7 Days of Style - Spain

"My name is Paz Halabi Rodriguez. I was born in Chile but when I was 18 years old I moved to Spain. I spend a lot of years between Barcelona and Madrid, so sometimes I feel more Spanish than Chilean hehehe. I studied Fashion Design and Pattern Making in Barcelona, and I have worked for Inditex but nowadays I live in Helsinki due to my husband business. I started my blog because I love fashion and I wanted to show the collections that I will do in a future. I'm a vintage lover, but I follow trends also.  But I always try to give my own perspective to the outfit that I wear, because I think if you don't make it different we are going to look the same. The idea for me at least is to have fun with fashion, forget to be shy and just be yourself!"

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Manic Monday - Paz

DAY 1– Manic Monday: Overzised vintage sweater are so comfy and easy to match with everything, mostly with my skinny jeans and the comfy granny shoes!


DAY 2 – Trendy Tuesday: The return from the seventies is something that I love, because I'm a vintage lover since forever! Patchwork print dresses are so on trend right now, and I just simply love it!


DAY 3 –Work It Wednesday:  Mixing a classic pencil skirt in my fav color, burgundy, it's so easy with this amazing denim bell sleeve blouse!


DAY 4—Throwback Thursday: This pencil skirt with the ethnic touch I made it a while ago, and I really think is super easy to pair with a lot of garments!


DAY 5 –Fancy Friday: This bell sleeve fluid dress in tile color from Zara has many ways to wear it, and you can wear it for day or for a night going out!


DAY 6: Swanky Saturday: Maybe is not the classic "going out" outfit, but I just simply love this flowered pattern dress from Zara. And, at least for me, could work perfect for a Saturday night!


DAY 7: Spontaneous Sunday:  I choose this outfit because it was this past Sunday that I wear it, and was so comfy and cool at the same time!