7 Days of Style - Finland

My name is Sylvie Mus and I'm a 24 year old fashion blogger and model living in Helsinki, Finland.  My blog is about fashion and my own style. I would describe my style as minimal and versatile. I only wear things that I like and I don't follow trends too much because I think it's better to stand out and have your own look.


1. Stay true to your own style and dont think about being trendy too much.

2. Keep creating original content and dont copy other people.

3. Be patient. Nobody turns into a "super-blogger" over night.

Manic Monday - Day 1

DAY 1 Manic Monday
On Monday's I like to wear something minimal and practical, but it also has to be stylish. I think Blue jeans and a white shirt is such a classic combination that always works.

Day 2 Trendy Tuesday

Day 2 Trendy Tuesday
I love a good 70's inspired look. Especially for fall, I think a skinny scarf is the number one must have accessory! I think it adds something special to the look.

day 3 work it wednesday

DAY 3 - Work it Wednesday
This is something I would wear to an interview or a PR meeting. I think adding a good blazer can give any outfit a more serious and corporate vibe.

Day 4 Throwback thursday

DAY 4 Throwback Thursday
For throwback Thursday I chose this look because It's one of my favorite outfits that I wore in spring.  I love long trench coats and hats!

Day 5 Fancy Friday

DAY 5 Fancy Friday
I think this is one of those outfits that you can wear in the day time for work and running errands and then in the night time if you're going out.


Swanky Saturday

DAY 6 Swanky Saturday
This is my favorite kind of party look. I love wearing an androgynous look when I wanna look fancy because it's not too predictable like wearing a dress.

Day 7 Spontaneous Sunday

DAY 7 Spontaneous Sunday
This is something I would typically wear on a Sunday for brunch or shopping or if I'm going out for drinks.  It's casual but not too casual so it's good for any occasion.