A Day in the Life of YouTuber Alexa from Minimalist Styling

A day in the life of Fashion Youtuber Alexa from Minimalist Styling

We happened to stumble across Alexa's Youtube channel Minimalist Styling in which she shows everything from how to curl your hair to reviews on a classic Celine bag. Her friendly personality and authenticity is what stands out and for someone only 7 months into her blogging journey we would say she's doing quite well. Read on to learn more about Alexa's background, how she got into video blogging and also some great tips she shares on how to make the best videos. 

When it comes to writing a blog post, one can definitely have writer's block moments. But what about Vlogging? With more bloggers turning to video blogging and putting their beauty product or fashion styling tips for the world to see on YouTube, it's quite inspiring to see how confident and personal some of these youtubers can be. Is the world of blogging slowly shifting to vlogging? 

A Day in the Life of YouTuber Alexa from Minimalist Styling

Current Location:
Georgia, United States

Youtube Name:

How long have you been blogging?
7 months

What is the focus of your blog/theme?

What is your work background?
Healthcare - Pharmacist

How did you get into blogging? 
I started out with Instagram and recently started my Youtube channel to provide fashion and beauty tips.

Is this your Full-Time gig? IF not what do you do to pay the bills?
I am a part-time Youtuber and a full-time pharmacist

Best Thing about Video Blogging:
It is fun and rewarding.  I love to be creative and love the feeling that I get after finishing a project.

Worst Thing about Video Blogging:
I wouldn’t say that there’s any worst part in being a Youtuber.  However, it is quite time-consuming. Gathering contents, filming, & editing are all lengthy processes that require passion and persistence. 

Best Advice for a new Youtuber? 
The best advice someone gave me was to go with your instinct.  Make videos on the things that you like and love. When you love your work, you won’t mind putting in the time and effort to work on the project.  Also, invest your time in creating the best content you can, that way you’ll know that you did your best.   Lastly, don’t take other people's negativity personally.  Not everyone will like every single content that you put out there and not everyone will agree with your vision.  As long as you love it and are happy with your products, you’ll definitely find success with your own niche of viewers.

What made you decide to start a Youtube channel?
I gained a substantially amount of information on fashion through my regular habit of shopping and research on fashion trends every chance I get.  To make use of this knowledge, it was a natural progression for me to share my experience through vlogging and just to have fun.  Additionally, I also have access to a wide variety of beauty products in the retail environment working as a pharmacist so I have an extensive knowledge of their pro and con.  Therefore, I have a wide range of topics that I can share my advice on.

Who shoots your videos? Are there any tools or tricks you can share that would help out a newbie vlogger?
 I usually film my videos by myself using a Canon DSLR camera and a tripod, sitting down at a spot with good lighting and minimal background noise.  The most important thing I’ve learned after being in front of the camera is that you have to get comfortable with yourself.  Don’t be shy, have fun and let your personality shine through.  When you freely express yourself, others will pick up your positivity and it will be easier to form a connection with your audience.


Youtuber Alexa from Minimalist Styling


9:00 am - On a typical day when I am not working my full time job, I usually sleep in as late as I can.   The alarm goes off at 9 am, I always seem to snooze it for another 10 minutes to allow myself to wake up.

9:10 am - It's that time. I flop out of bed and quickly do some stretches.  Finally, I hop into the shower.  This is one of my favorite time to relax, de-stress and plan out my day.

9:35 am – Breakfast – While letting my hair dry, I usually make coffee before I start to do anything else.  My normal breakfast on days when I am working is a granola bar and an apple. However, on days when I am not working I prefer sunny side up eggs, sausage, toast and fruit on the side.

9:45 am – Social media - I take a few minutes to check my Instagram and Youtube for new updates.  I interact with my audiences and promote my work mainly through these two social media platforms.  Also, I will catch up with emails at this time.

10 am – Makeup & Hair– My makeup routine is nothing spectacular, 90% of the time it’s very basic. The normal 5-minute routine consists of foundation, eyeliner, brown eye shadow, filling in the brows, and lip-gloss.  There are certainly days when I feel more glamorous and will go for that cat eye look or a bold lip.

10:15 am – Filming – The lighting is nice around this time of the day so I take advantage of the sunlight to film my new projects.

A day in the life of youtuber Alexa from Minimalist Styling

12:00 pm (ish) – Lunch – I love Ramen and Udon.  I can be found enjoying a good bowel of noodles for lunchtime.

1 pm – Photoshoot/errands – During the weekdays, I prefer to take pictures at places where I’m running daily errands or near my home. It’s pretty spontaneous and depends on my mood.  I take most of my Instagram pictures during the weekend when I’m usually off from work.  I prefer to pick my location for a photo shoot after reviewing google earth or map images of the location to see if it fits what I have in mind.

4 pm – Brainstorming - I’m now at home and lounging in my pajamas as I wind down with fruit snacks and a glass of lemonade.  I love to review my projects and brainstorm for new ideas while munching on snacks. 

6:00 pm – Dinner – It depends on what day of the week, I basically eat out one day and cook the next.

7:00 pm (ish) – Editing – Editing can be a lengthy process.  It definitely varies from project to project.  Especially when I am creating fashion videos using various articles of clothing it can be awfully time consuming.

A Day in the Life of Fashion YouTuber Alexa from Minimalist Styling

8:00 pm – Breaktime – Time to recharge by stepping away from the computer for a bit.  To change up to the repetitive routine of editing, I will grab a snack then go on to watch a show on TV.  Also, I will call other people to catch up with them if I’ve not talked to them for a while.  And of course shopping online, but only if I’ve been productive. 

9:00 pm – Editing – Back to editing if I’ve not finished with what I’ve been working on from earlier.

10:00 pm – On days when I have to work early in the morning then I will wind down during this time.  Brush my teeth, set my alarm and crawl into my bed to get a good night sleep before another busy day at the pharmacy.