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Stella McCartney to launch UN Charter for Sustainable Fashion

Stella McCartney is set to launch a United Nations charter to promote sustainable fashion. The British designer will work with high street fast fashion brands to help them come up with plans to reduce their carbon footprint. More details on the charter and the specific fast fashion brands participating will be announced at the UN's annual convention on climate change on Dec. 10 in Katowice, Poland. {The Independent

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From Corporate to Fashion, this Former Lawyer Is Changing the Fashion Scene

What happens when a corporate lawyer transitions her passion towards a sustainable fashion? A bustling e-commerce destination for chic, eco-friendly clothing that's backed with culture, taste and values. Apart from switching out from a nine-to-five pantsuit wardrobe to a more creative and sustainable closet, the New York-based business owner is down to an exciting and invigorating path. “I dug deeper and discovered the social tragedy behind fast fashion,” she explained.

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5 Ways New T-shirt Line 'For Days' is Changing the Future of Fashion

When Kristy Caylor was in the process of moving apartments, she did what so many clotheshorses do: She tried to purge her closet the right away. She gave away clothes to friends and sold things to The Real Real and Buffalo Exchange. “But I was still left with a pile of undignified donations—things like pit-stained tees, single socks, and stretched out pajamas,” she says.

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