How Fashion Bloggers Are Changing the Way We View Fashion

Less than a decade ago fashion bloggers were pretty much non-existent.  I recall street style started to become somewhat of a “thing”, but bloggers weren’t the norm whatsoever.  The famous Sartorialist was probably one of the “OG” street style blogs that changed the landscape of the way we view trends combined with street style. 

fashion bloggers changing the fashion landscape

I remember when bloggers started popping up in about  2006-2007 and I just thought it was odd and a bit narcissistic to be honest. “Who are all of these wannabe models” was my first reaction. I just could not understand why someone would want to show off their style for the world to see. I was obviously clueless as to why these early stage entrepreneurs were actually quite ahead of the curve. 

fashion bloggers are changing the way we view fashion

When sites like Refinery 29 and Who What Wear began, it was then that people realized that fashion was exploding on the internet and glossy magazines were about to take a huge hit. I believe it was even R29 that began to feature bloggers as “influencers” in their top 10 or top 20 round ups of how to wear a maxi dress or leather jacket. It was through portals like this that I began to realize that the way we view fashion was slowing beginning to change. 

I realized that it was actually inspiring and incredibly different to showcase “regular” people vs models. It’s almost as if these fashion bloggers became famous in the world of fashion with pretty much no credibility but their large following.  

The world was opening up to new ethnicities, shapes, professional backgrounds to look to for inspiration. Albeit many of these bloggers are absolutely gorgeous and could definitely pass as models, you have to give them credit for pursuing their dreams and making a name for themselves regardless of what industry standards said at the time.  

how fashion bloggers are changing how we view fashion

The internet is an amazing space. Without the internet we would have never been able to access these “normal” people and be inspired by the way people live their daily lives. 

Just like the way reality TV changed the landscape of what we watch, fashion bloggers are changing the way we view fashion. 
fashion bloggers changing the way we view fashion

But whatever people may think about these influencers and perhaps the way the industry has sort of begun to put them on a pedestal, I don’t think they are going away anytime soon. People are fascinated by other regular people and until something shifts yet again, I can’t see this changing.

Think about reality TV for example. Do you see this trend going away anytime soon? Absolutely not. It’s because we are obsessed with normal people. Just like the way reality TV changed the landscape of what we watch, fashion bloggers are changing the way we view fashion. 

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