5 Tips to Dress Like a Famous Fashion Blogger

Admit it.

You're a little obsessed with fashion bloggers.  What is it about them that's so interesting and makes you want to own every single item they are wearing?

In order to help us further distinguish why we are so fascinated by these young women, we've scrutinized and analyzed five of the top bloggers in the world's daily outfits.  

From there we have put together our Top 5 Tips that you can use for a sure fire way to look put together and fashionable no matter the event, just like your fellow bloggers.

Although some of these tips may seem contradictory, it all depends on the style you are trying to convey.  

Just remember to stay true to who are you are and never take fashion too seriously! 

So check out how our five fabulous fashion bloggers show off their style best...


Tip #1: Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize: 

When it comes to accessories, you can never have enough shoes, bags, hats, jewelry, you name it.  Bloggers are famous for posting close ups of their amazing accessories, but even the regular fashionista can easily get in on this look.  

They key is to choose accessories that you really love.  They can be trendy yes, but as long as you really love them, you'll get your cost per wear out of them ;) 


TIP #2: Layer it Up

Ok, this one is obviously meant more for the colder weather, but we can't help but notice that bloggers ALWAYS seem to wear 3 pieces. But even if you're in warmer weather, it's not like we're saying you should wear a turtleneck and then a sweater, and then a vest.  We are just saying to add that extra layer to make your outfit look complete. 

Check out how (one of our all time faves) Aimee Song from Song of Style does layers. She's like the queen of layers...


TIP #3 Wearing Something Casual and Unexpected

Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad can go from glam girl to cool and relaxed girl on a daily basis. Here are six of her best casual and unexpected looks.

The key to this tip is to wear something unexpected.  From her graphic sweatshirt and jeans look, to her graphic tee and shimmery skirt and sneakers, Chiara has nailed this look.  


TIP #4 Go Glam, Go Sexy 

Now sexy doesn't mean you have to showing major cleavage or have your ass hanging out of your shorts, it just means upping your style game by a few notches and taking glamour to a whole new level. 

These two tips go hand in hand in our opinion.  Everyone should own one piece in their closet that you can wear for special event, night out, or if just if you happen to be feelin' fancy that day. 

Here's our top picks from Chiara, Nicole, Aimee, Leandra, and Wendy


TIP #5: Go Minimal 

So this tip may seem a bit opposite of our other tips to be sexy, glamorous, or unexpected casual, but this tip is probably the easiest tip to follow.

If you look through many bloggers #ootd on Instagram, you'll notice that every so often they'll post an extremely simple and chic look.

Here are our top finds from Nicole, Aimee, and Wendy...


So get hopping and start building your fashion blogger wardrobe stat!


photos from

Song of Style, Gary Pepper Girl, Man Repeller, The Blonde Salad, Wendy's Lookbook