A Day in the Life of Stylist and Blogger Evelina from London, England

If you've been following Global Garbs, you know that we LOVE meeting new bloggers around the world. There's something so interesting about learning more about a person in a different country with different culture, and a different sense of style. 

We are all connected in the world of fashion and now especially due to the internet we are influenced by others around the world at the comfort of our own home. 

Does anyone recall the days of purchasing UK Vogue, or Vogue Italia to get new inspiration from across the world? Or was that just us... 

Either way, it's amazing to connect with like-minded individuals on a more personal level with the rise of blogging on a world-wide level. 

fashion blogger daily routine

This week our featured blogger Evelina, a fashion stylist and blogger from the UK. Her blog has quickly gained momentum and we recently discovered her in a fashion blogging group on Facebook. 

Read on to learn more about Evelina's blog the Lifestyle Fashionista, and what her daily schedule looks like between styling and blogging. 

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Name: Evelina Vilke

Blog name: LifestyleFASHIONISTA



Blog: www.lifestylefashionista.co.uk 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stylistevelina/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stylistevelinaofficial/ 
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/StylistEvelina 

fashion blogger daily routine Stylist Evelina

Hometown/origin city/country: Kaunas, Lithuania

Current location:
London, UK 

What is the focus of your blog: 
Fashion and personal style. I show outfits I wear, share style tips and talk about places I visit and love. 

Years blogging: 
almost 2 years 

Is this your full-time job? If not, how do you pay the bills?
Blogging is not the only thing I do. I am also a fashion stylist. I style photo shoots for fashion magazines, work with fashion start-ups as a style expert, write styling tips articles for online magazines, deliver corporate image training and give personal style consultations to individual clients. 

fashion blogger daily lifestyle stylist evelina from the UK

How long did it take you to build your following or until you could start blogging full-time?
It took me around a year to start getting any income from my blog. 

The best thing about blogging?
An opportunity to share my passion for fashion with people all over the world who have the same interests and build a community. It also serves as my diary where I keep a record of all my outfits and exciting trips. I love time from time to look back to relive amazing moments once again.

The worst thing about blogging? 
Sometimes it can feel a bit lonely. Also, there is too much focus on numbers. 

fashion blogger lifestyle a day in the life of stylist and blogger evelina from the UK

What piece of advice would you give to new bloggers?
It takes time to make it, so make sure you don’t give up. Also, you need to believe in yourself

Dream brand to work with?
I always dream bigEmilio Pucci, Fendi and Burberry 

Biggest Accomplishment as a blogger?
First of all, starting getting paid for my blog posts. But the biggest achievement for me is that a few of my personal clients started working with me just because they liked my fashion tips and my style they saw on my blog. 

fashion blogging lifestyle a day in the life of stylist evelina from the UK

What are you working on next, or excited for?
I just launched my personal e-styling platform which enables women from all over the world to get instant fashion advice from the comfort of their home (www.stylistevelina.com) and at the moment I am working on adding a new service – holiday capsule wardrobe which will ensure you always travel in style. I am also very excited to start working with haute-couture evening wear brand so expect very glamorous photo-shoots coming on my blog very soon. 

How would you describe the fashion and style in the UK? What do people think about fashion and fashion blogging in your opinion?
Archetypal British style is eccentric, fun and edgy and Brits are famed for their individual sense of style. But the UK and especially London is very international so you can expect a mix of many different styles. Fashion definitely plays an important role in the UK. 

A lot of people are fascinated to hear that I work in a fashion industry but they don’t really understand how hard it is. People still don’t look at blogging as a proper business, they can’t imagine that it’s exactly the same as running a company. 


fashion blogger lifestyle from the UK stylist Evelina


7.30 am – wake up and start my day 

8.30 am – my each day starts with a to-do list. Then I start dealing with my emails, scheduling social media posts and have my breakfast (typically chia seeds pudding with berries). 

10 am – depending on a day I might work with clients, get ready for meetings or write my blog posts. 

1 pm – I always try to exercise around lunch time. I usually work out at home – there are so many excellent workouts on youtube that I don’t feel I need to go to the gym which saves me a lot of time. I love pilates and never work out longer than 30 min just to make sure I can fit it into my schedule.

2 pm – quick lunch (I usually have salad) followed by meetings/emails/working with clients or writing blog posts 

5 pm – I love taking photos for my blog posts in the evening to have the perfect light. 

fashion blogging a day in the life of evelina from the UK

8 pm – dinner with my boyfriend. I usually cook and we talk about each other’s day.

9 pm – finishing the tasks I haven’t managed to complete during the day, planning blog posts and interacting on Instagram 

11 pm – time to relax and start getting ready for bed. I usually watch one episode of my favourite TV show or read a book just before I go to sleep around 12am. 

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