7 Days of Style: The Glitter Crumb from India

If you've followed Global Garbs in the past, you know that we've done a series called The 7 Days of Style, which features different bloggers around the globe, and their seven outfit selections based on a theme for each day of the week. 

After a bit of a break from these interviews, we're back this week with a brand new feature from a new country on our list: India! 

Each blogger selects an outfit they've worn recently (and in the past) that reflects each daily theme ranging from "Throw-back Thursdays" to "Spontaneous Sundays". We love getting a glimpse into what goes into planning their week's outfit selections and why they chose what they did. 

This week we're interviewing Indian blogger Nitika Choraria from The Glitter Crumb based in Mumbai. Nitika caught our eye on Instagram from her colorful ensembles and personality. Her photos really stood out from the crowd (which is obviously very important as a fashion blogger). 

Read on to see Nitika's 7 Days of Style, and see how she started blogging almost two years ago!

the glitter crumb

Name : Nitika Choraria
Name of Blog : The Glitter Crumb
Number of Years blogging : 1 year, 7 months
What is your blog about? 
"The Glitter Crumb is a fashion blog started by me, Nitika Choraria, 20 years old, based in Mumbai, India. It encompasses my fashion picks, trend reports, inspirations, personal style, beauty picks, travel diaries and everything that is going on and trending in the world of fashion and beauty."

Describe your personal style:
Personally, I don’t have a “fixed style” and I’ve repeatedly said this on my blog - I wear anything that looks good to me and is comfortable. Also, I don’t blindly follow trends, because to me the whole point of fashion is for you to be yourself, create your own trends, experiment ALOT, let your clothes reflect your personality and for you to just have fun. That’s the most important thing for me, because honestly if you haven’t noticed yet, fashion’s like a cycle, everything eventually comes back!"

How is the style in your country different than other parts of the world (say compared to the US, Europe, Asia, etc):
"To be honest, style differs from person to person and everyone is unique but in terms of countries, there is barely any difference today. With the rise of digital technology, e-commerce stores, and in this ever-changing social media landscape - Instagram, or even Twitter and Facebook has been even more influential than before and has allowed the fashion industry to more transparent, relatable and available to the masses globally. However,  going back to Indian roots, India has been a country of vibrant colors with ethnic prints and designs which makes it different and stand out globally."

Why did you start blogging:
"Fashion ALWAYS meant something to me. I never knew what that “something” was but it just merely made me happy. I would just have this little smile on my face and my eyes would glisten whenever I got dressed up, bought something new, or even if I was just simply hanging out in a mall encircled by stores, where I just WOULDN’T stop staring at the freshly stocked clothes, new shiny shoes, or even the mannequins in that case."
This inexplicable love for fashion turned into something else when one afternoon I was just scrolling through my Instagram news feed and I came across this account called “MissStyleFiesta” run by Masoom Minawala, a fashion blogger. I found myself in a trap of never-ending engaging fashion content, beauty tips, and all the information on the latest trends. I just couldn’t get myself to stop browsing through her feed, and I then saw her blog and I was amazed. In my head, I was like - this is EXACTLY what I ALWAYS wanted to do. I just never knew what do with this “love for fashion”. My plans for the future were always changing. One minute I wanted go to Business School, the other minute I wanted to major in Economics, or sometimes I wanted to go to Art School. But I was never satisfied or happy with my decision. So, this is all it took. One Instagram account to change my career, my future, my life.
What's been your biggest accomplishment with blogging so far:
"I clearly remember that day when I was sitting on my bed glued to my laptop creating my website, thinking of blog names, and when I was just trying to figure it all. Since then it’s been a crazy ride, I’ve got so much support from my family, friends, and readers, learned so much and had so much fun, as many say, if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. So my biggest accomplishment is coming so far. But yes, since I’ve just started, this is only the beginning as I still have so much to learn from, so much to explore and figure, and there’s way more to come."
How about your biggest struggle? "There is no struggle, but the fashion industry is really competitive, but I try not looking at it that way as I am my own competition."
Who are your favorite bloggers?
Masoom Minawala from Style Fiesta
What's next for your blog?  You’ll see :)

The Glitter Crumb

Monday = "Manic Monday" 
This is your go-to outfit or ensemble. Since Mondays are always a bit crazy, this is something you can easily throw together without thinking much about and still look effortlessly stylish. 

Denim Jeans and Top: Zara | Watch: Aldo | Sunglasses: Style Fiesta | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Shoes: Charles and Keith

"In this crazy world called fashion, one of the things that’s always in my wardrobe and I swear by is the denim on denim look. With endless combinations of fits, washes and styles, denim really does follow a fashion cycle of its own. You can experiment so much with this timeless staple, it’s insane. It’s a classic and a perfect pairing for when you don’t want to overthink things, especially on a busy Monday!"

Fashion Blogger Interview

Tuesday = "Trendy Tuesday"
Tuesdays are all about what's trending. As a fashion blog, we obviously keep up with the lastest trends, however, it's also very interesting to see what's trending in different parts of the world, rather than what's popular in fashion capitals only. 

Jumpsuit: Koasheé By Shubhitaa | Jacket: Precis | Choker: Zara | Watch: Aldo | Bag: Ferragamo | Shoes: Charles and Keith
"If there’s one trend that ruled the runways quite a few times, it’s every shade of blue. Most definitely my favorite color. It’s the crispiest color combination, so versatile, vibrant, adds energy and intensity to fall/winter wardrobes, and is anything but boring.  Cobalt, especially, has the ability to make you look and feel so rich, so powerful. So I decided to drape myself head to toe in all shades blue. To create this look I chose to wear this most stunning, trendy turquoise and cobalt blue jumpsuit. No matter the season or occasion, jumpsuits are an effortless route to chic. You can easily translate them from work to play, and I think this trend is definitely here to stay, especially if it looks like this!"

fashion blogger interview with The Glitter Crumb
How to grow your fashion blog

Wednesday = "Work-it Wednesday"
This is your go-to work outfit. We want to see something that can look professional and put together, and is typically an outfit you wear to work. Whether you're in an office environment or have the flexibility of working in a more casual environment, this is your typical work outfit. 

Little Black Dress and Fringe High-low Cape Jacket: Alia Bhatt for Jabong | Bracelet: Halcyon Days | Tassel Belt: Style Fiesta | Bag: Burberry
"Black, white and chic all over. This sleek, sophisticated monochrome is still a big trend, and in my opinion, it will always be. Black and white make the perfect partnership and when they come together they make a visually stimulating impact, which is cool, modern, assertive and perfect for a meeting. I think the simplicity of monochrome makes it a timeless classic, and it’s always set to dominate our wardrobes."

throwback thursday outfit

Thursday = "Throw-back Thursday"
We're not sure where #tbt came from (probably Instagram), but we decided to include one outfit of the week that you just loooove from back in the day. As fashion changes so constantly, it's often a bit funny or nostalgic to remember what you wore a few years ago. 

Dhoti Pants: Salita Nanda from Creo | Tank Top: Forever 21 | Denim Jacket: Vero Moda | Necklace: Zara | Sunglasses: Cupcakes and Closet | Shoes: Aldo
"This was one of my earliest outfit photos. This dhoti pants is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. It fits like a dream and I didn’t even have to think twice before purchasing it. I fell in love with it. It was an amalgamation of a beautiful piece of art and a touch of pop, and it simply stood out, making a statement. And the colors were the one thing I LOVED about these pants! I paired it up with a tank top and a denim jacket to create a playful, fun look!"

fashion blogger interview with The Glitter Crumb

Friday = "Fancy Friday"
On Fridays, it's time to play. The work week is over, and we want to see how you mix it up and what you wear to have some fun. Whether that's going out with friends or to a nice dinner, this is your fancier outfit of the week. 

Leather-patched Pants and Fringe Top: Zara | Sequins Cape: Armani Exchange | Sunglasses and Necklace: Style Fiesta | Bag: Ferragamo | Shoes: Zara
"To go from work to play I chose to team up this gorgeous marsala, full-sleeve fringe tee that has intricate and beautiful detailing with my leather-patched black pants. To add on to the look, and break away from minimal dressing, I threw on a black cape jacket with sequins on it on this outfit to create a bold yet fun look!"

Mumbai fashion blogger interview















fashion blogger nitika from mumbai

Saturday = "Swanky Saturday"
Just like Friday is your play day, Saturday is also usually fun day. We want to see some great "going out" outfits. This is usually a bit sexier and your typical "night out" look. 

Dress: Madison | Necklace and Sunglasses: Style Fiesta | Bag: Kate Spade | Shoes: Zara
"To go for a date or a special occasion I wanted to create a fresh look with a lighter palette and so I chose to wear this stunning white dress with graphic and painterly petals on it. Its lightness, femininity, and feeling of spring with a touch of blush pink, green and brown added to the whole look. I paired it up with lace-up ballet flats to make the look more feminine and. Additionally, I chose to carry a green bag to enhance the entire look and this eye-catching sleek bag undoubtedly added a finishing touch to the outfit!"

fashion blogging 7 days of style

Sunday = "Spontaneous Sunday"
Because Sundays can be such a wild card, this is your time to give us a glimpse into your life on a typical Sunday. That could include working out, having brunch, or just relaxing with a good book. Whatever that activity may be, here's where you can show us what you're wearing on any given Sunday. 
Baggy Drawstring Pants: Bershka | Top: Forever 21 | Watch: Aldo | Bag: Zara | Shoes: Call It Spring | Sunglasses: Style Fiesta
"For a fun but relaxing day out with friends this easy, breezy summer pant with a bold and fun print with its clinched waist and billowing leg is perfect. This go-to pant, has a silhouette so easy that it’ll make your jeans jealous. This fresh staple has all the ease you need while still retaining an overall sense of polish. It’s super comfortable and makes me feel relaxed. I chose to team up my drawstring pants with this gorgeous brown, fuss-free, light and airy top. This chic and feminine top with it’s brilliant hue enhanced my outfit and went perfectly with it."