7 Days of Style - Bulgaria

Hello, I’m Martina, 23 years old (soon to be 24) and I’m half Bulgarian, half Italian, currently living in Bulgaria and spending my vacations in Italy. I love fashion, traveling and I share all my experiences, my personal style and shopping tips on the blog. I’m also very active in social media these days and I love sharing different inspirations there every day!

Tips for new bloggers:

1. Choose the style of your blog and stick to it.

You might have noticed that there are different types of fashion blogs. Before starting your own blog or even if you already have one, ask yourself what exactly do you want to show people. Do you want it to be about your personal style, celebrity style, or do you want to write about designers and fashion shows?

You most probably, want to write in your blog about more than one topic, and you can totally do that, but you should always have one “main topic” that dominates and defines your blog’s type. For example in my blog is for my personal style, life, travels and so on, but I’m also writing about other fashion topics that would be interesting to my readers. And I will share 3 times more articles about my personal life than about anything else, because I know that my blog is about my personal style and my readers enjoy this.

2. Strong social media

Facebook and Instagram are the most important social medias for a fashion blogger. Now it’s also Snapchat. You have to not only create accounts there, but also put a lot of work into social media. Invite your friends to like your page. And there is no shame in writing to other bloggers and sending them over your page or offering them to share each others pages. You would be surprised how many of their readers might actually like your page. To keep the attention of your followers in social medias publish at least 3 or 4 pictures a day of yourself, a celebrity whose style you like, or anything fashion connected.

3. Be yourself.

I know that this sounds very banal, but it’s really important. Don’t try to copy other bloggers- no one likes copycats. And most important, do never copy ready articles from somewhere else, if you find something inspirational and want to share it in your blog, always give credit to the original writer- stealing, copy and paste is not what a successful blogger does.


DAY 1– Manic Monday:

We all know that Mondays are very busy, so when I don’t have much time to combine my outfits, I’d wear an all black outfit- you simply can never go wrong. I adore this suede skirt, it’s very comfortable and also very trendy. Over the knee boots are my favorite I can wear them with everything, they complete the outfit. I prefer suede boots, I feel like leather is more suitable for a night out.



DAY 2 – Trendy Tuesday:

For me this season one of the best trends are the lace up shoes. I adore them and for my big surprise the ones I’m wearing are also very comfortable. I also decided to combine a sequin skirt with my sweater- a fancy combo I love.



DAY 3 –Work It Wednesday:

I’d chose this outfit for work or interview, because it’s very practical, it’s somehow “elegant” but not too much. The vest and the bag are elegant and suitable for an office. The shoes are fashionable- I’d always love to have something trendy on me. And the jeans are casual and comfortable.



DAY 4—Throwback Thursday:

The pictures we took while we were in Paris, two years ago, are one of my favorites. This outfit wasn’t planned. I’ve always dreamed to take photos in front of the Eiffel Tower and once I finally visited Paris, I didn’t have anything interesting and new to wear. But, while I was shopping there I found this fresh, cute dress and it was the perfect match- I love wearing dresses, especially during Summer.



DAY 5 –Fancy Friday:

This outfit is perfect for Friday- you can wear it at work and then go straight to a restaurant or a bar. I actually wore this outfit during a day as well as for a nigh out. The sequin skirt is fancy, but not too fancy and I combined it with a simple black t-shirt and black accessories. Well, some might say that the skirt is quite short for work, but I love wearing minis- I don’t work out with hours at the gym for nothing :D



DAY 6: Swanky Saturday:

I love visiting new clubs and having fun with friends. This bandage dress is super chic and it’s a great choice for a night out. It’s a little bit uncomfortable, like any bandage dress, but you know what they say- if you feel too comfortable in your clothes, you’re not dressed well. Or like Beyonce sang “pretty hurts”, haha. I’d probably not relate to this, if I have to pick an outfit for a walk during the day, but it’s fine to dress up a little on a Saturday night.



DAY 7: Spontaneous Sunday:

I love all white outfits during winter, especially in the snow. Well, probably won’t go out with those shoes in this weather, I wore them only for the pictures obviously, because of the idea with the red roses. Everything else in this outfit is comfortable and minimalistic. On a Sunday, I’d go for a walk, or go the mall, see a movie and stuff like that, so I’d most likely combine it with flat shoes.