The Top 5 Fashion Blogging Mistakes and How to Fix

When it comes to fashion blogging we've all made mistakes here and there. You only learn by doing right? 

There does seem to be however a handful of the TOP Fashion Blogging Mistakes that we ALL have made from one time to another. 

These mistakes are the most common mistakes that we ourselves have made and are continuously trying to fix. Blogging is not a race, it's a journey. We have yet to meet anyone who's had overnight success. 

Read on to learn what the top mistakes seem to be across the board and how we can fix them to make each blog post one step closer to achieving our goals. 



This is a big mistake that most fashion bloggers make when they are first starting out. In today's fashion blogging landscape, there is SO much competition it's amazing.

If you were to start a blog say ten years ago you could have been blogging about random things all day long and grown an audience easily due to lack of competition. 

If you're just starting out now though things are much different. You absolutely have to pick a blogging niche if you want to stand out in a crowd of oversaturation. 

So if you're fashion blogger you should absolutely be choosing a topic within an area of fashion whether it be minimalistic style, petite, plus size, bargain, luxury, etc. 

Bottom line is that you should pick a lane and go forward. 

fashion blogging mistakes



This mistake is also another common mistake and can be applied to all bloggers whether you're a fashion blogger, beauty, lifestyle, whatever. 

If you're not blogging on a regular schedule you're never going to build a consistent audience. 
We try to blog at least 2-3 times a week; although it's difficult we've been trying to stick with this schedule for a while now and it's helped a lot. 

The key is to realize how long it'll take you do a post and figure out your daily planning based on this. 

It's much better to post 2-3 times a week with some quality content rather than posting every day with random or mediocre content. You want people to be engaged in what you're wearing/saying. 

If you're not posting at least once a week people can begin to lose interest (unless you've already achieved blogger stardom that is).



Fashion blogging (and blogging in general) can be a lonely task at times, which is why it's important to build a small community of other bloggers to communicate and interact with on a regular basis. 

Whether this is via a Facebook Group, Linked In, Meet-up, what have you, it can make this whole blogging journey a lot easier, less lonely, and super fun! 

As a  blog that blogs about other bloggers (say that three times fast lol!), we are constantly meeting new bloggers whether in person or online (hey, that counts!), and when we do, we enjoy connecting and helping each other out. 

fashion blogging mistakes and how to fix them



This is a problem we see many fashion bloggers making.

They spend a ton of time crafting the perfect blog post, outfit, and content, and then press publish as if everyone is just going to flock over to their site to read their post. Wrong! 

You've gotta put yourself out there. Whether it be through social media sharing, facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, you absolutely have to be spending the majority of your time promoting yourself.

It may feel a bit braggy at first, but how else are other people supposed to find you? 

Most experts recommend doing about 30% vs 70%. Spend 30% of your week blogging and rest of the time promoting. There are sites like Quora, Reddit, and Medium in which you can easily have your content go viral (if it's good).  

Also, try doing guest posts for other bloggers! This helps build audiences off of another person's audience and is a win-win usually for both parties. 



SEO or Search Engine Optimization for fashion blogging is like a whole other universe. This topic has been completely overlooked by most bloggers and most don't even understand what it is. 

SEO can be a bit daunting to many, but as long as you follow some pretty simple tips you should be at least doing the bare minimum to start building your search quality in Google. 


#1 Have a descriptive title with your keyword included. 

#2 Include what's called a "permalink" natural-language and keyword rich URL...sounds confusing right? This basically just means that you should be titling your URL's with descriptive natural language. So instead of saying "blog post summer outfit" as your URL, say something like "The best summer outfits to wear when it's hot". 

#3 Use Alt tags on all of your images. In WordPress they are called Alt Tags, and Squarespace it's the file name on each image when you first upload. 

#4 Make sure you're on a self-hosted blog, not Blogger, or You want to be more professional looking and the free sites don't have as much capability for SEO. 

So you've read through our top five mistakes and there's one last mistake that we wanted to include that does get overlooked but is just as important as all of the "technical" parts of blogging. 


the top fashion blogging mistakes and how to fix them

You have to believe in yourself and what you are doing to get anywhere with your blog.

If you treat your blog like a business and push forward each day with learning, growing, and networking you're bound to see slow and steady results. 

There may be times it will get tough and you will want to quit, but it's important to remember that it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance for any business to work.

If blogging was easy everyone would do it. 

So give yourself some credit.

Don't be a Debbie Downer, and push forward each and every day. You've got this!