Could Man Repeller Be The Most Punk Rock Force In Fashion?

Even if you don’t consider yourself a particularly fashion-savvy person, you’ve probably heard of Man Repeller. Appealing to pretty much anyone with a sense of humor and an appreciation for individual style, the little blog formed in 2010 has since grown into a legitimate brand, and one which answers to no man, no matter how well-dressed. 

Steering the ship is Leandra Medine, who created Man Repeller while pursuing a journalism degree at The New School in New York City. Much the same as today, the blog featured images and personal anecdotes showcasing Medine’s “man repelling” choices in garb, and became an immediate fave among readers, many of whom have remained loyal followers since the beginning. 

photo via    fashionista

photo via fashionista

"At first I really felt like it was a moment, so I wanted to ride the wave while I was still on it and not under it,” Medine said in an interview with Fashionista. “But after the wave wouldn't break — which was great — I realized that I was sitting on something that could be a potential business."

Now understanding that Medine had a major platform in which to showcase her talents, she used the opportunity to build a community of fellow like-minded women around the world, offering her own vulnerability to encourage an honest and supportive understanding amongst her clan. This seems to be what sets Man Repeller apart from the rest - it’s authentic, it’s individual, and perhaps most appealing, reading it almost feels like a gab session with an old friend. 

"One thing I tell all my editors when they start working at Man Repeller is: 'Don't think about whom you're writing to; just pretend you're writing an email to a best friend about something you just experienced,” Medine said. “That's the way we approach our content.” 

So what allows Medine and company to continue to expand while sticking true to their core beliefs? They keep things DIY, answering to no one but themselves, and maintaining 100% creative control of any and all content they wish to share. Fully self-funded, Man Repeller is able to do what they do simply because none of their editorial decisions are made to meet the needs of “fancy men in suits.” This freedom to grow is not only ideal for Man Repeller’s creative team, but its subscribers as well, and the uncompromised voice is sure to play a major part in what keeps readers coming back for more. 

Medine keeps her head in the game and her eye on the prize, and as she and the Man Repeller team continue to do the right things for the right reasons, their fan base continues to rally around them, giving what started as a little blog in 2010 a life of its own. “...You have to believe you can do it — because the world is going to tell you that you can't and you're not going to realize that until you actually start doing it," she said. 

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