Real Women and Body Positivity: Selfridges Helps Push the Needle Forward

Slinky, skin-tight, and pretty much synonymous with sex, lingerie has long been worn by women of all sizes, though usually only modeled by women of a very particular stature. In recent years, the appreciation of all women’s bodies has become more and more recognized in the mainstream media, and consumers are becoming ready to embrace the reality that the standard definition of “beauty” simply can’t be confined to one body type. 

A few “body positive” lingerie brands are coming up, and one major department store has recently launched a video, a celebration of the powerful vessel that is the body of a woman. 

London-based Selfridges recently unveiled a new body positivity campaign promoting their new active department. The video entitled "Incredible Machines", features real women to share the beauty of strong, powerful bodies, while highlighting the magic and versatility of lingerie. 

selfridges new body positivity campaign
“Rather than hyper polished unrealistic ad campaigns that we’ve seen in the past, this is about real bodies, real life situations and lingerie that works with you, so softer shapes, more flexibility, less restriction.”
selfridges body positivity campaign

The recent uprising of body positive voices to appear in the media has helped to support an often overlooked demographic, and with the latest shift in the reflection of intimate apparel, marketing teams are taking notice and jumping on board. Showcasing women in a variety of realistic settings, both products and branding are becoming more organic and practical in nature, intending only to empower our strong sisters, rather than shame and keep in the shadows. 

image via lonely label

image via lonely label

Several feminist and body positive lingerie brands are commanding a following, standing up to the unrealistic beauty standard imposed upon women for years, and offering women a different option from the typical push-ups.

Among these lines include Lonely Lingerie, which creates undergarments free from padding, and features ad campaigns consisting of airbrush-free images. It's Me and You delivers their feminist message via a subversive approach, and UK-based brand Neon Moon was created as a direct response to the objectifying advertising many lines still revert to. 

The recent shift advertising is encouraging women to look at lingerie as a love letter to themselves, rather than a constricting vessel in which to contain our bodies and our self-worth. An homage to women whose bodies fall all across the spectrum of size, shape, ethnicity, and conventionality, the new school in body diversity is now in session.