How to Turn Something Old into Something New

how to create something new from something old


Today’s interview comes all the way across to pond from the UK. 

We’re talking with the founder of Peep Eyewear,  Jo Skelton 

Peep is a bit different than most of the brands we’ve interviewed because there’s something extra special about them. 

They’re what you may consider modern vintage. 

Yup that’s right. They take vintage frames and combine with a modern and new lens from around the globe. 

As a new online store that sources cult vintage eyewear with a focus on sustainability, Peep gives frames a new lease on life by adding in special tints and modern sun protection. 

We absolutely love this idea. 

The idea of taking something old and making it new again is almost an art if you ask us. 

Her values and principles to keep the planet as green as possible is what the brand stands for and they also offer restoration services with every purchase. 

She wants their customers to turn away from fast fashion. 

Just recently launched this past April, Jo has definitely built an amazing foundation of a brand that we think has the potential to go quite far.

Did you check out her logo - so amazing! 

From her curated Instagram, to her simple yet professionally shot photos we’re definitely fans. 


Jo always worked in marketing (we can tell), before having a family and always had an obsession for vintage. 

“I’ve been thrifting vintage since I was a schoolgirl. I loved wearing one-of-a-kind garments, and have always been particularly obsessed with vintage accessories!

So what made you start the brand and why did you choose a more sustainable/ethical route? 
“I wanted to build a brand that offered unique quality pieces on a modern platform. I love to mix the old and the new to create modern vintage.

Vintage frames were often handmade and of excellent quality and I get to be creative with tints, styling and can indulge my passion for vintage eyewear. 

A lot of vintage glasses become damaged and unloved over time. It seemed a shameful waste of quality pieces - it's a joy to refurbish the frames and bring them back to life.

We're always looking at ways to become more sustainable as a company.”

creating a sustainable fashion brand

Running a business is tough! What’s been your biggest challenge thus far? 
"The ‘ole chestnut of balancing time between work and family - there aren't always enough hours in a day!"

What's been the best thing that's happened in your business so far?
"We've had some lovely support from bloggers and some lovely feedback from customers - it's exciting times!"

What would your ultimate goal/dream be for your brand?
"We'd love to see more people shopping and wearing vintage and supporting sustainable brands."

What would tell someone if they were just starting out in building a brand?
"Stay true to your vision and stay true to you. Sometimes creating a product or collection has to come from more than just desire to do so."

sustainable eyewear brand

Bottom line seems to be that you’ve got to have a goal, a vision, and an intention.

Jo wants to create a brand that is not only sustainable but appeals to the woman looking for something unique and vintage. 

Well said Jo, well said. 

Quality over quantity is something we like to say and stand by.

Thanks Jo for helping us to remember this. :) 

photos courtesy Peep Eyewear