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Activewear Brand 'The North Face' is Joining the Sustainable Bandwagon

As the fashion industry faces more backlash when it comes to their "production" practices, a lot of major companies have since jumped into the sustainable bandwagon and reinforced a new system of selling clothes. The most recent member is California-based activewear brand, The North Face. From returned, damaged to defective pieces, the brand aims to repurpose these materials and help bring awareness to different sustainable shopping options.

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From Corporate to Fashion, this Former Lawyer Is Changing the Fashion Scene

What happens when a corporate lawyer transitions her passion towards a sustainable fashion? A bustling e-commerce destination for chic, eco-friendly clothing that's backed with culture, taste and values. Apart from switching out from a nine-to-five pantsuit wardrobe to a more creative and sustainable closet, the New York-based business owner is down to an exciting and invigorating path. “I dug deeper and discovered the social tragedy behind fast fashion,” she explained.

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5 Ways New T-shirt Line 'For Days' is Changing the Future of Fashion

When Kristy Caylor was in the process of moving apartments, she did what so many clotheshorses do: She tried to purge her closet the right away. She gave away clothes to friends and sold things to The Real Real and Buffalo Exchange. “But I was still left with a pile of undignified donations—things like pit-stained tees, single socks, and stretched out pajamas,” she says.

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