Forget Coconut Water - THIS Is The Next Super Beauty Drink

For a few years now, coconut water has been all the rage, offering a tasty and hydrating alternative to plain old water. Recently, the health and beauty community is looking elsewhere to meet their hydration needs, and their sights are pointed toward the silver birch tree forests of Northeastern Europe for a nutrient-filled option that’ll be sure to crack the coconut trend in no time.

global beauty secret

Only new to those not in the know, birch water has been used for centuries by Nordic, Slavic and North Asian cultures to hydrate and detox the body, while adding necessary nutrients that most beverages fail to offer.

NYC-based company La La Birch is hoping to introduce this slightly sweet and highly beneficial beverage to the global community, sharing the beauty secret coveted by Nordic women for years. Organic, healthy and all-natural, the brand delivers minerals and micronutrients in a great-tasting drink comprised of countless benefits.

Drinking water for your health’s sake is nothing new, so what makes birch water stand out? Two things: the taste, and the properties.

Celebrated as a potent anti-aging remedy, birch water works to eliminate toxins from the body by helping the kidneys and liver flush waste products, delivering healthier skin.

Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, this natural diuretic contains all the components necessary to promote skin cell turnover and protection, resulting in that natural glow you might otherwise need 12 hours of sleep, or 12 years off your life, to achieve.

As for the taste, Finnish model/actress Sini Hill, who has recently stepped in as the face and brand ambassador of La La Birch, describes it as “...slightly sweet, and it’s also a bit sour. It’s very refreshing,” in a video featured on the company’s website.

sini hill for la la birch water

While technically the pure sap of the silver birch tree, birch water is known for its clean and crisp taste, refreshing both palates and complexions in addition to offering a multitude of benefits, including the lowering of cholesterol, strengthening of the immune system, and relieving of arthritis and joint pain, among others.

Whether you’re looking to naturally improve your health, or reduce a few fine lines from your face, this secret global beauty drink is likely one you won’t be able to keep to yourself. To learn more about La La Birch, or the benefits of birch water, you can find more info online at



Written by Kristin Howard