How to Eradicate Waste? Create An Exclusive Collection A la Zero Waste Daniel

Fashion week season is long over, but one’s thing for sure: there’s not a day in this world that clothes are not put into waste. We see new trends pop up out of nowhere every season, and we always wonder if there will come a time when fashion will pursue a more minimalistic approach to producing garments for us, consumers.

In lieu of this long-debated issue, Zero Waste Daniel announced a one-of-a-kind spectacle: an upcoming fashion presentation that's dedicated to eradicate waste. The exclusive collection is called Gene(cis): Why Do We Dress Like This? A Fashion Story, and will be held at the newly-opened The Phluid Project this coming Thursday, April 19.

Daniel Silverstein, Founder of ZWD, explains, "Our mission at ZWD is to eradicate wasteful fashion industry norms by reimagining how to design and create clothing without any waste. We take pre-consumer trash in the form of fashion factory waste and turn it into unisex apparel using my original process, the fabric of the future which we've dubbed ‘ReRoll'." And according to him, the fashion presentation is just the beginning, adding, “Now in our third year, we have saved literal tons of scrap material from hitting landfills in the greater New York area.”

So what is the fabric of the future that ZWD is trying to popularize through the mainstream fashion industry? It's called ReRoll, a process where ZWD creates flat textile goods made from cutting room scraps. And these scraps come from all sorts of sources: factories, production facilities and yes, designers themselves. With all the "waste" coming from these sources, ZWD then transforms them into a raw material for new production. With ReRoll, fabrics are being saved from being sent to landfills, and in turn making new waves of clothing instead.

According to Rob Smith, Founder & CEO of The Phluid Project, "We are truly excited to be collaborating with NY-based designer, Zero Waste Daniel of ZWD. Daniel has shed an impressive light on the power and importance of both zero waste clothing and designing beyond the binary. Our companies' missions are very much in line, as we both challenge the industry norms.” And it truly is an amazing presentation to look forward to this month!

ZWD's exclusive collection will serve as a kickoff to Earth Day, where select pieces from the brand will be available to the public. Find out more about the upcoming event via the Zero Waste Daniel official website.


Written by Elonah Bioneda