The Top Shoe Trend EVERYONE Can Wear

When it comes to shoe trends, we hate when there seems to be some crazy trend such as 4" stilettos, that obviously only 5% of the human population can wear. Which is why we're quite ecstatic to reveal the top shoe trend that has been seen all over the WORLD lately.

No matter where you globe trotters are off to next, you can be sure to be right on trend with the top shoe trend of the season. 

With that said, can we have a drumroll, please...

The top shoe trend seen (literally) around the world is what we're calling the CHUNKY. 

Now, many of you may be saying, yeah yeah, we already know this. But, it's not just chunky sandals that are trending, it's chunky everything. Chunky sneakers, chunky platforms, chunky wedges, and chunky heels. If the shoe is chunky, it's trending. 

And we like the word Chunky. It's kind of funny don't you think?
Makes us want some peanut butter. ;) 

So scroll down to check out how bloggers around the world are styling this cool and comfy trend. 


Zia from The Hunter Collector shows off the perfect outfit for spring/summer. An off-the-shoulder dress paired with some chunky platform sandals. These sandals are great for walking and probably cannot get any easier to stand in if you're looking for some extra height. We love that her look is super stylish yet casual.  The vest adds just the perfect light-weight layer for some extra outfit interest. (That should be a hashtag right?) #extraoutfitinterest ;)


May from Oh May God (don't you just love her blog's name?) shows us a more sporty look. May's take on the chunky trend is one of the latest fashion blogging trends which are these platform/chunky/thick sole (whatever you wanna call) sneakers.  Obviously May knows her sneakers as she's wearing the latest Rihanna + Puma collabs. 

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Andrea shows off her lovely Obistudio espadrille platforms. We are in love with these sandals. These are hand-crafted made in Spain and they are to die for! Super cute and comfy yet super stylish are two factors we always look for. You cannot go wrong with these for the summer! Andrea has paired with some short shorts and midriff top, and you're all set for a day at the docks. 

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Amy Roiland from A Fashion Nerd and also the founder/CEO of the amazingly awesome Fashion Tap App shows off her gold chunky slingback sandals. We love the idea of a high-heel chunky sandal that instantly spices up any outfit yet looks extremely cool rather than skanky. If these sandals had been stiletto heels, the outfit would take on a whole other direction. In this case, the shoes really make the outfit. 

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One of our favorite bloggers, Diana from Queenhorsfall is wearing one of our favorite looks in this whole roundup. These chunky lace up sandals are perfectly paired with a casual distressed jean and sweater for a balance of sexy, casual, cool.  The sandals are made from denim by the way! Amazing, right? 


Hristina from Fleurdemode based in Vienna, shows off another favorite option for wearing chunky heels. This pump is the perfect lady-like way to wear a comfortable heel while also staying on trend. Gone are the 'old lady' ways of wearing a chunky heel. With the resurgence of mules alike, these pumps are the go-to chunky heel for fashion girls. 


Mihora from  a model and student from Japan is wearing the tallest and chunkiest shoe of them all. Her almost "sporty-gothic" look in black on black on black definitely stands out. In fact not may people could probably pull off the look that Mihora is sporting. See all of her amazing looks on


And finally, we have Alana Ruas from based in Brazil. Alana is also sporting some platform sneakers for extra height and comfort which we love. #neednow
Alana has an online store that features some amazing swimsuits, sports-wear and accessories. 

What's your favorite look? Are you going to be taking on the chunky shoe trend this season? Comment below! 


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