Top 10 Sustainable yet Stylish Brands to Shop Now

Remember when we would associate anything being “sustainable” as being somewhat hippy-ish or what I call “granola”. 

Especially when it came to sustainable fashion. 

Sustainable fashion ten years ago was definitely marked in the bucket as someone who was very “earthy”, and wore Birkenstocks. Am I right? 

Think about bacK-in-the-day what it meant to be a vegetarian or gasp vegan, or even to eat organically. 

Times have changed. 

Most people (that I know) try to eat organically. And I know even more people who have become vegetarian or vegan. 

The main point is that times are changing. 

photo:   Loomstate

photo: Loomstate

The fashion scene is changing. 

Sustainable or ethical fashion is no longer considered granola and there are tons of brands to prove this. 

I do still believe we are behind the times - especially the US.  

But, as we begin to educate ourselves and make better choices, I do feel that we will no longer associate sustainable fashion as something either too expensive or not important. 

It will become as important as what you put into your body and consumers will begin to learn more about where their clothes are being made and the impacts it has on our environment. 


If you were to look back about ten to fifteen years ago about what it meant to eat organic food, you’d be surprised by what people’s views and perspectives were not so long ago. 

If you recall, we not only used to judge people who ate organic, but we also complained and justified not eating organically due to the price. 

And yes, back then prices were absolutely a lot more than they are nowadays. 

These days you can easily eat organic, on a budget and have countless options to choose from. 

The funny thing is that sustainable fashion is barely becoming something that is considered more mainstream and acceptable. 

We are, however,  beginning to see an influx of designers who are focusing on this important element when creating products. 

And so the good news is that it is indeed changing. 

The fashion landscape does seem to be evolving into something more meaningful, intentional, and made with more ethical principles. 

Granted, we know the fast fashion giants of the world are still doing well, but it’s nice to see many smaller brands that are growing and thriving in the sea of non-sustainable brands. 


However, there are still many many people who still shop fast fashion, looking for the cheapest option, and living by the motto of “more is better”. 

Don’t get me wrong…

I used to be one of these people. 

photo  Kowtow

photo Kowtow

It wasn’t until I started educating myself and learning more about what fashion does not only to our environment but how we are actually causing people to die, was when I realized it was time to make a change. 

And when I say “make a change”, it’s not like I was suddenly only buying organic, sustainable and ethical products. 

But, I made a decision to buy more intentionally and pay more attention to where things were made, and what they were made out of. 

It’s more about living with the whole “less is more” mentality. 

We absolutely can start making these small changes, and there’s no easier and better way to start making this shift than the present. 

So with that said, I’ve rounded up the top 10 most Sustainably Stylish Brands I’ve come across recently that not only strive to produce more eco-friendly collections, but they are committed to producing more ethically and with purpose as opposed to just creating something beautiful. 

Beautiful can be sustainable and ethical as well. 

That’s the whole point of this blog. 

So here you go! 

Make sure you leave us a comment below of your favorite, as this is obviously only ten brands of the hundreds or possibly even thousands being sold around the world.