish, but your personal preference in terms of what you really want to wear on a daily basis.

Look at what you currently have in your closet: what you've acquired in the most recent months, the amount of money spent and the items you never wore since time immemorial. Then begin the sorting process of your items, from things you wear on a daily basis to things you don't want to wear despite its price, style and trend. When you have sorted your closet, begin the “purge” and start building the capsule collection that will suit your lifestyle.


This will include the basics such as jeans, a plain white shirt, skirt, dress, blazer, a button-down shirt, flat shoes, high heels and quaint jewelry such as a ring, bracelet or watch. These core items will typically kick off your capsule collection, and you'll eventually figure out what key looks to go for regardless of the season. Explore this “less is more” formula and you’ll soon realize how much it will change your life!