How to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 5 Easy Steps

When we first started out on Instagram we were blown away by how many fashion bloggers were utilizing this platform and making some real money.

Now that it’s been over a year of posting and learning how Instagram works, we’ve compiled our five top strategies that we’ve used to grow our audience to over 11k.

Instagram in our opinion is one of the best platforms for fashion bloggers in particular, because

#1 It’s a visual platform
#2 You can essentially have a blog without a website.
#3 It’s the most engaging platform (compared to Facebook and Twitter).

Step #1 Be consistent.
We know you’ve heard this time and time again that in order to grow an audience you have to be consistent with your posts. And even though this statement is a bit like “duh”... we can’t help but emphasize this tip.

Reason being, that when we first started out we were SUPER consistent. We even posted up to four times a day at times in order to boost our posts. Because who wants to follow an account with only like fifteen posts, right?

How to grow your instagram followers

Also, when you become consistent with your posts you start to notice that the same people will like and comment on your posts because they start getting used to seeing you in their feed. It’s like you become Instagram buddies.

Plus the more comments and likes you get, the more engaged you can become with your audience which increases your chances of being shown in the news feed. Due to the algorithm changes, everything is all engagement bases rather than chronological.

Step #2 Create a visually pleasing feed.
As we stated earlier, Instagram is the most visual platform. So in order for someone to look at your account and say “wow, this account looks cool, I think I’ll follow them”, you have to create a visually pleasing feed.

how to grow your following in instagram

So how do you do this? Basically it’s all about two factors: photography and branding.

Photography is super important especially if you’re a fashion blogger, so it’s always important that you have great lighting so you can actually see what you’re wearing.

If you notice on our IG feed, we only feature photos that are bright and the quality of the photo is easy to see their outfit.
Granted you also have to have a good sense of style. 😉

Also, the way you place each photo on the grid is important too. You don’t want to post a bunch of photos with darker backdrops and then lighter ones. Or a bunch of green/nature photos and have them all sort of blend together. You want to make sure you’re posting photos that look good next to each other.

You can obviously just try to visualize what you’re posting before doing so, or you can use an Instagram planner like Planoly or Later in case you’re not too visual of a person. These tools help you not only plan out your content but you can see how the photos will look before actually posting them.

Step #3 Find your tribe’s hashtags
When we first started out we only posted hashtags like #fashion or #style.

You may be thinking, well what’s wrong with that? Well, there really isn’t anything wrong with that strategy, however, chances are NOBODY is seeing your hashtags.

The reason is that these popular hashtags have millions of hashtags already. The key is to find hashtags with less than 100k.

You want to try and research similar Instagram profiles and see what kind of hashtags they are using. This is the easiest strategy for finding your “tribe”.

Another strategy is to create your own hashtag. For example, we use #globalgarbs or #globalstyle to connect with our audience and have used them since beginning our IG account. We can now see who’s hashtagging us to either engage or be featured on our feed.

Step #4 Share other’s content
If you’ve checked out our Instagram, you know that we ONLY feature other people on our platform. Global Garbs is not the typical blog in the sense that it’s not about any one person but rather we feature many different bloggers from around the world.

This has been the biggest way to increase our audience by sharing other blogger’s on our feed. This works especially well for bloggers that have a small to medium size audience like ourselves.

If we shared Aimee Song’s photo, chances are she’s not going to be super stoked (in fact we totally do this sometimes and she never even notices lol). BUT when we share other bloggers with the same sized audiences, we usually always get a big thank you and more followers.

So even if you’re a personal blogger, maybe you share a fellow blogger’s food picture or latest handbag. This would be a good way to share someone else’s content without diluting your brand and not including a picture of yourself.

So the main idea here is that sharing is caring, and sharing equals more followers + engagement.

Step #5 Engage with your followers
When it comes to engaging, this is one of the hardest parts of Instagram.

The reason it’s difficult is because you want to make sure your followers are even liking the content you are posting to begin with.

The main idea here is to spend at least 10-15 minutes a day interacting with your followers.

Create a CTA (Call-to-Action) at least a few days week. This can be to leave a comment in relation to whatever you’re asking or even to click to a link in your bio.

Remember: Using your bio’s link is very important when it comes to driving traffic and building your e-mail list, so use it wisely.

Finally, if you see people who are commenting, liking your posts, pay the favor back and do the same on their account.

This begins to create somewhat of a community between your followers and yourself, and that is the best way to not only GROW your audience but an ENGAGED audience.

That is the key to being truly successful with Instagram.

Don’t forget to download your free checklist here which highlights this blog’s post and will ensure you are following each step on a regular basis to grow your audience consistently.