A Day in the Life of Erica Cho from Lifestyle and Acting Blog Yes Another

A Day in the Life of Lifestyle blogger Erica Cho

Our featured blogger of the week comes from our very own New York City, lifestyle and acting blogger Erica Cho from Yes Another.  The majority of the bloggers we come across that blend fashion and lifestyle are not actors, so it's refreshing and nice to see a different niche among the lifestyle blogging world. 

A Day in the Life of Series
A Day in the Life of a Blogger and Actor

Erica gives us a behind the scenes look at what her daily schedule looks like, from being on a shoot to working on her blog while being on set. This busy New Yorker has her day planned out from her daily workouts to scheduling quality time with her husband and cooking new meals. 

She also gives us a look into her life as an actor and the types of jobs she's worked on to make ends meet. The life of an actor seems similar to the life of a blogger. You've gotta keep on trucking and stay consistent even though it may be frustrating at times. 

Read on to see Erica's hourly schedule and what advice she has for new bloggers. 

Name: Erica Cho

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia 

Current City:  New York City

Blog Name:  Yes Another

How long have you been blogging?
Over 5 years.

What is the focus of your blog/theme?

Erica Cho from Yes Another Blog

Is this your Full-Time gig? If not what do you do to pay the bills? 
No, I'm an actor and model. Recently, I have been lucky enough to book well-paying TV and modeling gigs to pay the bills.  The modeling I mostly do is lifestyle modeling which is different from high fashion modeling. Think of the "regular people" in the ads for hotels and phone companies as opposed to Giselle or Adriana. Ok, that is probably so obvious by looking at the picture of me. I definitely don't have a runway look and boy, does this Southern girl love to eat. I also do a lot of commercial "extra" work. The extras are the actors who are in the background.  I'm in the union so the pay is awesome, and a lot of times, you get upgraded to be one of the "principals"/stars of the commercial. I've also had my fair share of random jobs while auditioning. I've been a substitute teacher, cocktail waitress, focus group participant, sushi server, hostess, and brand ambassador (one time I dressed up as a ram to market Stride gum- as humiliating as that sounds, I look back at the experience with fondness). It's such a feast-or-famine situation in this industry that there may be phases in which I don't book an acting/modeling job, and I may have to pick up other work. The unstable income part is stressful. Fortunately, I live with my husband so at least I know I won't be homeless.

How did you get into acting? 
While teaching middle school in Los Angeles, I took a commercial acting class. I loved it! So when the teachers were let go due to budget cuts, I took it as a sign to give acting a shot. I moved out to NYC with a friend who had also taught at the same school, and here I am nearly 6 years later.

How did you get into blogging? 
Well, moving here last minute was kind of insane. I literally started packing up and sold my car two weeks before leaving LA. And I wanted to document living in NYC for myself and share what was happening with my friends. Then I realized how much I love sharing tidbits with people in general, whether it is a travel tip, product review, or a funky nail design. So I would write about it.  I especially like to write about the reality of being an actor. A lot of people see the glamorous part of the job, but I like to give an honest depiction of it all: the feelings of rejection, the bookings (yay!), the auditions that made me go WTF, and yes, how lovely Richard Gere is in person.

Best thing about blogging: 
I enjoy the process of writing and taking photos. I like that my blog is a creative space that I kind of "own". It's also been amazing connecting to people through blogging.

Worst thing about blogging:
The deadlines. I make due dates for myself in an attempt to be consistent with my posts. But it can be tough to juggle everyday life and blogging. And I love blogging so much that I go down the blogging hole and have to make sure I don't neglect my other to-do's! Excellent time management is key. 

Best Thing about Acting?:
It's such an amazing opportunity to be someone who is completely different from who I am. And it's so exhilarating to fully immerse myself into a character. 

A Day in the Life of Erica Cho Blogger and Actress

Worst Thing about Acting?:
It can be hard when all I want to do is act, and I'm not booking acting work. But I started creating work for myself because we totally have no excuse not to. Hey, people have shot cool films on iPhones! This industry can also be tough if you equate your self-worth with booking jobs. It took me a long time to realize that there are many factors out of your control, so you can only work on what you can control and let the rest go. The same goes for blogging.  You can't allow the number of followers/readers dictate your self-worth.

What is Your Acting Dream Job?:
I would die if I could work with Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy on a comedic film. Basically, I want to be in the nextBridesmaids. And Amy Schumer and I would be the new members of the squad.

Best Advice for new blogger?:
Stick with it. Your style may change. You may create a more visually appealing site. Your photos may get better with time. And who knows...maybe your readers and you will evolve together.  I read that the uber successful fashion blog Song of Style started off as an interior design site. But when Aimee Song realized that her outfit photos were popular with her readers, she changed the direction of her blog. Imagine if she had stopped blogging! 


Passion Planner from Erica Cho

Every day is different for me. As I mentioned, bookings come and go in phases. I could be working as an actor/model on projects some days. On days I'm not on set, I could be going to class, auditions, or meetings.  Or eating Doritos on the couch while watching YouTube videos for hours- that happens more than I'd like to admit. I'll give you an example of my favorite type of day.

7:30 am
My husband's alarm goes off, and I like to wake up with him. I do a little oil pulling with coconut oil. If you aren't familiar with this, it involves swishing oil in your mouth to "pull" out the toxins. Definitely google this! I look over my Passion Planner to get an idea of my day. 

The best time for me to workout is in the morning so I can check it off early in the day. I will either take a ClassPass class, do a DVD workout, or exercise to a YouTube video.  My post-workout meal is usually a peanut butter- banana protein shake.

Vision Board from A Day in the Life of

After showering and dressing, I like to get my day going with some positive vibes. I will either set really awesome intentions for the day, check out my vision board, or take 5 minutes to say some positive affirmations out loud.

Yes, I realize how cheesy and "woo woo" it sounds, but my brain gets tricked into a "gung-ho" attitude. Believe me walking into a crowded train full of impatient New Yorkers with a smile beats joining the "blah" state of mind. 

It's a great day on set for a print shoot. I didn't even have to do my makeup in the morning because you usually come with clean face and hair to a shoot. Score! Bonus: The food and snacks at the Craft Services table (aka Crafty) are super yummy today. So I  graze there throughout the day.  Another bonus: I get some time to chill before my turn in front of the camera. I publish my saved draft of a blog post and get cracking on social media.

We get wrapped early! So I rush to an audition I didn't think I could make. It's pure magic when I can fit a shoot AND an audition into one day. 

I use the notes I took on my iPhone to write a blog draft. I edit some photos on Lightroom.  It's always helpful when I have some photos ready for future Instagram and social media posts so I create a folder for that with some #tbt photos. 

Blogger Daily Schedule

When I have time,  I try to cook. That was one of my goals for this year because I am usually a kitchen disaster.  So I look through Chrissy Teigen's Cravings cookbook and decide on a pork-stuffed cucumber soup.  I add the extra challenge of baking a carrot cake WHILE cooking the soup. Somehow I don't burn down the apartment or ruin the food.

After dinner, my husband and I have a little quality time a.k.a my mandated chat time.  I love it. It's so old school and much needed in the era of the distractions of digital devices.

We are back to being distracted by our digital devices.  I put on a sheet mask and journal.  Then I like to look at my planner again to be ready for the next day/the week.

After watching an episode of "Better Call Saul", it's time for some shut eye!

Read more about Erica here and also check out her Imdb profile! 

If you're a fashion blogger and would like to the opportunity to be featured, make sure to stay in touch! 

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