Our Trip to the Women's Entrepreneurship Day Conference

Last week we were thrilled to find out that we were chosen among twenty other bloggers to attend the Women's Entrepreneurship Day Conference at the United Nations in midtown Manhattan! Here's a glimpse into what it was like to be 1 of the 300 women selected to attend...

wome's day conference

First of all, we were beyond shocked to learn that Blogger Babes had chosen Global Garbs to cover the event!  The conference was started by entrepreneur Wendy Diamond, who has fought hard to help this event achieve global status.  Each year there is a date set to empower women entrepreneurs around the world.  The event was broadcast over 100 countries live online at Womenseday.org.  

We arrived at the event a bit nervous. We were even going to be able to get into this high security, wrought iron gated fortress? Luckily we made it in without a hitch. We were on the "list". 

womenseday name plate

Once inside we soon realized that the actual event was taking place in one of the main auditoriums.  

Yes, the place looked exactly how you would picture it.  A huge room, slight stadium seating, and individual microphones, electronic name plates and iphone chargers. Everyone had their own desk like table and the chairs were extremely comfy.  It was amazing to think that leaders around the world also sit in those exact seats. 

The day was filled with inspiring and uplifting panels of various women leaders from different industries.   From CEOs to start up founders, to celebrities, the day flew by. Each panel was about 20 minutes long with 4-5 different speakers. Our favorite panel by far was the small business panel featuring five women founders at all stages in their business.  

united nations

The guest speaker who had the biggest impact on us was Christine Souffant, a Haitian entrepreneur whose company Vendedy helps connect travelers to local vendors and artisans around the world.  Her passion and ability to think globally was so inspirational that we were just in awe of how well spoken and focused her business plan was.  The best quote came from this poised and intelligent young entreprenuer:

“Let’s stop telling women there are road blocks, we are not going to make it. We are up against the same issues as men.” - Christine Souffant

In addition to Vendedy, there was Emily Nunez of Sword & Plough.  Essentially a handbag line that uses old military equipment to produce, Emily is a force to be reckoned with.  As a veteran herself and also running a business shortly after being deployed, this girl basically made you feel like we have no excuses.  

women's panel

Even celebrities like singer Leona Lewis were in attendance.  Leona is passionate about animal rescue and even has her very own animal sanctuary in London.  This panel was a mixture of celebrity actresses, and each one had a different cause that they were fighting for. 

The overall theme was very apparent. As women we must work hard to accomplish their goals but without women businesses would probably fail! Although women leaders are far and few between especially when it comes to Fortune 500 companies, the more we strive to achieve the same recognition as men, the sooner everyone will realize that women are key components in a successful company. 

The day came to a close shortly after the celebrity panel, and although it was a long day (9 hours to be exact!), the day couldn't have been any more inspirational.  We left feeling empowered, excited and full of gratitude for the awesome day. Thank you Blogger Babes for this amazing opportunity!