5 Ways to Live a More Sustainable yet Stylish Lifestyle

There's no better way of living than to live a green life. But in this day and age where it's more convenient to just let things consume you, is ignorance bliss as they say?  It can definitely be hard to keep up with living a sustainable lifestyle especially when it comes to fashion, which is why we've come up with five easy ways to start incorporating. 

However, living a sustainable lifestyle isn't just for the chosen few. Saying no to plastic bags and opting for reusable shopping bags are already a Kickstarter to that green-living path. And if you're wondering how to incorporate slow fashion into your fashionable (and fast-paced!) lifestyle, we’ve got you covered. Trust that your style and fashion sense will not be compromised if you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 


Here are 5 ways on how you can live a more sustainable life whilst maintaining your fashionable lifestyle:

Tip #1: Start swapping your designer labels with eco-friendly threads.

We know how tempting it is to dress up in designer garbs (we've been there and done that!), but it's also disappointing to note that even designer brands contribute to the massive excess clothing landfills we have 'till this day. 

So if you're up for a little challenge, ditch the pricey tags and switch to a more eco-friendly clothing brand such as Lost & Found, a Bali-inspired sustainable brand co-founded by two friends. Need something more office-friendly yet stylish? Rallier features a variety of fashionable looks perfect for the corporate woman.

Tip #2: Start shopping small. 

What exactly do we mean by this? By supporting independent designers - especially those who make clothing sustainably and ethically, you are somewhat “giving back” to them.

If you truly want to shop, there’s a multitude of brands (our shopping guide is coming soon) these days that are made ethically who truly understand the entire supply chain of the fashion world.

The problem with large retailers and especially fast fashion are that no one wants to claim full responsibility for how and where their clothing is being made. It’s impossible to know when you are producing hundreds of thousands of garments in a matter of weeks alone.

So start shopping small and fight the urge of hoarding clothes you don’t need.

Tip #3: Be more intentional with your purchases. 

A huge step in the entire process of living a more sustainable lifestyle is changing your mindset… your shopping mindset, so to speak.

If you are always in the state of “I need this, I need that, I have to have this”, you’re never going to get out of the fast fashion rat race. The solution? Opting for better fashion choices that are less trendy and curating more classic and timeless pieces that you can wear for seasons to come. You will also start taking more pride in your outfit selections. Less is more!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the whole idea of “I could buy 4x the amount at H&M or Zara”, but the truth of the matter is: will this garment truly stand the test of time? It’s all about longevity, and quality over quantity.

Tip #4: Shop second-hand. 


By far the best way to live sustainably is by shopping second hand. These days, it’s so easy to do so with stores like Buffalo Exchange, sites like Swap Society or Poshmark. The choices are endless!

You can find some amazing pieces that have only been worn a few times or sometimes still have the tags on! Another alternative is finding an amazing vintage store for designer pieces or visit your favorite Goodwill or Salvation Army (hint: go to a posh neighborhood where nicer pieces tend to live).

Tip #5: Is your closet overflowing already? Sell it.

We’ve talked about how starting a capsule collection can really change your lifestyle… and so we highly suggest that you start purging your closet with clothes you no longer need and sell them to people online or through a garage sale.  Do a swap exchange with your friends (have you ever heard of "someone's trash is another's treasure"?) 

Sort your items from things you wear on a daily basis to things you don't want to wear despite its price, style, and trend.

If you start to explore the “less is more” formula you’ll eventually find more satisfaction and actually more outfit options with a smaller capsule wardrobe. 

Who says living a sustainable lifestyle will make you look unstylish? Sure, it’s living with less. But in reality, it’s living with a purpose. The key is to not think of it as an all or nothing way to live.

At times, you may be tempted to buy something from Zara or another fast fashion retailer, but by making these gradual changes you’ll begin to realize it’s not that difficult at all.

Soon, it will become your way of living as opposed to just a “feel good” habit you brag to people about. ;)