7 Days of Style - Germany

Hi, I am Esra, 33, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Munich, Germany. On www.nachgesternistvormorgen.de I share my personal style, but also all the things that make our lives nicer - delicious recipes, my favorite details from my home but also my thoughts about the life and the society. I love to communicate with my followers and to inspire them! Would be glad if you will stop by!“

DAY 1– Manic Monday: 
Sometimes it must be only a big cozy dress and a cool sunnies!  Nothing else :) No ironing, no thinking about which top works with which bottom - slip the dress on and go!


DAY 2 – Trendy Tuesday: 
I am addicted to blouse dresses. I just can`t get enough of this trend! For this business look I choose a blouse dress from River Island via ASOS and pair it with a flowy trench coat. Silver pointy shoes give it some special touch! In my duty free time I wear these dresses eith a cozy knitted coat or a leather jacket!


DAY 3 –Work It Wednesday: 
Today I wear a complete monochromatic look, which is reputable but still exciting because of the patterned trench coat and a statement clutch. So I can go to a meeting or an interview still staying myself!


DAY 4—Throwback Thursday:
My style is still changing and so does my hair color, haha. This casual look is from 2011! I am still owning this circle scarf (on 2011 they were on trend) because of the nice colors and pattern. The other clothes are gone, but I still could imagine to wear an outfit like this, except of the shoes ;)


DAY 5 –Fancy Friday: 
This look works both for a job and going out. I tried this out while Fashion Week in Berlin. For an after show party I simply changed the shoes and put some jewelry on - because of the leather skirt the look is also cool enough for going out.


DAY 6: Swanky Saturday: 
I love sequins! This dress I wore for a New Year`s Eve party! This one is a perfect party dress! Its cozy because its stretchy, so I can dance without adjusting my dress  any two seconds :)


DAY 7: Spontaneous Sunday: 
Wide clothes are SO cozy, I feel very comfortable but also stylish because of layers. Layering is a trend that I love so much! Wearing this look I can really enjoy my Sunday!