7 Days of Style - Belgium

In a new weekly series, we are going to be highlighting a new up and coming blogger from around the world in our "7 Days of Style" series.  

There are SO many fashion bloggers all over the world now that there really is no shortage of style inspiration. And what better way to be inspired than to see what's going on all over the world.  

That's really where the Global Garbs idea came from in the first place.  

We couldn't help but realize that the world is slowly becoming much more in tune with how others around the world are dressing.  

It used to be that stylists, fashion editors and of course magazines were our only way of seeing what's going on trend wise overall, but now with the internet and the emergence of fashion bloggers, we can easily scroll through Instagram or subscribe to our favorite bloggers to get Outfit of the Day Inspiration from around the world.  

To start the series off we reached out to Salome Malou from Belgium.  Here's a little bio about our fashionista of the week:

"I’m a Belgian fashion obsessed stylist, working in a family business with 5 siblings. We have launched a new clothing brand called Elpidea one year and half ago based on the experience of our parents’ 28 years of work in fashion.  I’ve always been crazy about fashion and I really believe that the way you dress has an impact on your life. As a child, I learned to care about my appearance, not as something vain and superficial but as a way to express who I am, in a beautiful form of art."

Our website: elpidea.com

Our Instagram: @elpidea

My lookbook profile: http://lookbook.nu/user/1429257-Salom-M


DAY 1 - Manic Monday
Mondays can usually be a bit rushed and frazzled from either a long weekend, or just trying to get back into the work week groove.  Everyone needs an outfit they can throw together, so here is Salome's idea of what is both stylish, comfortable and easy to wear. 
"A classy blanket coat thrown over a long sleeved white tee and a pair of well fitted black pants is a look that is both so easy to pull together and comfy.  A few accessories like a statement necklace and a hat just add the sophisticated touch it needs."

Manic Monday - Belgium - Salome

Trendy Tuesday is all about what you feel is going on trend wise for the season. Every season there are definitely some "must have" items, so here's your chance to show off your absolute favorite. 

"I think the A-line skirt is the star of the season. It’s no wonder that we find it everywhere. In a cut that is flattering for many shapes, it surfs on the 90’s trend come back. Although you may find it in many different kinds of fabric (corduroy, thick cotton, etc…) My favorite is the classic suede one (Or a faux-suede is a little more practical as you can wash it!). "


What is your "go-to" item for workwear. Everyone has to have some type of professional yet stylish outfit in their closet even if you're a creative. So what is your go-to work outfit for meetings, business lunches, etc. 

"Here, the combo of prints soft grey wool and lace creates a look that is trendy and unpretentious while staying professional. Sneakers are sometimes a bit controversial for work so depending where you work, you might wish to replace your New Balance with a pair of black slippers."



Everyone has that one outfit that you either think, "gosh that was such a super cute outfit", or "man - wtf was I thinking"? Here's your chance to display either of those outfits!

"I wore this look in 2011. I’ve been a great fan of the preppy style. My closet was full of ties and knee high socks at the time!"



Fancy Fridays are all about day to night outfits.  We all have those days where we are stuck at work but definitely want to grab some dinner or drinks with the girls without wearing our "casual friday" outfits.  What's your favorite outfit? 

"I’m literally in love with this red skirt. Velvet always makes colors look very rich. The white beaded shirt and skirt combo in itself is already pretty dressy but totally appropriate for work.  When I go out, I would just add a great pair of silver earrings and let my hair bounce on my shoulders."



Saturdays are the best for a nice night out and we all could use some outfit inspiration for what you wear for a special occasion. 

"I wore this dress to a party 2 weeks ago. The theme was Egyptian so I found a beautiful pharaon collar necklace to wear over it. In my opinion, you should always wear something very comfortable when going out as the point is to have fun and not to constantly put back in place your strapless dress."

Day 6 - Swanky saturday - Belgium - Salome


Sundays are all about brunches, lunches, or whatever you do on the weekend. It's called Spontaneous Sunday because you never know where the day will take you.  What does a typical Sunday look like for you and what are you most likely wearing. 

"I’m an outdoorsy person so I usually spend most of my Sundays doing some activity outside. A nice sweater over a dress or a pair of jeans is perfect for that.  It’s also important to find a great coat that is neither too dressy for a walk in the country nor too rough for the city."

Day 7 - Spontaneous Sunday - Belgium style - Salome

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