The Three Ethical Brands You Should Support on Kickstarter Today

You’ve probably seen your friends or favorite small brands share a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a project underway, and the method of crowdsourcing makes sense for designers who take their ethical responsibilities seriously when creating their wares.

Why does a Kickstarter campaign line up with the values of an ethical, sustainable, or eco-friendly company? It allows business owners and designers to keep things 100% DIY.

With no outside investment or corporate sponsorship to cater to, creative professionals are able to devote their time and efforts to achieving their vision, and in keeping their mission transparent with potential backers, you know exactly what you’re gonna get with that monetary pledge.

We’ve found three brands currently raising funds with their own Kickstarter campaigns that are not only items we would totally love to own, but their values and mission statements is something we can stand behind. 


Goal: $24,468

Working with skilled artisans from Britain to deliver minimalist designs, SEINCLLN combines traditional methods with the most current technology to create truly one of a kind looks. Big supporters of the “slow fashion” method of creation, SEINCLLN’s Kickstarter boasts zero waste designs at 50% off retail prices, with donor rewards ranging from a thank you email to a plane ticket to Europe to create a custom-designed piece of your own.

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Goal: $22,000

Designed and manufactured in the U.S., Brooklyn-based brand PonyBabe is raising funds to fund their first production, ensuring a strong start to the young company. Using eco-friendly, raw materials to create ethically produced garments, PonyBabe delivers easy-to-wear clothing that feels good to wear, and buy. Their first collection, called The 24 Hour Outfit, consists of a wrap, racerback tank, cardigan and pleated pants, all made of organic cotton and bamboo, and pledges will buy supporters single pieces or the entire set at below-retail value, and ships anywhere in the world.


Goal: €4,000

While this campaign is technically closed, overreaching their goal by more than €2,000, we still thought the brand was worth mentioning in case anyone is looking for a sustainable yet affordable leather bag option to shop from. The Belgium-based company aims for classic over trendy, creating timeless pieces with a fine attention to detail only a true master of their craft can command. You can check out their Kickstarter campaign for a look at their fine leather wares here, featuring their take on the classic satchel, barrel bag, and backpack.